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Sporting Events FAQ, Liveblog, and BANGERS

We have an incremental banning system. Small, brief temp bans that allow people to get back into action quickly. The crux of the whole system is basically "be civil and fair to each other." Golden Rule stuff if you will.

If you violate, it's gonna be Calendar time. Calendar time for Buddy

Here's the full 4:00 scene for those who want all the context, though the short clip above does nicely. Thanks to legend42

Here's the two big ones, that comprise 95% of problems, which thankfully have been few and far between lately:

2. Don't publicly ask for people to be banned.

3. Do not call people names. "You are a dick" "You are a ******" "You are a moron, donkey, *******, asshat" etc are not going to work. You can say someone's post is illogical, not thought out, ignorant, etc. But no direct attacks. Bastardizing peoples names counts. Douchesmeidreu is the textbook example.

4. Do not post links to Tim Duncan hitting a three pointer to send a playoff game to overtime against the Suns.

Too much time being wasted on all of the mods behalf on this nonsense, so it's now zero tolerance so there's no ambiguity and everyone gets treated the same assuming the same history. Long-term problem children will get less rope. You've all been warned. 2nd offense is 2-days, 3rd is 3-days, and so on. Unless you're obviously a poster who either got previously banned or has a new account and is an aggressive douche. Then you go straight to permaban and get to start over. We call this the TDS rule.

