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best VIP ipoker site. best VIP ipoker site.

11-08-2008 , 10:06 AM
Hi there,

Looking for Chili Poker only deal.

playing nl400 sh

rake between 6k-9k montly.

dont bother if its not chili.
11-08-2008 , 10:56 AM
Looking for Ipoker deal.

Currently rake around 2k-3k.

Any suggestions?

PM me please


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11-08-2008 , 12:31 PM
Looking for best deal!

25nl-100nl 6-max 30k+ hands

Haven't account on any site.
11-08-2008 , 11:41 PM
I'll take the latest and greatest VIP Deals on Ipoker please
11-09-2008 , 02:35 AM
3/6+, heavy multitabler, high volume, pm me offers (only reputable posters plz).
11-09-2008 , 07:30 AM
1/2+, high volume, pm me offers (only reputable posters plz).

already got titan and carlos acc
11-09-2008 , 09:14 AM
0,5-1$ , i have accounts on titan,carlos, and noiq.
11-09-2008 , 07:24 PM
10$ sng multi-table player. pm me!
11-09-2008 , 07:30 PM
Looking for a deal on the iPoker network. Please msg me with best possible offer. I have no previous account on any skin.

I play NL 400 and rake about 15-25k a month.
11-09-2008 , 11:23 PM
Looking for deal on any iPoker. 6max 50NL, 20k hands/month
11-10-2008 , 01:17 PM
Hi there,

im looking for vip deal on chili poker. Bonuses per fpp or something like that.

i dont reply if its another room.

11-10-2008 , 07:05 PM
Looking for some great ipoker deal. No noiq. ~ 2k mgr/month. PM please
11-10-2008 , 10:30 PM
please pm with betfred deals
NL200 6max player playing 30k~40k hands in a month.
11-10-2008 , 11:26 PM
also after betfred deals. pm please
11-11-2008 , 11:34 AM
pm with deals pls.
11-11-2008 , 04:54 PM
PM deals plz. NL200-Nl600
11-11-2008 , 06:58 PM
NL200-NL400. 1000$+ MGR/Month

PM with Deals pls. Thx
11-12-2008 , 10:58 AM
I wonder what's the best Betfred deal - is it better than NOIQ?
11-13-2008 , 12:42 AM
Chili poker offers please

high stakes NL players

11-13-2008 , 04:54 AM
pm me. i prefer chili betfred or others. already have an account at noiq

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11-13-2008 , 09:16 AM
NL100 + NL200 FR
25-30k Hands
11-13-2008 , 01:16 PM
looking for great ipoker deal.

no titan, cd poker, poker 770.

play 25-50nl, 5k+ hands per month
11-14-2008 , 09:33 AM
nl50 pm me
11-14-2008 , 10:32 AM
200NL player looking for best ipoker deal, pm me.
11-14-2008 , 11:53 AM
Hello, I am looking for the best possible Ipoker deal
I'm a Fixed Limit player doing 6-9 tables for 4-6 hours per day at 50c/$1.
I make between $4500 - $5500 in MGR at my current level though I shall soon be moving up stakes to $1/$2 doing the same amount of tables/hours though it depends on how that goes as to wether I'll be staying at that limit.
I already have accounts with CD Poker, Carlos Poker, Titan Poker and VC Poker (well for VC I used the free $10 cash bonus rubbish thing when bored out of mind a year ago but I think it counts as a 'real' account so I messed that up) but any other ipoker site is fine.
Please PM me any offers