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Cereus screws their customers again Cereus screws their customers again

07-01-2009 , 10:15 AM

just want to tell you that if you should still play Absolute (Cereus) that they are not counting Antes as contribution to the pot anymore so you don't accumulate points. I was told that was a "flaw". This pokerroom is a "flaw" by itself.

Thanks for listening
07-01-2009 , 10:20 AM
Yes, that f*cked me up too.
And I have lost a part of my income
07-01-2009 , 03:01 PM
Also I just checked my account and some of my bonus dollars dissapeared, I emailed support and they said they just made a new rule that bonus dollars expire after 90 days, I said why wasn't I warned and they said you should check our website more often. **** them idiots.
07-01-2009 , 03:49 PM
Ugh, absolute tilts me so much. Such scumbags, and yet people continue to play on it.
07-01-2009 , 07:50 PM
does this include stud games or just holdem?
07-01-2009 , 07:57 PM
wtf!!! they have definately put a time frame on bonus dollars??
07-01-2009 , 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by bigtoe82
wtf!!! they have definately put a time frame on bonus dollars??
Yep, my pending UB bonus $$ ($1,300), that I've had for years is now gone. Really stupid because the bonus clears so slow and now they will be hit with more transactions fees as people put money in to refresh their bonus accounts.
07-01-2009 , 10:36 PM
100% True !!!

I have emailed support - Twice
Spoke with live support Twice...

Antes are no longer considered "A contribution to the pot"

This is a ABSOLUTE joke!

Secondly those bonus dollars do NOW have a 90 day expiration..

So at 100 fame for $5, You need 8k fame to redeem 400 bonus dollars
$.50 / $1 , at that level 2 raked hands (antes dont count) will get you One Fame point ....

So you need 200 Raked hands for $5 rebate, or around 16K raked hands to redeem your $400 bonus, and do inside a 90 day window....

Nothing like having the program nerfed when you are in the middle of it !!!

Shame on me for giving ABSOLUTE another chance...

"What are you doing?!?" ===== Answer "I am KICKING my ass".........
07-01-2009 , 11:13 PM
****ed up. I still have an email from a support person that bonus dollars never expire. Oh well. Absolute was never a priority for my poker dollars. I played there for the soft games, and just to piddle around. Now I won't do even that.
07-01-2009 , 11:25 PM
Cope with it. "Absolute" is a word meaning "unrelated with anything", "free of any rules, laws, determinations".
Names are important.
07-02-2009 , 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by TheRaiderr
does this include stud games or just holdem?
Stud included
07-02-2009 , 12:37 AM
"At the moment we have not yet determine a time frame in regards to how long this change will last; thus, if it is revert to the way it was before, we will gladly notify all of our players accordingly on our website".
UB support
07-02-2009 , 01:07 AM
please stop playing on cereus
07-02-2009 , 01:24 AM
For a site that supposedly has such "great" promotions, this new unspoken one really sucks. I am a member of the site, along with my uncle. I just witnessed a convo between him and their live support. He has had between $300-400 in bonus money sitting in his account. But he doesn't anymore. Why? UB is basically saying go big or go home.

He has been a loyal player on the site for about 8 years now. His bonus money wasn't from recent promotional deposit bonuses. He had withdrawn money before and stopped playing for a few stretches of time on the site. However UB claims that they yanked the money because he didn't earn all of it by a 90 day period. Oh, and they don't have to notify you that they're taking it. Great loyalty reciprocated back huh?

Anyways, they just gave him back $230 after much talk with the support guy and his supervisor. With the same 90 day stipulation.

I know that after I earn a number I'm comfortable with, I'm pulling my money from there. Has anyone else recently experienced this? I joined specifically to complain to the mass internet about it. I'm also looking for a good site to join as a result of this now. Who has good loyalty and/or bonus programs that aren't bourgeoisie?
07-02-2009 , 01:32 AM
Just read this thread, and forgot Absolute was on Cereus' network too. I will definitely be pulling my money from here soon as a result of this bull
07-02-2009 , 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by 27AllIn
please stop playing on cereus
Already done
07-02-2009 , 04:10 AM
when did this happen
no wonder the ante table drop action so fast.
it's hard to get 6 ante table going.
i have notice non ante table getting same points release rate as ante table.
this is bs
07-02-2009 , 04:12 AM
when did this happen
no wonder the ante table drop action so fast.
it's hard to get 6 ante table going.
i have notice non ante table getting same points release rate as ante table.
this is bs
07-02-2009 , 04:33 AM
this bs happened yesterday
And there is no point for me to play stud on cereus anymore
07-02-2009 , 05:31 AM
Not a surprising change though.
Absolutepoker/UB was the only poker room left with bonuses that doesnt expire.
07-02-2009 , 11:15 AM
Ok yeh well maybe it would be acceptable that from now on people signing up/ reloading ect will have a time limit, but putting a limit on customers which they said there was no expiry date is a joke!
07-02-2009 , 11:31 AM
I could be mistaken, but this has been pretty standard for UB for years now. It's not uncommon for poker sites to give you a window of time to clear your deposit bonuses. I think even Pokerstars and Bodog have a set amount of time that you need to clear them by.

I'm not an expert, so if anyone else wants to chime in feel free.

UB sucks for many other reasons, so pick one of those as an excuse to pull your money and play somewhere better
07-02-2009 , 11:33 AM
Not really surprising as low limit stud presented a HUGE loop hole. .25/.50 was pretty close to 100% effective RB for anyone making Gold or higher, which was pretty much everyone at those tables.
07-02-2009 , 03:02 PM
Same thing happened to me. Lost out on $300+ dollars and been on site for some time now. There bonuses never had an expiry but as I now know, April 1/09 they made a new bonus dollar policy that gives you 90 days to clear.

So now that July is here there are likely a lot of angry folks coming calling on customer support.

I guess terms of bonus agreements before this period are null and void now.
07-02-2009 , 03:37 PM
No wonder I saw no one at the stud tables today.

Guess I'll be leaving AP soon.

Gave it a try.