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Help setting up remote desktop access (Windows) Help setting up remote desktop access (Windows)
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Help setting up remote desktop access (Windows)

11-22-2021 , 02:09 PM
Hi, I'm trying to set up remote access to my home machine (so I access it on my laptop when I'm on the road). I've got it working when I'm connected to my home WiFi network but it doesn't work when I'm on the road. I get the standard error message:

Are there a few more steps I need to take to get this thing working? I have Windows Pro on the machine I'm trying to remote into, but Windows Home on my laptop. Do I need Windows Pro on BOTH machines to do this? Thanks!
11-22-2021 , 02:17 PM
You would need to set up port forwarding on your router and open the port externally. Right now, the request isn't even getting to your computer.

11-22-2021 , 03:57 PM
Thanks I think using a VPN makes a lot of sense too.

Seems like it's as simple as using the same VPN service to connect to the same server on both machines, and then the remote desktop client will think both machines are connected to the same network? I guess I should access my home PC by using the "PC Name" that's generated in the Remote Desktop Settings?
11-23-2021 , 07:32 AM
If you are using a RAT to access a poker computer, you are probably infringing rules of the site and this thread should be closed.
11-23-2021 , 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by Gabethebabe Help setting up remote desktop access (Windows)
If you are using a RAT to access a poker computer, you are probably infringing rules of the site and this thread should be closed.
Likely this. If you disagree with this, feel free to send me a private message as you see fit.
11-23-2021 , 09:25 AM
I stand corrected! OP claims to have legitimate purposes here, so I have reopened this thread. Be aware that discussing mechanisms here to circumvent online poker site rules will get you barred from TwoPlusTwo.
11-23-2021 , 03:21 PM
Have you tried chrome remote desktop?
11-25-2021 , 11:09 AM
No I'm just trying to use the Windows RD client. Is the Chrome RD functionality the same? (i.e. can I access and use my machine remotely exactly as if I were sitting in front of it?)

I went ahead and did the port forwarding to Port #3389 (Microsoft says this is the default port for RD connections) but that didn't seem to work either

As far as I can tell these are the steps I should be taking:

1. Set up a static internal IP address (did that)
2. Set up port forwarding (did that)
3. Set up DDNS in case my ISP ever changes my public IP address (did that but this seems like an optional step based on what I've read)
4. Connect remotely using the public IP address (or the chosen domain name if using DDNS)

When I set up the DDNS they recommended I use a different RD client (TightVNC) but that didn't work either. The request just doesn't wanna reach my machine.

From Post #3: What does open the port externally mean? When I'm asking RD client to connect to my IP address, am I supposed to tack onto the end of my IP address the port number that I've opened up?

Is it possible for my machine's antivirus or firewall might be screwing with something? I'm only using the built-in Windows antivirus.

In the meantime I will try Chrome RD, thanks for the suggestion *fingers crossed*
11-27-2021 , 10:08 AM
The Chrome remote desktop seems to work perfectly, thanks! Great tip.
11-27-2021 , 12:23 PM
Since this seems to have been (happily!) resolved, I'll close this thread. Glad it worked out for jl121.

No hard feelings! Message me if this should be re-opened for some further legitimate discussion.
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