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Re: A bluff

Originally Posted by DonJuan View Post
you probably are right on bad equity if we only counting other outs for the A. However the pot is indeed big for the action you getting 8:1. limit is a weird game where you can be over optimistic on flop. Not sure why live game situation "Not if we don't have the equity. I guess you're accustomed to much tighter games but 8 bets is not a huge flop pot in a loose live LHE game." when it come to pure math on the odd you are getting. I could say that live game is 2x bigger then online but that wouldn't change why this isn't a big pot.

Originally Posted by DonJuan View Post
There is a trend with blockers in all the games nl/plo/limits etc and even though I don't have enough ram to solve for this situation with solver by looking at other game bet size I know for sure that having A high BDFD can be peel a lot more then what people assume. That what I trying to emphasis I am not even looking at calling down A high unimproved. But you are right having 3 out rougher 6% isn't enough to call flop getting 8:1 11%. But we have implied when that third flush come. And I think that what I meant by looking at the long run.
DonJuan, I know you said you don't usually comment on things you agree on but I need to add this to the chest of amazing post mega crushers like you, OnTheRail15, etc posts.

Thank you very much for this.

Oh I I miss online HUHU and peeling ultra light on flops.
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Re: A bluff

Definitely a fold on the flop.
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