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Laptop/Tablet Recommendation

Looking for recommendation for a Tablet/Laptop combo similar to the surface pro 4.

Budget: $800 roughly

Same Time:
  • Ignition/ACR
    Table Tamer Potentially
    PT4 potentially

Also, I look to play Dota2 as well.
What type of memory/RAM/SSD requirements do I need to run this effectively
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Re: Laptop/Tablet Recommendation

I like off lease Thinkpads for cost/build quality/modularity. You might be able to catch a refurb SP4 for around $800 at this point in the lifecycle.
I'm not certain if DOTA2 runs acceptably on Intel onboard graphics or not.
I would recommend a minimum of Core i5 (4th Gen+) 8GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD for comfortable day to day use. Running PT4 presumably involves running a SQL DB locally. 8 GB is a bit skinny for SQL + other apps, 16GB would be preferable. SP4 has a micro SD slot you can use for storage of pictures/music etc. off of the primary OS volume. Having to actively manage storage is a frictional time cost I'd rather pay to avoid.

Getting a convertible is a sizable trade-off on price/performance/upgradability. I have an SP4 i5 8GB/256GB for work. I really never use as a tablet and would rather have a Thinkpad Carbon X1 if it was up to me (better typing experience). I have a Haswell Thinkpad Yoga 14 that I swapped an SSD into for personal use. It's generally good but is a fair bit bulkier in a bag than my SP4. The NVIDIA GPU is able to do some light gaming (mostly Grim Dawn so far).
How much is portability and build quality a factor for you? A consumer laptop that sits on a desk 95% of the time connected to a monitor and KB may be fine, but if it is given more road warrior duty the benefits of a business class laptop become more clear.
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