First Offense

abe008 - Rule #1 in FAQ.
Ace Acumen - started a 2nd crappy no-content thread after the 1st one was locked
AcTiOnJaCsOn - namecalling, sucking, sucking some more, namecalling some more
Adam the Ant - starting a dumb thread, his calling card across all forums (two days for cross-forum recognition of achievement)
AEJones - Using gay as a perjorative
AGame18 - name calling
agdci981 called someone a *****, all while arguing like a golf know it all while not knowing that the PGA Championship and the Tour Championship were two different tournaments.
agent_fish - acknowledging yet ignoring several requests to stop discussing getting PPV content for free on the internet. (Rule #1 below.)
alizona - called someone a dickbag
AllBlackDan - sucking something fierce (sleep it off brah)
allinontheturn - called someone an idiot in three consecutive posts
ALLTheCookies - relentless trolling in baseball threads despite a previous warning to settle down
Alea - spamming the forum with nonsense crap
Ambush - Wishing death on another poster on epl thread.
anacardo - "if I were strolling around Vegas with some buddies and somebody pointed across the street and said, 'hey, that's Tyler Durden from 2+2,' I'd probably nut-stomp the guy without hesitation, and be a little surprised if nobody joined in."
anatta - circumventing profanity filter
andz - rank antisemitism
angerpush - Discussing Jordan in Heat/Mavs thread after being asked not to
animal_chin - Name Calling
apple11 - Telling other user to **** off
ASAP17 - lazy, uninspired "U MAD BRO?" trolling of MLB thread while clearly being very mad
AtThe Aquarium - incredibly lame ongoing trolling of Giants homers in their season thread (two days for body of work).
AussieJack - Aggressive trolling in WC Qual thread.
Axis - Started a thread in Fantasy Sports that should have gone in the already existing threads and told 2 other posters to continue living miserable lives.
Aytumious - told another user to die.
bacats32 - name calling
BarryC83 - "*****" not acceptable
beauvanlaanen - yeah this guy really sucks
beaverslayer - unfunny black person / fried chicken joke in KC Chiefs shooting thread
bgeclippers2 - started yet another in a long line of terrible threads after being asked and warned just yesterday not to.
BigSoonerFan - namecalling
biznatchcenter- multiple awful OPs, previously warned
Black Mamba - to another poster, after a series of lesser trolls: "you are quite easy to taunt. there is a reason i added that last part sweetheart."
blackstar9 - gay slur
Blue Celery- Name Calling
BluffMyNuts - "Can you do a ama about dating a tattooed crackhead whore" is acceptable in only one thread at a time
Bobbofitos- ugh. asking to "ban this troll" publicly instead of via pm
Booker Woodfox - "WOO POLITARDIN"
Brandon Jennings - namecalling
brrrraat - profanity filter bypass with "fa ggot"...was insta-reported by like five people, nice work snitches
bundy5- Decided to wander out of the cricket thread and try some politics posting. Please don't
Butnahhhhhh - calling some one a "big dickdyke". Or maybe?
C-Viggity - quoting posted snatch
Calleddownlight - Hurricane smack
call me muffin! - sucking
Capone0 - Discussing Jordan in Heat/Mavs thread after being asked not to
cashgamepoker500 - worthless unprovoked soccer troll, terrible posting running up to it (three days total for achievement)
cashy - contributing to the demise of the EPL 2009 thread
cbax9888 - trolling thread
ceire - contributing to the demise of the EPL 2009 thread
Checkraise - name calling
Chilltown - posted "I'll continue being awesome and you can continue sucking dick" to another poster, was ripe for a ban anyway
chim17 - unnecessary personal attack
Chrizza - namecalling
Cinch - WTF was that lame post. A cry for help methinks.
Coff - started NFC East thread without Anacardo's permission
Coldchicken - Discussing Jordan in Heat/Mavs thread after being asked not to
ColeW123 - Philly slappy gonna Philly
cool personified - ldo
CRK - Posting illegal links
crooked2412 - called someone an inbred a-hole and then told them to kill themselves
Cruizn63 - Gay slurs
cruisin4abruisin - awful posting topped off by calling other posters "*****" and "idiots" (extended a day for evading immediately with his StarWarsMaster9 account to continue to argue)
cubfan_04 - trolling, calling posters clowns, just overall abrasive posting
Danny Ocean_ - repeatedly name calling same user
DanteA - Makes troll thread than admits to it.
Das Boot - namecalling
Decimal - Aggressive trolling/FAQ violation in WC Qual thread
Degen55 - Being a racist
denz - Racist comments
deucedeuces - excessive trolling and name-calling
Dids - Cat anus
DiegoArmando - being an idiot
Disturbance - really, this is his first time? Surprising. Anyways, name calling.
DjTubeSteak - name calling and sucking in general
dkgojackets - Hurricane smack
dmsfish - going full ****** and spamming the forum with a bunch of ELIte threads
Dominic - If black people = gorillas was enough to get Howard Cosell fired 3 decades ago, it's probabaly not gonna fly in 2012.
DontMentionTime28 - racist ban
Dschmeidreu - name calling
Dyenimator - namecalling
Dying Actors - told someone to go **** themselves with hardly any provocation.
ebet33 - aggressively dumb posting in TZ
Edge34 - trolling, baiting.
Eltbus - personal attacks
Eman6969- two day ban for repeated incredibly crappy thread starting, almost certainly a troll, and racism. Warned that next one is probably a permaban.
EmpireMaker2 - can't have him potentially sullying Empire Man's pristine name with this awful trolling
EmptyThaClip - non-clever, basically unsolicited namecalling bender directed at another p0ster. It's fair to say that the clip was emptied.
Enervate - spending a couple days trolling pretty constantly and aggressively
EPiPeN11- name-calling, trolling. Extended to four days for circumventing. And trolling while circumventing, no less.
EYESCREW- nonstop sucking
fanerio (Zeestein gimmick) - posting snatch
fatkid - anti-gay bigotry, also ikes asked if he could stay, so no, no he cannot
fatshaft - Name Calling/Trolling
FBI3 - a couple of unfunny insults too far in Steelers thread (plus a bonus day for "achievement")
five4suited - a bushel basket of namecalling and demands to perform forced oral sex within a single post
flabucki09 - openly trolling in cfb threads
Flywf - Namecalling
Franchise 60- called TNM a bunch of names
Fulfilling Dreams - reposting a post trolling BASaint after a mod deleted the first one.
g1212 - told someone to kill themselves plus an extra day for body of work achievement.
GarthAlgar - being an idiot
GimmeDat - calling an Auburn fan a "pussy fairweather pussy"
Goodie - trolling Jets homers in their thread after being told to stay out for doing same
