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11-24-2011 , 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by Tyrannic
Does this site accept players who are American but living/residing in the Philippines?
It would depend what your living situation is and what supporting documents you have. If it's good enough for people like Party, I don't see why StanJames would have a problem with it.

Your first port of call should be StanJames live chat which can be found directly on StanJames.Com.

Good luck,

12-03-2011 , 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by andre
Hi,thanks for the reply.I will be waiting untill the new manager arrives and they decide to update thier poker site with accurate and reliable information including current tournments and promotions, untill then i will not make my deposit...


I'm Rich, the new Poker manager. I've been at Stan James for a month now and have been trawling through the site getting all content updated and have added new promotions/ replaced old and tired ones. Information on site should now be accurate. I'll be adding more features to the poker software in January which should go down a storm - a new look web site is also due for launch mid/ end Jan. The poker product has not really been touched for a while prior to me joining, so I have pretty much a blank sheet to work from. I am passionate about great product, fair play, transparency at all times, the best customer service and having a good time.

I've over 6 years experience working in the online poker industry. Stan James is a great place to work. Although I've only been there a month I am very impressed by the level of customer service and commitment to quality. As has been mentioned here Stan James main revenues come through a large sports betting customer base both online and through our shops in the UK. We're definitely among the safest places to hold a bankroll and play poker.

If you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see I'd be happy to take any on board and do my best to implement them. Either post here or give Jamie some agro and he'll pass it on to me.

I'll see if I can get the info on points per 1000 hands at different games/ limits and get them onsite.

We do accept Americans who do not reside in the USA. Although deposits from US registered payment methods would be a no no.

Anyhoo enough of my ramblings

GL GG WP etc


*Mods if I've overstepped the mark let me know - I won't come here to spam, just to reply to genuine questions.

12-03-2011 , 06:04 PM
Hey Rich, welcome to the boards. I've recently switched most of my volume to stan james, which is a lot, and i have to say the software is a lot better/smoother than i had expected from a smaller skin.

But there are some things that i'm certain if implemented would make it one of the best poker skins online and easily the best on microgaming.

Here are some examples, everything i can think of right now -

- auto timebank if you have voluntarily put any money in to the pot.

- custom table layout is very incosistent and barely ever works as intended, like it basically hardly ever applys how you have saved it and tables often randomly get placed instead.

- right click > find a player

- and also imo the table limit should be increased, nothing drastic but something like 16 seems a lot better than the current 10 for pretty much all parties.

The following 2 are pretty huge, but i'm not sure if you could actually do these, as they might need to be implemented by the actual network, but anyway -

- all "deep" tables should be 100BB minumum, 250BB max, with all other tables being 50BB minumum and 100BB max

- only allow players to sit at 1 empty HU table at any 1 limit.

also, a points per hand calculator would be very helpful.

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