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Router Bridge mode question Router Bridge mode question

09-23-2023 , 03:30 PM
Router/modem Arris SBG10 (LAN IP

I cut the cable last week and returned the Comcast gateway modem/router. I am currently using the Arris successfully. However, I get better Wifi throughout the house if I can connect through the ASUS. Am thinking about bridging the Arris. (Arris web site is not extremely helpful, just basics)

Plan of attack:
On Arris, I can go into the LAN setup page and choose "Bridge Mode". It says it will auto-reboot (and does) with new configuration. What I have learned is I need to turn off wifi first on Arris, then set to Bridge Mode. Should I disable DHCP as well before going to Bridge?

Question with Arris: I have read that (generically) I need to change Arris to match the ASUS router's MAC as the destination address. My assumption is that this would be done prior to turning on Bridge...? So my LAN address would be for both? If that were changed, then bridge mode..... I would need to reset to Factory Settings in order to access the Arris... or can I use ?

Yesterday's attempt:
*I was successful in getting Arris in bridge mode.
*I could not access Arris direct but have since learned is is probably caused by Arris changing to after reboot.

*Connect to ASUS was unsuccessful.
-connected Arris port 1 to WAN on Arris. (no other ethernet connections to Arris). Red light on ASUS WAN port
-connected computer direct to ASUS. Computer could communicate with ASUS but no internet.

Do I need to contact my ISP to say I am going to bridge mode.... even though I am not longer using their modem/router?

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09-24-2023 , 03:43 PM
IP address:
MAC address: 00:20:4A:A0:83:C1

Make sure you're not conflating IP address with MAC address first of all. Your private IP address such as the example above can be changed, the MAC address cannot. The MAC address is the layer 2 "physical" address that is hardware encoded to the routers' Network Interface Card (NIC) and cannot be changed.

You might have more success if you try to set your ASUS router as an access point and have your Arris handle all the routing and firewalling and the WAN connection to your ISP. In this case your Arris will not be used as an access point for your WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), it merely handles the connection to your ISP and the routing and packet filtering. The ASUS would be your WLAN access point, but wouldn't do any routing or packet filtering. Your ASUS in this example would not handle IP address allocation with DHCP either, that will be handled by the Arris, and make sure it is in fact doing this or your clients/hosts like your computer and your phone will not get an IP address to use on your LAN/WLAN.

See if you can set it up this way, try this "how to set up router as an access point" guide. I don't think you'll need to contact your ISP to do this. My experience in doing stuff like that just leads to getting someone on the phone who doesn't know anything, they just read words off a script and you'll have equal or better luck googling, or asking on a forum like this.
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09-24-2023 , 04:24 PM
LirVa's advice here appears likely to be very sound
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09-25-2023 , 12:11 PM
Thx Livra (I hope you see this before your return)

Update: Arris has the bad Intel chipset so I bought a new modem yesterday (Another Arris, but with the Broadcom chipset (8200). Plugged in a different ASUS (AC3100) after the AC87 failed again.... probably a bad WAN port. Success! .....until

The two channels of Wifi 2.4 and 5 seem to have an issue.

With Wifi Analyzer, both are sending out strong signals (next room over -27 and -40 respectively). I channeled 2.4 to channel 3 to avoid neighborhood interference....though I don't need to as the best local signal reads -87Mhz.

Weird thing is the 2.4 is REALLY bad with speed... under 10Mpbs even standing next to the router....and it drops. Occasionally will be 140's
Also, the 5 is incredible. (I have 300Mbps service). I can get over 150Mbps in the garage...and over 200Mps 2nd story opposite end of house.

While i like the incredible range of the 5,,,,, I wonder if any of you guys can help me troubleshoot the 2.4 Is it simply repositioning the router or antennae ?
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09-26-2023 , 12:09 PM
I just ordered a new router. Not having the ability to route some devices off the 2.4 was driving OCDKing nuts. TP-Link AX6000.
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09-27-2023 , 01:32 AM
(i'm assuming that you're in the U.S., or at least just not in Japan. i'm also assuming that you are using a 2.4 GHz channel which is only 20 MHz wide.)

the largest quantity of non-overlapping channels in the 2.4 GHz band is achieved when using channels 1, 6, and 11, so no one should use channels other than 1, 6, and 11. since you are using channel 3, your wi-fi is interfering with and experiencing interference from all other nearby networks using channels 1 or 6.

that said, even on channel 3 i'd be a little surprised if the performance was that bad when you are standing right next to your router. that is unless your neighboring wi-fi networks on channels 1 and 6 are fairly nearby (strong signals) as well. but it's really easy to test changing to 1/6/11, and you'd be a better neighbor if you used only 1, 6, or 11.
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09-27-2023 , 10:02 AM
Nobody is near. Ch 11 is next door neighbour and two other neighbors are on 1 and 6 neighbors. It's not interference according to WIFI Analyser
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