GordonHayward20 - by popular demand
gotgame? Calling someone a douchebag even after having the first name calling post he made deleted.
GREEAR10 - Called kyleb a Cleveland slappy and continued to go from there
GTBMuckface - Seemed to have snapped in Fantasy Sports. 3 posts full of insults to same user. Report post button in the future, thank you.
grenzen - following warning, uninspired and obvious trolling coupled with stark wrongness and a really poor avatar
guinead1ck - abusive trolling as well as evading the profanity filter
HaroldT32 - contributing to the demise of the EPL 2009 thread
highstakespro - trolling/obnoxious posting after being given a warning. Bad posting in general across many threads.
Hold'em 07 - trolling
HooliganHRV- lots of trolling
HVEEPOKER - trolling/namecalling/sucking in large doses (two days for achievement)
Human Halo - Enervate. 1 week for persistent bad posting.
Hurdda - really awful posting/trolling
HUstylez - spewing insults in the curling thread, not going to let you ruin the chill SHUSTAHHHHHHH vibes
i69ronaldino - Name calling, assclowning, etc
iamawesomer - posted link to Tim Duncan hitting a three pointer against the Suns in the playoffs to send it to overtime
ianzxcvbnm - told someone that they "can **** off you disgrace"
illfuuptonight - overtly trolling specific posters
igotskillz* - multiple violations and generally being an unwarranted ass
ikestoys - trolling
ILikeToParty- Ghey Cutler, enough said
ILOVEPOKER929 - Wishing cancer on children is frowned upon
imahuustler1 - racist comments in MLB thread
*****weenerZ - racist ban, for realz
-Insert Witty SN- - homophobic ban
Iplayboard - trolling
ItsRainingMen - Drunk or No Drunk his posts in the NLCS thread were atrocious. Get a hold of yourself
Iwreckshop - nazi ban
jah7_fsu1 - called other poster a tool
Jeff_Buckley - Trolling NFL Draft Thread. Warned privately and publicly to cool it.
JeffMaggert - sucking worse than GREEEEEEEEEEAR in the Tigers thread
Jetto - thinks we need blow by blow updates regarding his inability to stream NBATV.
JoeDiego - Sucking, baiting. Day off.
johall111 - going too hard in the paint
Judge Fuchs - Take your pederasty defending ass somewhere else.
JudgeHoldem - sucking
JumanjiBoard - aggregate sucky posting
keevin33 - terrible posting and namecalling across multiple threads/sports
kidcolin - called epipen a fatty
King~of~Diamonds - Posted a spoiler in the CHALLENGE thread Turned out to be FAKE NEWS
kingofcool - weird racialism
kkcountry - starting a lol finland thread
knivesout - sometimes football, drinking and posting don't mix
Kowabunghole - "ur mom gave birth to filthy aids infested dolphins at age 18" is over the line
Krypt- - being really awful in basically every way possible
ksuno1stunner - Incessant trolling. Added day for racism
kyleb- Called Vyse an idiot
kschaef987 - trolling, spamming, sucking in no particular order
Ledders- Name Calling/Trolling
LeoTrollstoy - pissing everyone off with in various NBA threads, had to **** punt him for a day
LetsGambool - over the line personal attack in Patriots STST
LOLBLACKJACK - trolling M4MVP after Caps go 0-2 down on Osama's Dead Day (lol blackjack indeed!)
LOLNHDONKWP - awful posting in MMA thread
loodachris99 - called another user an idiot in the AFCC thread
lisac48 - called someone an idiot and had horrid posts
looshle - spamming ww game even though he has never posted here, told to stop, did not
Losing all - attacking another poster's family member
Love Sosa - homophobic language
Madkennedy - over the top racism in boxing thread
Manbearpuig - rape joke
manupod - generally trollish posting capped by calling someone a ****ing ****** and then suggesting someone kill themselves (2 days, bonus day for achievement)
mark32607 - posting terribly
Markksman - Discussing Jordan in Heat/Mavs thread after being asked not to
martymc1 - Unprovoked personal attacks in EPL thread
MathKev - Antisemitism
maulaga58 - either really dumb, really obtuse, or trolling
maximose - invited another poster to "s his d" and also told him to "stfu" all while putting forth one of the most horrifically incorrect arguments SE has ever seen.
mcbeef - Faq prohibits religious name calling as well as ***, so I guess jesusfag is almost worth double.
Mesut Ozil - sucking
metsman82 - namecalling
Mike McGroin - Accurately called Cinch a moran, but sadly it's not allowed.
moneymatt1 Standard namecalling silliness after his team lost a game. WILDCAT!
MR GOODBAR- namecalling in NHL playoff thread
MrDrTurtleRick - FAQ violation/personal attacks in EPL thread.
MT2R - personal attack on Edge
MuresanForMVP - derailing thread with personal insults
MW828 - calling TSC "a ****ing moron" - possible truth is no defense here
natediggity - Passive-Aggressive trolling in NFL Preseason thread; extra day for lifetime achievement
Nath - got a little too mad at quadsas
NemoInDeniaL - Name calling
ninersrule - wishing harm on another poster
Not Lolo - Impersonating a troll
nutcracker69 - really putting in an all-time worst baseball posting clinic
nutshot2 - being an idiot
O.A.F.K.1.1 - Repeated massive derail of EPL/WC Qualifier threads
observer1 - would be nice if he actually observed instead of posting
odell983 - repeated namecalling
OGKUSH88 - unimaginative, unwelcome trolling in USA soccer thread
Omar Comin - poorly executed pedophilia humor
OMFGSTFU Asked for it, overdue, ignored warning.
omniheart - Trolling
Once and Future King - Trolling via Gimmick
Oski- trolling and attacking fatshaft
Owsley - Racist Post
PartyMarty- maybe harmless but was spamming every thread with meaningless one-liners so needed a timeout.
pieceofcake - racism/profanity filter dodging
PITTM - Namecalling/trolling, oops!
PlzBeALevel - Calling entire thread mouthbreathers while being second worst reg in thread.
Poker Chief - trolling Jets season thread
pokernoob12 - our newest entrant gets a day for calling someone "****ing stupid" or something of the sort.
POKEROMGLOL - name calling
PokerToker - told a user to "shut ur big pussy lips", in addition to awful posting in general
prizminferno - "cockgobbling baby" is over the line
produce - came into NFL thread to post about how much it sucks, cool story bro
Prohornblower - Not so cleverly written N-bomb cracks.
PSG - LeBron taeks outside of Hamsterdam
PuddinOnHatz - a/k/a local anger icon Thundercat32; goes very hard at clubs and will fight you
pvn - homophobia / bastardizing username
Pwn_Master - trolling/namecalling in the World Series thread, thereby making the worst thread ever even worse
quadaces9999 trolling
quadsas - stupid memetarding / trolling with "u mad" nonsense
Quagmyer - lame, unprovoked troll of Yankee homers in their season thread
Quick_Ben - Spamming no-content nonsense about his sports bets in football threads
