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SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread

11-05-2021 , 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by lastcardcharlie SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread
Burning effigies of Catholics is fun.
I see...
11-06-2021 , 03:00 PM
Saw some news about Guy Fawkes night in London yesterday. Riots and general shenanigans were the order of the day. Good to see people out and about creating disorder and mayhem.

God save Boris Johnson.
11-07-2021 , 07:46 PM
I watched a documentary about it. The same old fanatical juveniles. Children are a constant.

11-07-2021 , 07:55 PM
The Virgin Queen's got the Green Fever.
11-07-2021 , 11:29 PM
Rage against the machine. Get vaccinated.
Power to the people. Burn it all down. Go Trump. Started the entire mess.
Or was it Cameron and a sheep. Blair may die of sudden illness.
11-08-2021 , 07:18 PM
It is real. Change has come. Annie get your gun.
11-09-2021 , 08:35 AM
Poke your head out of the door and say tweet, tweet, tweet.
11-25-2021 , 05:39 PM
I don't like this look.

The previous skin was more focussed. More sober.
11-25-2021 , 05:44 PM
I have been talking to robots on occassion lately. They pass the turin test until they fail. Then you'd rather they did pass. It's a terrorfying realisation, when you could have sworn before.
11-25-2021 , 05:49 PM
Stay off creepy sites.

You should have seen what i had to go through to meet a hooker, doubly unvaccinated mid covid season. Pressing buzzers, wrong codes, like a right geezer as Rodney would say. Trotter, not dangerfield. Robots on the phone perhaps.
11-26-2021 , 09:53 PM
Wells Fargo has a really solid robo system. I've never had to ask for a person.
12-04-2021 , 06:32 PM
People are extraneous chunks of DNA; that is all. Wells Fargo is where I bank also. They are banking Gods. And I worship them.
12-04-2021 , 06:33 PM
Start the Christmas Season the correct way:

12-04-2021 , 07:48 PM
Christmas is my favorite Jewish Holiday.