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Science, Math, and Philosophy Discussions regarding science, math, and/or philosophy.

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Posting Rules for SMP. Updated 12/20/2017

This is the Science, Math, and Philosophy Forum. Two of these three subjects are fairly well defined and it should be easy for posters to restrict posts and discussion to the relevant subjects circumscribed by the prescribed definitions for each (see links below for reference and information). Philosophy is another matter. Any definition given would be contentious. For purposes here a narrow interpretation will be applied but tolerance will be the guide to allow for as much free expression as possible. Gray areas will naturally arise and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Some general guidelines:

Since this is SMP, general religious/god posts are not allowed but some leeway under the umbrella of Philosophy will be allowed. Evangelism will not be tolerated. To Proselytise for any religion is counter to what SMP is about and Revelation is not evidence. Judgment of mod is final. Most religious discussions/debates should be posted in the RGT (Religion/God/Theology) Forum as that is its function. Private message (PM) discussion for questions and answers is encouraged for clarification.

In addition this forum is NOT for political propaganda or Political/current political event discussion(s)/debate. There is a Politics forum on 2+2 for this type of content. Please post there. Political postings/threads will be deleted on sight and the poster asked to not post such content. Contact Mod for clarifications if you have doubts about content allowed in SMP.

The links given below provide some general information on Science (and the scientific method) , Mathematics and Philosophy. There are many different scientific disciplines and all are welcome here and obviously there is some overlap within SMP in general. The links below are provided for reference and should help with the prescribed limits of what posts are 'legal' in this forum.

It should be noted that 2+2 has a Probability Forum and posts that deal exclusively with probability/chance/odds - including poker odds etc - should be posted there. Obviously some overlap and gray areas exist that will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis as noted above.

Also note that this forum is for science, philosophy and math as the title states. Poker is not a main theme of this forum, 2+2 has numerous forums dedicated to all aspects of poker and/or poker related topics. Please post in those forums first for poker, and only bring poker topics to SMP if it is related to math (poker probablility goes to probablity forum) or somehow can't be answered in the other forums, but the mod has the right to move, delete, or lock any poker related topic if he/she so chooses. Judgement of mod is final.

Science; General

Scientific Method:


Philosophy: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Other general information that is very important:

SMP is not a forum that deals with monetary rewards for doing math or other types of problems or to ask for people to do your homework or writing for you, free or otherwise. If you have legitimate difficulty with homework or math type problems, then make an honest post about the problem and ask for help. I will delete any post as soon as I see it that deals with money for ‘homework’ or any monetary type rewards for work posed. That is not the purpose of this forum. Also note that there is an official Math Homework thread for those that wish legitimate help with difficulties.

Please also note that there is an Official outer limits/debunking thread in SMP. This was put in place to allow as much free expression as possible but also to contain the more outrageous and fringe topics within a single thread for the sanity and orderly conduct of the forum. As examples; to contain the 2012 end of the world deluge that hit SMP, or why man never really landed on the moon, UFO’s and alien abduction or take over, ESP, midgets living under Mt Shasta, etc. Those that have such beliefs or questions about them can have them critiqued/debunked or otherwise debated in SMP without the mess of having multiple threads

Be respectful and polite to other posters, personal attacks and personally directed vicious or bigoted/racist speech is not allowed, but a rational disscussion of why bigoted/racist speech exists is allowed.

Free Speech is sacrosanct but there are limits (see above for one example, or Oliver Wendell Homes) and remember that posting on 2+2 is a privilege; not a right. If you violate posting rules and protocol there is an infraction system designed to inform/punish and bring in line those that abuse their posting privilege.

Use of disclaimers in posts on controversial subjects/threads is advised but not required. It is at the discretion of the poster. Keep in mind that if things go awry the individual poster will bear all the repercussion if a disclaimer is not used. And the repercussions could be up to a permanent ban from posting on 2+2. SMP allows, and encourages, within the limits of forum subject matter, discussion/debate on controversial and/or exploratory subjects of any nature. Free speech/free debate and discussion is basic to a free and open society.

Also keep in mind that this is an open public forum on 2+2, the internet, etc. Information now flows freely around the world in seconds. There are no isolating walls. Also: Self-proclaimed Watchdogs abound, Memes abound, Mimics abound, and Unsavory Characters abound. Keep this in mind when posting.

Make an effort to be as clear and precise as possible in debating and discussions and present evidence as required or appropriate from reliable sources (peer-reviewed journals for example). Debates are expected to be civil in nature. Trolling will be dealt with harshly on a case-by-case method; this is a forum with low traffic that aims for high-quality posts and posters, and trolls not only disrupt more in a low traffic forum; they also drive away those most likely to contribute to a high quality standard – In addition to sapping goodwill and energy out of the forum in general. This has a much more pronounce disruption in a low-traffic forum so will be dealt with in a more aggressive manner than in other more high-traffic forums on 2+2. Please keep this in mind when posting in SMP.

Debate in good faith; in a rational manner, and have logical grounds for queries, answers, and general discussion. Disingenuous and weasel posts designed to circumvent rules, disrupt the forum, abuse others, or generally accepted debating principles should be avoid and will result in infractions and/or deletion of posts and/or threads.

Warnings and infractions will be dealt out for those that purposefully disregard the above.

In addition see this post for an added update (9/20/2012) explanation on posting in SMP:

On a practical note, present source material with appropriate links and references and within the prescribed copyright laws.

Links or #'s, hints or other Personal self-promotion gimmicks will be deleted from all post. This includes personal Twitter, Facebook, Instagram links or whatever else will come down the pike in the future. Also to keep content uncluttered links will be deleted if there is even a hint that they are for promotional purposes or possible spam, many weasel in links under the guise of honest discussions. Thus the conservative approach is applied in SMP. Some legitimate links may be deleted but that is the price to pay for a clear and clean fourm [Blue = added 12/20/2017]

PM the Mod of the forum for questions etc on anything above. DO NOT POST question/comments etc within threads. First initiate a discussion with the mod, that is their job.

Also, adhere to the overall 2+2 forum terms and conditions:

The Forum terms and conditions are subject to interpretation/flexibly and type of enforcement and judgment on a case-by-case basis and the interpretation of the Moderator. PM the Mod for comments, questions, or complaints.

A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence -David Hume

Be a philosopher; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man. -David Hume

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