rakeme - racist, misogynistic post in lolCFB gameday thread
rafiki - sucking long & hard
rainbowsinthesky - sucking really hard. Day off.
RebeccaTwigley - refighting Balkan War despite warnings to stop.
rebuyboy - personal insult
RedSoxFan19 - general sucking topped off with "The Jets have more holes in them than Pat Tillman" or something like that
riverboatking - "Serious question - are you ******ed?". GTFO.
rizeagainst - trolling in NHL playoffs thread
rmthawk64 - personal insults, racism, repeated personal insults upon sobering up
Ron Burgundy - Asexuals can post racist stuff too
Royle Bluntson - three days for both cirumvention of the profanity filter in multiple posts and namecalling while doing so. Also insinuated someone may be French.
rsigley - I forgot but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
runningnottoosweet - exceptionally insensitive posts about NFL players drowned in the Caribbean. They were simply terrible.
Run Ricky Run - evading profanity filter for namecalling purposes
Salva135 - Ignoring repated mod requests to cease posting in Pats ST thread.
samsonh - unprovoked personal attacks and trolling over the line
sayid_the_saviour - namecalling, circumventing the profanity filter
SBlum2711 - some kind of baseball related meltdown
SchererBoy - sucking, trolling, sucking some more, trolling and sucking concurrently (two days for aggravated sucking)
Schmitty 87 - name calling
schu_22 - Hurricane smack
SenorKeeed - trolling for sport
Shandrax - Repeated abusive posting
Shark Doctor - told kyro to use the noose in his avatar on himself. Also violated profanity filter multiple times. Extra day given for it coming right on the heels of a public request to tone it down.
shipontilt - accused Braves homers of being on the rag
Shoe- asked for ban
SHOT - Posting like SHOT usually does, this time with more blatant than normal name calling, etc.
ShotCaller - Calling TheUntouchable a ******
Shuffle - Calling me an *******
ShutdownStranger - 2 days for ignoring two warnings in 10 minutes to stay out of the LOLBears STST
SirGaribaldi - homophobic comment
smiecimackaa - calling Epi a fatty
Sociopath - sucking/namecalling
Spence- called user "piece of ****" and other trolling.
Spurious- Name Calling in World Cup Group C Thread
Steroid Boy - called someone a "****ing moron"
StoppedRainingMen - showed abundant HEART and PASSION and ate VMF's face, and in return received this, his first MEDAL OF HONOR
Sugar Nut - spazzing out about some African (also there's no way in hell that this is actually his 1st ban, someone isn't updating this thing)
SumNewb - tarding up the NBA thread / namecalling
suzzer99 - namecalling in royals thread
SvenM - aggravated no content trolling in WC general thread (two days for level of grievousness)
Sven O - Rule #1 in FAQ
Systolic - Trolling and overall badness
Tarheelsjks - following up several uses of gay as a perjorative with a poorly timed and unfunny joke
tbab returns - picking fights/tarding up MLB thread
tcash777 - name calling
tehbandit - personal attacks in EPL thread.
tenderloinig - racist posting in bcs title game thread. 2 days cause i hate racists.
THAKID - Calling anyone a Jew as a derogatory comment related to people regarding fiscal issues isn't cool, and "people" most certainly includes those of Jewish heritage.
thasaltcracka - name calling
tightenupymo - For acting like a younger, more smartass Not Lolo
tschubauer - hurricane smack under alias
Thay3r - needz moar rope
THC_Products - anti-semitism in Zdeno Charra thread
The 1 and only JC - lame thread starting despite obvious warnings via post deletions and locks.
The B - annoying the hell out of everyone in the NCAA thread with endless lame trash talk about Duke
The Rat - namecalling/trolling
The4thFilm - called someone a dumb mother****er, general crap like this running up to the ban
TheDean1 - You cannot publicly hypothesize about whether or not someone sucks dick for a living
TheUltimateSheriff - you are under arrest for sucking. Three day ban for lame soccer trolls as well as several profanity filter dodges in the process.
TheUntouchable- Trolling in mets thread
Thremp - being himself one time too many
Thundercat32 - One day for hatefully using "dyke". No anti-gay stuff is pretty standard 2p2 policy.
Tien - Personal attack on TuT
TJJT - extensive bad posting/trolling of fan bases in non-clever fashion.
- one day for nonstop trolling in FIFA Cup thread
todd1007 - being a homophobe
tom_dwonk - godawful posting and namecalling several times in a single post
TradeOC - sucking
trainwreckdog - sucks
Triumph36 - explitives at posters.
Troll_inc- faq violation
Tumaterminator - going full ****** in the PSU thread (two bonus days for achievement)
txdome - suggested that sUigin beat off to anime even though sUigin was trying to be helpful
Tyler Durden - personal attack
UCONN - Lost mind in LOL Lakers Threads, death threats, name calling, read 2 of his posts and seems really awful
uistbhoy - Personal attacks/FAQ 101 violation
unicorn_lord - racist ban
Valdivia10 - Trolling cruizn badly. There are better ways bro.
valenzuela - defending the 2022 Qatar World Cup bid
VarianceMinefield - personal attacks (LOL POG)
Victor- FAQ 101 violation
VincentVega - successfully jinxing Roy Halladay's perfect game in the playoffs
VluggeHenkie - standard lame-ass trolling of multiple soccer threads.
Vyse - the "you're incapable of thinking for yourself" comment is really over the line.
wall de Ripper - racist ban
Weatherhead03 - abusive language/trolling
wetleg - relentless trolling in CLE-BOS thread; called kidcolin a ******
Wheel Gunner - sucking by choice (i think)
WhiteGoose - awful trolling, be more funny at least
Winnachickendinna - showed up in the NBA thread to post "NBA basketball sucks". That's it. Thanks for sharing Sparky, you get a day off for your efforts.
wiper - relentless trolling in WC threads
wizardplow - "You sound like a tool that needs a punch in the face", yeah...don't do that.
Wooders0n - openly endorsing political assassinations after a decade of line-stepping (how, one wonders, did Tut not make this list until August of 2017?)
XxGodJrxX- trolling a homer thread
xxThe_Lebowskixx - Called Thay3r a ******.
yellowfever - Impressive combination of racism, sexism, and victim blaming in the NFL Draft thread
Zaarg - hardcore sucking...and not in the good way.
Zach Belden - called user a *****
Zeestein - long overdue first ban for trollitarding soccer threads with a side helping of general *******rey
zugzwang83 - contributing to the demise of the EPL 2009 thread, and quite frankly really horrible spammy/trolling posting in multiple sports and threads in a short time
#thinman - #soccerisboring #hottakes

