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A ouiji board story convinced me of "the other side" A ouiji board story convinced me of "the other side"

11-19-2021 , 05:21 PM
I believe in Jesus Christ... history, the Bible formation, personal events other people witnessed to make me not "old goo"... LOL. But yea, there were these kids in small town southern Saskatchewan back in 2003 or so, at a house party on a farm, they found a ouiji board and started insane dialogue. I can't remember a 10th of it, it was so insane. These "people" knew things about each of them nobody else did. Telling them stories about stuff that convinced them of that "hippie" ****.... and i realize it was Satan. Just scary stuff. It made me go from atheist, without knowing i was atheist, to just convinced by the other side. Like 6 different people, all explaining it the same way. Crazy stuff. Every story took like 30 minutes on the ouiji board. But they did it for like 4 hours straight.
11-19-2021 , 05:37 PM
Ouija TM

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