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New build not able to install windows 11 New build not able to install windows 11

11-30-2021 , 04:52 PM
Hey guys

Just built my brother's computer for it's basically the same as mine but with a 5950x rather than my 5900x same motherboard with is the Asus Rog B550-F.

Now I'm trying to do a clean install windows 11 (not upgrade from windows 10) just to save the hassle of doing it later for him, I know I had to enable something in the bios probably related to TPM but when trying to do it on mine, my brother's I'm just getting the below image.

Here are the bios settings I have which I think are the right ones.

If you need to see something else then please let me know.
11-30-2021 , 07:31 PM
Managed to get there in the end,

Had to convert my disk from MBR to GPT. Video below if anyone want's to try this out.

12-01-2021 , 06:01 AM
Thanks for sharing the solution
12-02-2021 , 06:28 AM
Oh I should add doing it this way I had to put Windows 10 on it first if that wasn't clear.
12-02-2021 , 09:19 AM
I'm going to avoid Windows 11 for as long as I can