Second Offense

AcTiOnJaCsOn - trolling / annoying everyone
AGame18 - trolling / wrecking Yankees thread / told user to kill himself
agdci981 - massive trollery/name calling/rape jokes
ALLTheCookies - tasteless joke about AP's son's death
AngerPush - repeated personal attacks in Falcons/Seahawks thread
bacats32 - unprovoked calling SE regs "douchebag losers" for posting while watching the Super Bowl
beaverslayer - unprovoked personal attack / profanity filter evasion
bgeclipper2 - told someone to kill themselves, mostly unprovoked
Bitchface/TheUntouchable - silly direct trolling of other posters
biznatchcenter - more bad threads on purpose, the end is nigh
Black Mamba - blatant trolling
Blue Celery - contributing to the demise of the EPL 2009 thread
Bobbofitos - repeatedly ignoring pointed requests and warnings to stop naming undrafted players.
calleddownlight - circumventing ban
cashy - posting NSFW material
cbax9888 - trolling thread
Chilltown- constant trolling
Cinch - See "other" for trolling
ColdChicken - Being a major dick
cool personified - starting really stupid "rumor" thread after he was already asked nicely to stop with that crap
crooked2412 - told GREEAR to kill himself and take ActionJackson with him, completely unprovoked (may have been joking, but doubtful)
C-Viggity - Trolling in his usual "I think you're all dumb and I can get away with this" way even though he's super transparent.
Cruizn63 - Gay slurs.....again.
DiegoArmando - went on a namecalling bender involving multiple users, pretty much unsolicited.
dkgojackets - fig guy ghana fig guy
Dschmeidreu - blatant FAQ violations despite many chances and warnings
Eman6969 - starting another deliberately bad thread in SE
enervate - aggressive trolling/insulting part deux
EPiPeN11 - Calling Vyse Ignorant, Bozo, etc.
fatshaft - name calling, acting like a martyr
Franchise 60 - name calling
G1212 - Persistent sucking/trolling
GREEAR10 - circumventing profanity filter, trolling
GimmeDat - told someone "FU" and that he hated them totally unprovoked. 2010 reg user gonna 2010 reg user.
Hold'em 07 - more trolling
hurdda - terrible general posting compounded by several unprovoked namecalling posts in DET-NO game thread
HVEEPOKER - trolly sucktitude
i69ronaldino - Aggressively sucking, imitating Vyse
igotskillz* - responded to a ban by making the same ban-worthy posts that got him banned the first time
ikestoys - aggressive trolling in faq
ItsRainingMen - annoying beyond belief in WCF thread.
iwreckshop - consistent trolling/awful posting in cfb threads
Jeff_Buckley- No content poster in NFL draft...2nd time being banned for trolling NFL draft thread
JeffMaggert - trolling Yankees thread with obvious over the line insults
Jetto - distilling all the suck and lack of content which accumulated over the 204 posts which led to his first tempban into one epic bit of content free suck in his 205th for his second.
JumanjiBoard - aggregate sucky posting, trolling, etc part 2
keevin33 - trolling across multiple threads; has been asked via PM to address/correct tone
kidcolin - Surely you can come up with something better to call Nick Collison than fgt.
kingofcool - homophobic language
kyleb - name calling
knivesout - racism
LeoTrollstoy - sucking
LetsGambool - more personal attacks, this time in the AFC East thread
LOLBLACKJACK - back-to-back bans, impressive!
manupod - called GREEAR10 a pussy a bunch of times
markksman - trollface.jpg
maximose - being a nonstop annoying dick
MartyMc1 - MartyMC1LOL
Mcbeef - Discussing Kobe in Heat/Mavs thread after being asked not to
Mike McGroin - being really terrible
MuresanForMVP - name calling
MyTurn2Raise - it was not, in fact, his turn to post
Not Lolo - Impersonating a troll part II
odell983 - awful AWFUL posting and thread derailing
OGKUSH88 - over the line personal attack
Oski - trolling and attacking fatshaft (again)
Omar Comin - evading profanity filter to post the n-word, and then bumped his own post
PartyMarty - more pointless bumping of old threads to make lame one-liner responses (ban is for a week because of forum-wide wrecking)
PITTM - basically called TSC "pathetic and classless", "******ed", and a "douche"...unfortunately truth is no defense wrt to namecalling
PlzBeALevel - annoying, excessive trolling in FIFA host selection thread
POKEROMGLOL - tarding up the NBA thread something fierce - trolling, namecalling, etc.
prohornblower - namecalling in, ironically, the faq thread.
ProbablyRsigley - h0m0ph0bia, general (non-dick) sucking
Pwn_Master - bogus post reporting; being a nuisance
quadsas - deliberate trolling/pissing people off/stalking
Quick_Ben - CAPITAL OFFENSE of defending self in bad posting thread, repeatedly, without being entertaining; bad meme usage
rakeme - more awfulness
Ray Horton (DBA "RAIDS", formerly AtTheAquarium) - aggregate sucking and picking fights
RebeccaTwigley - In line nudity/crapping
RedSoxFan19 - more general sucking
Riverman - telling another user to kill himself
rmthawk64 - told another poster to kill himself
Royle Bluntson - profanity filter evasion, namecalling (called someone a "f4g")
Run Ricky Run - Homophobia
sayid_the_saviour - politarding, derailing, trolling
Scherer Boy - somehow can't be bothered to post in gameday threads like everyone else and was given plenty of chances to honor this simple request
Shark Doctor - attention whorish undrafted player stuff
Shuffle - After being repeatedly nominated in the BAD POASTERS thread, aggressively defended himself with additional terrible posting. Then made a new thread in ATF arguing that BAD POASTERS threads, which are amazing, are unwelcome and should be banned on 2+2. This being against both the ethos and substance of not only SE, but the internet at large, and, indeed, all biological life in the universe (save for some of the terrible posters listed in this OP), our hand was forced. In aggravation, the posting that caused his nomination was itself worthy of a ban and he has been awful for a very long time.
smiecimackaa - being a big meanie towards tuqqer
Steroid Boy - "You are an insufferable moron"
Sugar Nut - being a dink
Sumnewb - Publicly seen hard on for Robert Fritos
Systolic - Please go back to POG
tbab returns - asked to ignore another poster, chose to continue to troll. threatened a trainwreck
tcash777 - name calling/abusive posting
THAKID - continually politarding TZ after being warned multiple times not to do so and after having one post deleted without penalty, interesting approach for a guy who complains about every bit of non-NBA posting in TZ
thasaltcracka - name calling to cap rapidly escalatingly string of sucky posting.
thremp - name calling, thremp gonna thremp, etc
Thundercat32 - Dropping the C U Next Tuesday bomb on Thayer
trainwreckdog - yeah I know there's no "d', gfy...anyway, excessive casualfanning
txdome - several unfunny gay jokes in World Series thread, despite being warned
VarianceMinefield - gravely miscalculated the amount of rope his trolling would receive after he suffered a PASSIONATE attack from SRM
Victor - namecalling
VluggeHenkie - Ban extended for using (obvious) gimmick to continue lame ass trolling during existing ban
Vyse - Acting like a dick to people for NOT READING HIS POSTS IN THE THREAD even though none of those posts existed.
wall de Ripper - 2nd Racist ban in SE. Should probably get more time for being a Jets fan.
WhiteGoose - said Dwayne Roloson > Roberto Luongo (MEDALZZZ!!!)
Wiper - personal attacks etc. in Cavs/Heat thread.
Zaarg - yeah, you can't refer to black players as "arrogant monkeys".
zeestein - zeesteining.
zugzwang83 - Same as first
#Thinman - bragging about his Father of the Year award

