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Internet Bonuses For all discussions concerning bonuses in both poker rooms and casinos.

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Internet Bonuses Forum Rules

The Internet Bonuses forum is for the discussion of Internet Poker / Casino bonuses.

Acceptable conversation on this board include discussion and questions related to:

1) Poker bonuses
2) Casino and Sportsbook bonuses
3) Propping
4) Questions/comments about affiliate promotions unless it is directly related to a bonus (complaints should be addressed with the affiliate directly before posting on 2+2 and general affiliate discussion belongs in the affiliate forum)

Please do NOT post conversations explicitly about RakeBack and do NOT SPAM.

Note: SPAM includes, but is not limited to, referral links, referral codes, and generally anything where you receive a benefit from someone taking advantage of an offer. Telling people to PM you for the info is also a no-no.


Affiliates and poker sites are not permitted to have user names that represent their site name or otherwise identify themselves as affiliates in any way unless they are pre-approved to do so.

In order to be approved to post in the Affiliates/Rakeback, Internet Bonuses, and Beginners forums, the business must be an existing advertiser on the 2+2 forums that meet certain criteria set by 2+2 administration. Businesses wishing to know more about the approval process should contact *TT* for more information, he will be happy to help.

Approved Businesses

Pre-approved affiliates and pokersites are permitted to have a username and that represents their company; however when using that name they will be limited to posting in the A/R, IB, and Beginners forums (and their sponsored forum when applicable) only. This includes, but is not limited to, such things as using a name with the site's initials or using a name that contains terms like "affiliate", "rakeback", and "cashback", among others.

Affiliates posting under their site name in this forum are allowed to have a single active thread promoting their current offerings. If they wish the existing thread can be locked by requesting the change from one of the forum mods and a new thread started, provided the time frame between previous threads is reasonable the moderator will help. With the exception of the master thread pre-approved businesses should only be posting in a support role within these forums. Directly answering questions about the Business' site is encouraged, and answering other general interest questions is permitted. However, this does not give license for affiliates to use this as an opportunity to boost their post count and/or advertise. Examples of this would be answering a question that has already been answered without providing any new information, or answering a question in a way that promotes your own site. Please use common sense, remember that your potential customers are watching you!

P.S.: Just because something is not explicitly outlawed in this post does not mean it is fair game. Use common sense before posting.

P.P.S. A/R forum rules also apply here. Do not ask for PM's at rooms that are not allowed.

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