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SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread
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SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread

10-03-2021 , 08:01 AM
Word: dediscombobulate

10-03-2021 , 08:57 PM
Originally Posted by Howard Beale SMP Life is Being Drunk -Random Content thread
To Hell w/ all philosophers, imo. Not a damn one of them has helped me make a better tuna fish sandwich.
10-03-2021 , 09:38 PM
It's true, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a politician.
10-04-2021 , 12:16 AM
but he read philosophy at Cambridge.

(I dont know if that's true. Then again he probably didn't invent the sandwich either)
10-04-2021 , 07:20 AM
10-04-2021 , 09:06 PM
This sign is my favorite. It's in Carefree about a 45 minutes from where I live. The difference between our 2 towns is that only very rich people can afford to buy a house there. They even have their own small plane landing strip.

10-05-2021 , 04:25 PM
Reading philosophy at Cambridge is no guarantee of a sound head or even smarts.
10-05-2021 , 04:28 PM
I’ve been carefree all my life. I have even been through Carefree, AZ. I didn’t even stop.
10-06-2021 , 12:25 PM
Don't think carefree defines me. Car free does.
10-08-2021 , 09:18 AM
Brixton Prison
10 May, 1918

To the Chairman of the Visiting Committee


I am applying to you, as Chairman of the Visiting Committee, for the permission, which I understand is usually accorded to prisoners in the first Division, to receive visits and write and receive letters oftener than once a fortnight. In particular, I wish as soon as possible to see Professor Wildon Carr, President of the Aristotelian Society, 107 Church Street, Chelsea, S.W.3, and Dr. A.N. Whitehead, F.R.S., 97 Coleherne Court, S.W.5. Both of these it is important to me to see in connection with my philosophical work. I venture to hope that you will also sanction greater frequency of letters and visits in general than once a fortnight.

Yours faithfully
Bertrand Russell.
10-12-2021 , 04:43 PM
Bertrand Russell Winner: Nobel Prize in Literature 1950
10-13-2021 , 12:19 AM
I felt inspired to write fiction by Howard there. I guess I was chanelling the desire of Carefree residents to escape what I don't know it is really like there. Actually mainly that of the bored housewives. Female leading cast for the feminists. Their husbands mainly away. Where though. And doing what. That can be random. They're unimportant bread winners. Funny. Drug smuggle by plane action sequence. It's a movie script. The next protagonist is Howard. His name doesn't have to be Howard. He just needs to be a jew from a poorer neighbouring town. He's a stalker. Pervert. Or is he stalking because he just wants a higher status. Doesn't seem to be too important. That's what you think. Most important character in the end. The human condition ridiculed. A fatwah will be issued on all the characters, in real life.
10-13-2021 , 06:49 PM
Say something about Tyson, Mac.
10-14-2021 , 09:17 PM
Is London any fun anymore!
10-15-2021 , 10:01 AM
I'm wondering if I should replace ****-it with What-the-Hell.

10-16-2021 , 12:34 PM
It could be worse; you could be stuck in Afghanistan or even worse the East End of London.
10-16-2021 , 05:18 PM
[QUOTE=lastcardcharlie;57358152]Say something about Tyson,

"They aren't Irish...Not English...It's just Pikey."
10-16-2021 , 06:34 PM

The appeal of the first two was of course Wilder's seemingly unstoppable abilty to part people with consciousness if a shot lands anywhere about the head.

This third fight, I suppose had to happen..I wasn't anywhere near as excited for it as i was the second. It brought joy to millions of people's lives, and in way unparalleled by other sports in many people's opinion. Brutal it is and morals sometimes questioned. But the show must go on.
10-17-2021 , 10:06 AM
Google -
Why is Tottenham's stadium so good?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium voted second best arena in the world in Stadium of the Year awards. ... The stadium, which has a capacity of 62,303, includes a microbrewery capable of producing 10,000 pints of beer a minute
Dolphins vs Jaguars playing there this post time.

10-18-2021 , 11:44 AM
**** it. I'm sticking with ****-it and **** it if they don't like it. However, I've upgraded the adequacy of to-hell-with-it and what-the-hell for certain situations. I like forget-about-it but use it sparingly. I don't want to sound like a want-to-be wise guy.


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10-18-2021 , 06:12 PM
There must be a lot of rearranging going on in your life, PTB.
10-22-2021 , 06:36 PM
If there wasn't, i'd be concerned.

If there is, he will look back upon it someday and smile.

Everybody's got to do hard time, sometime.
10-22-2021 , 06:42 PM
Women should never be put in managerial positions.
Women should never attempt stand up comedy.
10-22-2021 , 07:51 PM
Hey PTB, if you want to talk about it, and want an objective opinion, however useless, pm me. What i share in common with mafia members ideally is that i never rat on my enemies.
10-22-2021 , 08:00 PM
May go to Watford for a weekend. To visit my aunt and play bingo.