Third Offense

AcTiOnJaCsOn - this guy is worse than Ishtar and Glitter combined
agdci981 Admitting to trolling
ALLTheCookies - homophobic comments in NBA game thread
Bitchface - standard personal attack
biznatchcenter - more deliberately terrible OPs that aren't even dumb enough to be funny
Blue Celery - Celery gonna Celery
Bobbofitos - wasting all of the mods time with his whiny reporting of posts. Final banworthy post was a post where Epipen went "LOLOLOL". Yes Bobbo, very report-worthy.
cashy - racist ban
Chilltown - namecalling
Cinch - trolling
Cruizn63 - Wishing death on AMERICANS. Ban lifted. Seems complaint was for something else.
DiegoArmando - you name it, he probably did it
dkgojackets - MAD bc his football team sucks, again
Dschmeidreu - Trolling, then continuing to troll despite the offending post being deleted to save him from himself
enervate - high volume/low content string of ****ty posting
EPiPeN11 - trolling, Jizz smack
fatshaft -
GREEAR10 - personal attacks
G1212 - Good god he is awful. Admits to trolling and said he is ok with not being liked, lol.
GimmeDat - called Krayz a "pussy *****"
Hold'em 07 - namecalling
ItsRainingMen - crack, it's a helluva drug
Iwreckshop - Wishing death on people, even trainwreckdog, is not OK
JeffMaggert - trolling/namecalling in baseball playoff threads
Jeff_Buckley - sucking hard on Day 1 of March Madness
Jetto - continuous no content spamming of NBA threads.
keevin33 - name calling...will you ever learn?
kyleb - derailing thread with personal insults
LeoTrollstoy - labron's earwax >>>>> you
martymc1 - Marty gonna Marty in SPL threads. Note for future, if you call a Rangers fan both a bigot and a "hun" in the same post, it's gonna be a bab.
MuresanForMVP - name calling? go figure...
odell983 - yet more low content trolling covering many sports
Oski - contributing to the demise of the EPL 2009 thread
PITTM - Overdue ban for Ripken-like streak of OT posts in EPL thread, usually with gratuitous and unprompted personal attacks sprinkled in.
PlzBeALevel - circumventing ban
POKEROMGLOL - Name calling, gay bashing, out of line post
prohornblower / a-rod's cousin - namecalling
Pwn_Master - trolling/namecalling Phillies homers unprovoked (again)
quadsas - deliberately trolling others personally
Ray Horton - comes back from a ban and resumes bad, spammy posting and picking fights. We are on the expressway to Permabanville.
RebeccaTwigley - More like RebbecaTrollgley, amirite?
smiecimackaa - hasn't posted in this forum in over a month, shows up to tard up a ww thread as a non-player
tcash777 - name calling/abusive posting
THAKID - personal attack/his typical bad posting
ThaSaltCracka - personal attack/by request
thremp - continued trolling
Thundercat32 - name calling, offensive language
Trainwreckog - Saying he's trolling is actually the most charitable interpretation.
txdome - Racist post in 2017 MLB wildcard thread, complete with prediction that he would be banned for that racism. Correct prediction. Has been warned that next racist incident is a permaban.
Victor- Victor gonna Victor
Vyse - way over the top trolling of kidcolin
WaterWalker - namecalling (same poster as shark doctor who has two previous bannings, so third offense)
Whitegoose - lame, unfunny trolling
zugzwang83 - massive derailing of WC threads
#thinman - continuous, lame trolling in NBA Finals thread

Fourth Offense

AcTiOnJaCsOn - spamming the forum, contributing nothing but annoyance
agdci981 - Massive trollery in WC threads
Bobbofitos - Circumventing ban. Interesting take with the idea that public warnings by mods to cease and desist don't carry weight even if publicly acknowledged by him at the time.
Chilltown - being his typical troll self
Cinch - posting about how he got predictions right, for the millionth time, nobody cares and he'd been warned to stop at risk of ban
dkgojackets - Racist yet again.
Dschmeidreu - Over the allowable d-bag line.
0mar Comin (Enervate) - profanity filter dodge to post "faggiots", plus generally crappy posting
EPiPeN11 - personal attacks
[b]fanerio/zeestein - homophobic language
fatshaft - ping pong and martyr bull**** in epl thread.
GREEAR10 - excessive namecalling and trollbaiting
G1212 - Suicide wishing always so joyful
ItsRainingMen - being terrible as usual
JeffMaggert - trolling the Yankees thread again, this time right after a request to stop.
keevin33 - being an idiot
LeoTrollstoy - homophobic sucking with a side of namecalling and an chaser of unvarnished suck.
martymc1 - melting down over nothing, namecalling is bad, mmkay?
Oski - Calling Dids fat in an exuberantly entertaining though still excessive manner.
PITTM - personal attacks.
PlzBeALevel - bastardizing name as personal insult
prohornblower / a-rod's cousin - Racism and recently coming off tirade.
Quadsas - figgaz
RebeccaTwigley - sucks
tcash777 - overall sucktitude
ThaSaltCracka - Epic personal attack.
thremp - using SE forum to carry out personal grudges after repeated warnings not to
Thundercat32 - Name calling, argumentative, racist, dumbass ex strip club worker
trainwreckog - Insisting that Isaiah taking more shots than Paul at a far worse clip, plus turning it over more plus providing fewer assists makes him better. I suppose passing first is better for him since he kinda sucked, but the problem is he kept jacking shots anyways.
txdome - "I'm not an emo gaylord like you", self explanatory
Victor - dumbass
zugzwang83 - Nazi-based namecalling
#Thinman - "suck a **** rata, nobody asked your dumb ass" (which, while frequently deserved, was not deserved in this case)

Fifth Offense

AcTiOnJaCsOn - trolling
agdci981 - trolling/namecalling in NFL gameday thread
BobboFitos - namecalling while in the process of welshing on an avatar bet (!)
Chilltown - are we surprised by this point?
Cinch - posting about how he got predictions right, for the millionth time, nobody cares and he'd been warned to stop at risk of ban. In addition, trollitarding up a thread and acting like a total ******. Asked "am I a great poster or what?". This mod votes "no, not really".
dkgojackets - racist posts
Dschmeidreu - seemingly forgetting forum rules
EPiPeN11 - bastardizing another user's name in an offensive manner
GREEAR10 - Personal attacks in Michigan Football thread (why would you think calling someone a "***.got" is ok?)
fatshaft - abusive posting in Tiger Woods thread
Itsrainingmen - Consistently sucky
JeffMaggert - pointless, unprovoked namecalling
keevin33 - trolling, sucking, etc.
martymc1 - martymclol
Oski - Trolling (again)
PITTM - RJ gonna RJ
Thremp - obviously planning on martyrdom at this point
Thundercat32 - namecalling, overly hostile
Victor - Discussing Kobe in Heat/Mavs thread after being asked not to (1-day ban)
#Thinman - CAPITAL OFFENSE of defending self in bad posting thread, called entire forum a collection of pussies while simultaneously suffering an extreme bout of $adness

