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Developer with a Career gap(due to poker) trying to get a job again Developer with a Career gap(due to poker) trying to get a job again

01-24-2023 , 11:27 AM
Hey guys, I've been a web developer/poker player on off last 10ish years since graduating from college. I've had two jobs of 2.5~ years each, and a 5 year gap since leaving my last job (Jan 2018). I'm 100% in job search mode now since mid Dec, and just need some/tips/honest opinion from others that can probably relate on this forum.

I was primarily an online grinder over the last 5 years, but did some cash grinding too across US/CAN.

I've job searched I'll say 5 times(post graduation(Summer 2011), after first job(Summer/Winter 2014/15), during second job(2017), 1 year after leaving past job(late 18/early 19), and since Sept 2022) over the last 10 years, my call-back/screener rate was usually like 15-20% I'd say, but over the last 3-4 months it is around 5-10%.

I'm not applying for any super high end jobs as I know I'm not prepared for something like that, but mostly mid/sr level web dev jobs with a mix of (Angular/React/Node/Java) which are the primary languages I used at my last job. Applying for a mix of hybrid and in-person for Toronto, Canada.

Over the last 5~ years, I've worked on some CRUD projects that involve Angular/React/Node/Mongo/Material/RXJS/Redux. Also done some hackerrank/leetcode problems to prep for eventual interviews. So its not like I havent done any programming during my long break/gap.

So I know the market is probably a tough time given all the tech layoffs over the last few months, but my response rate is by far the lowest in my experience, perhaps partially due to my career gap, and partially due to the market.

I usually mention poker on my cover letter, but no reference of it on my resume, my fear is perhaps some people see the 5 year gap without explanation the instantly toss my resume aside, perhaps leading to my low callback/screener rate lately.

So for others that have gone through the poker/developer career any tips?

My website/portfolio/resume is

Developer with a Career gap(due to poker) trying to get a job again Quote