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Mid-High Stakes Limit Discussions of mid-high stakes limit Texas Hold'em

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Re: 20 spot

Originally Posted by AKQJ10 View Post
It's all semantics but I don't see your point. Artisan poker player would be absurd but I don't think of expert as a synonym for artisan. Didier Deschamps or Bill Belichick would probably be considered experts in the inherently zero-sum world of sports.
Can't put my finger on it exactly why it bothers me.

Maybe to be considered an expert you have to pass a GTO examination and get your credentials.

But there were probably many people that were called "experts" on here that are now getting their teeth kicked in. Or maybe they always did.

I'll try and reword so maybe one day I will get you to sign. But calling Belichek an expert sounds weird too. In a sense he does get dealt a premium hand every time with Tom Brady. Hard to misplay the nuts. No match for my Eagles though.
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Re: 20 spot

Originally Posted by AKQJ10 View Post
Since this is an "expert" it's a great spot to learn a better strategy, but there's also the question of how a live 20/40 expert compares to a median live 40/80 player. I presume that's highly geographical--CA 20/40 is different from Bellagio 20/40 or Foxwoods etc. Anyone have any thoughts?
I'm not going to discuss the rest of your post, even though I think it has the wrong approach to poker, but to answer your last question:

IME, whenever I felt I was roughly the best player at the table at a particular limit day-in/day-out, I felt I was roughly about mid-pack when I played the next highest limit on a day-in/day-out basis.

This obviously only applies to places that have a full ladder of games.
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