Sixth Offense

AcTiOnJaCsOn - aggressively bad posting, trolling, name calling, etc.
agdci981 - trolling etc
BobboFitos - calling mods nazis
Chilltown - you guessed it... more trolling
Dschmeidreu- racial "joke"
Epipen11 - vacation for admitted, lame, trolling in Vacation Draft thread. It's like rain on your wedding day.
fatshaft - called BC a ******
GREEAR10 - Name calling
JeffMaggert - draft tarding
keevin33 - troll gonna troll
PITTM - standard meltdown
Thundercat32 - namecalling again, seems like he could use a vacation anyway

Seventh Offense

AcTiOnJaCsOn - "do you agree with fallen donk or not? Just curious if maybe you have maybe a rudimentary understanding of the game, or you're a worthless dumb **** wrt to the nba" and variations on this post whenever the Warriors get discussed for the past few years. Warriors blew a 3-1 lead, deal with it
agdci981 - gay bashing, trolling, attacking posters - standard stuff for this valued poster
Bobbofitos - using gay as a perjorative, and even worse, recognizing it within the post itself.
Chilltown - trolling/reporting posts to be annoying
Epipen11 - I thought the 7-time pantheon was missing a key contributor. AKA What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men.
GREEAR10 - Name calling
jeffmaggert - trolling......again
Thundercat32 - Threats in MLB Season Thread, again very hostile

Eighth Offense

Chilltown - asked for a ban with gay comment
Epipen11 - Playing dumb, levelling about trolling, wasting my time, trying his best to irritate other posters
GREEAR10 - Name calling

Ninth Offense

Chilltown - poor choice of nouns
Epipen11 - Playing dumb, levelling about trolling, wasting my time, trying his best to irritate other posters
GREEAR10 - Michigan meltdown

Tenth Offense
GREEAR10 - in accordance with our zero tolerance policy on homophobia

Eleventyth Offense
GREEAR10 - "What a stupid, ignorant, ratchet, ghetto ass thugtress after hearing that ****. **** her. Enjoy Rice next backhand *****."


2whitecastle - Carma is a *****
andz - 1 week for circumventing ban for antisemitism with more antisemitism
Andz - 1 day for trolling while a ****ty poster
agame18 - 1 week for gay slurs compounded by directing them at posters
assani fisher - 3 days for admittedly assani-ing the **** out of TZ
banned4lyfe - 3 days for racist post in USMNT thread
BOOM BUST ROBOT - 1 week for extremely offensive, overt racism
Cinch - 1 week trolling
CHRONICFEVER - 2 weeks for n-bomb in Thursday Night Football thread, reluctantly reduced from perma; EXTREMELY short leash forevermore. That does not fly, ever, anywhere on this site.
cruizn63 - 1 day for trolling outside of defined USMNT safe zone
cruizn63 - 1 full week for third time using gay slurs. one more = permaban
cool personified - just bumped him straight to a week for deliberately starting dumb threads. Was told next one is perm and that is no doubt inevitable.
diskoteque - 1 week for "Yo cowardman maybe you should’ve killed yourself that time you were crying in the FACK like a little girl about your life sucking"
DefNotRSigley - 2 weeks for posting Brett Favre **** pick in game thread
goofball - 1 week for spoiling GoT in NBA thread
GordonHayward20 - 2 days for ALCS thread & other general suckage
hair loss at 19_ - 3 days for typical contentless political posts of the Trump persuasion. Getting a little longer leash since it's been years since your third account got permabanned, but toe the line again and it's number four
ikestoys - 1 week lifetime semantikesing achievement award for intentionally and dishonestly semantikesing Hoya about gun control and being wrong, also for circumventing ban to complain
imahuustler1 - 1 week for coming off a ban for racist comments by continuing to be racist in every other post
Jetto - 2-year tempban for multiple personality disorder so he can seek appropriate passionate help. Godspeed Jetto, godspeed.
JTizzle_ - Not really feeling your homophobic posting. Take 1 week of the CHALLENGE off
Judge Fuchs - 1 week, trolling using mythological metaphors
Heroball - 1 week, racism. RAIDS gonna RAID. And again for taking a shot at a guy's dying dog
knivesout - 1 week for many n-bombs
MartyMc1 - 2 weeks for being unable to carry on a civil conversation.
MathKev - 1 month for homophobic posting (longer than usual due to user one is a perma)
mutigers - MAD in game thread, calls entire KC Chiefs organization "****ing queers." Instant 7 days.
Ned Horton - 2 days for "so long, gay boy" - off ya go pal (update: extended to 1 week for immediately creating a gimmick)
Not Lolo - 1 week trolling
Not Lolo - 2 weeks trolling
odell983 - one month for losing a bet for same and then completely losing his mind and calling everyone nerds who live in their moms' basement (accurate but still over the line)
quadaces9999 - 3 days for repeated trolling.
Shoe2 - 1 week for circumventing ban, etc.
SirGaribaldi - 3 days for mod being overly lenient
StarWarsMaster9 - alt account of Cruisin4aBruisin, given a week for immediate ban evasion to perpetuate arguing
The Rat - Just doesn't know when to quit trolling.
trainwreckOG - Such an appropriate handle. Assani only wishes he could troll entire threads this effortlessly.
trainwreckdog - week for circumventing, next one's a perma
Tumaterminator - Creating high volume troll accounts.
tzwien - Long, unchecked suckage. TZ Wiener. 1 month.
valenzuela - 1 day just because. Also too, trolling
VarianceMinefield - lifetime suckage award of permanent exile with PBOS status, as a result of circumvention of trolling ban to continue dropping hot #pizzagate takes
Victor - 3 days for wishing death upon Trump voters
VluggeHenkie - two weeks (duration of WC) for constant trolling during the WC and ignoring many warnings to stop
Wooders0n - 3 days for wishing death upon Trump voters
zeestein - Lemming seeking approval
zeestein - Zee unable to help himself from gonna Zee. Can see permasville from here.
zugzwang83 - 1 week for posting a picture of another poster and their kid without that poster's permission.

