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2+2 hogs computer resources...why? 2+2 hogs computer resources...why?

05-24-2023 , 12:04 AM
I'm not a computer guru, but it seems to me as though 2+2 forum pages take up more resources and load much more slowly than other webpages and I'm curious if I'm the only one that notices it, or what the reason is.
I understand some threads have a lot of pictures in them, but even the ones that have NO pictures and just text take (what seems to be) an inordinate time to load compared with non-2+2 pages.

To be clear, this is not a new occurrence to me....just one I finally am asking.

I admittedly load threads at the '100 posts at a time' rate, but I do it because it seems to take a lot less time than loading 10 posts at a time 10 times.

Are there any secrets to speeding it up, or a real reason why it is so seemingly slow?

Thanks in advance for any serious replies.
2+2 hogs computer resources...why? Quote
05-30-2023 , 03:06 PM
The short answer is to minimize the number of tabs open or try to use another browser. Edge has worked for me in some scenarios, even though I hate using it.

Make sure that you have caching turned on. Open the browser's developer tools (usually F12) and uncheck "Disable cache" (Chrome). Mine is checked, so this should be UNCHECKED.

Turn off any throttling on your web browser.

If you're asking for any real reasons why it may be slow, here are a few things I found
1. There is analytics that is referenced every time a page is loaded. From what I can see, that's google, aws, and some yahoo. It could be that this site is hosted on one of those cloud services.
2. CSS, HTML, and Javascript are not minified. All this means is that there are unnecessary spaces and carriage returns that can be removed, thus making file sizes smaller and less network traffic for you.
3. Files you download could be consolidated into fewer files, like vbulletin's editing library. These files could also be loaded asynchronously for a better experience.
4. External files. Something simple like an icon is hosted on another site. If those files are unavailable, then sometimes the request has to be timed out which can take a while.

Even with just your post, it takes about half a second just to load the page content. The other colors are other resources used by the page which adds up quickly.
2+2 hogs computer resources...why? Quote
05-31-2023 , 10:22 AM
Thanks for the 'shplaining....My Cache box was already unchecked, and I rarely open more than 2 tabs.

Although much of your post was over my head, I guess it is still confusing to me that other seemingly-demanding graphics/youtube movie etc pages seem like they should take longer than a simple bunch of text, but I guess that your explanation is really telling me it is NOT a simple bunch of text (but it should be)
Other forums I use load very quickly.....kind of a bummer this one is so slow and complicated.
Hope it is monetarily worth MY time for them....


2+2 hogs computer resources...why? Quote