Permanent ban

AcTiOnJaCsOn - placeholder
Bitchface - Picked the wrong place to make a stand. See also: Untouchable, The
ChivasUSA_10 - the worst boxing poster the Earth has ever known
Cinch - Who predicted permaban?
DickLipschitz - derailing the NBA three-year with threats and doxxing (what a sentence)
Disturbance - being a nuisance, evading bans with trollish names and Hitler photoshops
Discipline12 - Straight to a perma, posting a half dozen posts of pure drivel in a row was too much even for the containment thread
Don Pacifico - stolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Epipen11 - Playing dumb, levelling about trolling, wasting our time, trying his best to irritate other posters
G1212 - Dead
GetWeird- hand down, man down
GordonHayward20 - high volume awfulness which was allowed to pollute the forum far too long
gruna - well basically every post consisted of "lol [noun]", so yeah...
Hair Loss at 19 Instantly sucking
Hair Loss at 18 OTBC
Hair Loss at 17 Persistent trolling and ******ation
HooliganHRV - permabanned for excessive trolling across nearly every thread and in other forums as well
hurrda - responded to short tempban by regging several new obvious gimmicks and returning to post in the same thread. Later br0.
illfuuptonight - getting his life back together after g1212's death
imahuustler1 - continued racism, coupled with general inability to type coherent thoughts and acknowledgement of own status as a troll
IM ON MY FACE - He's got something on his face
implied theory / gravy_train / ugot2outs - Self ban
JeffMaggert - 7 previous bans all for trolling, the 8th ban permanent after started trolling again 2 minutes after the prior ban ended. Given 2nd chance after a year off.
jeppg111 - said "banned from p5s, time to troll here now". False.
johnjeffrey65 - keevin33's 2nd account to be perma'd, so well done!
keevin33 - apparently having no filter from brain to fingers
kelmonas - jdock/Quick_Ben, stick to H&F bro, you're ban on site here
LOLBLACKJACK - getting perma'd in less than 500 posts is pretty impressive, that's just how bad he was!
Luke Wilshire - All that wasted EPL thread time
madkennedy - Contant trolling, derailing, racism, religious slams, suck and more suck.
Manbearpuig - Racism, already has three previous permabanned accounts, just a generally terrible poster, so you're out of chances
martymc1 - as requested
mecantplay - Throwing bananas at black players is a good thing, actually, because it gets them mad. Also doesn’t like gypsies.
Mixing - New account trolling from Day 1
nedtw0 - aka Thundercat32. Given plenty of rope in the MLB DFS thread and only used it to hang himself.
odell983 - the time had come, sadly (UPDATE: unbanned by popular demand! Surely a mistake though.)
PITTM - By request and/or popular acclaim.
produce - Spoke his truth to the wrong souls.
PuddinOnHatz - aka Thundercat32. Trolling, name calling, etc. immediately after being fortunate enough to only get a temp ban for same behavior.
quadsas - Requested due to his brilliant strategy
Ray Horton - aka RAIDS, AtThe Aquarium, Mikita0. Finally wore everyone out with 150+ annoying posts/day.
Red Bull - Not Lolo posting under second account.
Roman Debeers or something - I do declare, the NBA is the moast best league!\
RunninCM - Formerly Run Ricky Run before being permabanned for racism, managed to fly under the radar for a few years before coming to attention again
Steel_City2000 - We have enough real village idiot accounts without fake ones.
SumNewb - more like SUCKNEWB amirite?
Systolic - yep
TheUntouchable - snapping and posting in line h0rse pr0n
Thundercat32- Wrote the following in the MLB thread under a 2nd account during a temp ban: "Dear Mod that banned me,
You sir are a cum-guzzling **********, and your mother is a whore.
TightenUpYMO - by popular demand
TingsRgunagetGROSS - General body of work ban coming off a temp ban for sending threatening PMs
Trollstoy - seemingly addicted to prop bet dickwaving, couldn't stop even when asked, warned, and then given a final chance. The worst part about this is that killa was right.
VluggeHenkie - Enormous troll/content ratio in every soccer thread
Vyse - trolling nearly every thread in this forum and constantly toeing the line
WaitingForMPJ - Never go full RAIDS
wall de ripper - Multiple racist posts over an extended period of time. LOL JETS, LOL METS, see ya.
wesrwood - derailing the NBA three-year draft with offers to fight other members and possibly sending threatening PMs that led to being doxxed/threatened
zugzwang83 - see ya

WCaids 2014 Ban List

1. BvBrMTW - Racism - 3 days
2. Showtimez - loads of bad posting / racism - perma
3. dkkkgo - racism for the 197th time - regular doing his usual derper routine - 1 week - some of SE disapproves - apparently not racist enough.

Sporting Events Posting Guidelines:

1. No posting links to illegal/pirated/unpaid for video streams. This includes NFL, UFC, etc. This is 2+2 policy so there's nothing to be done about it.

2. Don't publicly ask for people to be banned.

3. Do not call people names. "You are a dick" "You are a ******" "You are a moron, donkey, *******, asshat" etc are not going to work. You can say someone's post is illogical, not thought out, ignorant, etc. But no direct attacks.

4. Use informative thread titles. This isn't that hard. I've been modifying threat titles to make them more transparent, but at some point I'll just start locking stuff. Sport/league name first. Year somewhere towards the end.

4b. No more ***********'s or OFFICIAL in the thread title. First original thread on a topic is the official thread. We don't need to formally call shotgun. Also, please put the year at the end of the title. This will help people more readily read the front page.

5. Mild trolling is ok, the whole lot of us are trolls. But there's a line, and people who cross it will be asked to cease. None of us want to ban anyone, so let's all behave like adult trolls.

6. There's already a thread on your topic. Find it. Very little of this stuff is original, and your cute variant really isn't worth its own thread. We've got enough clutter that is unavoidable with all the season-long team/conference/league dedicated threads. Help manage it. I've been locking lots of stuff and that trend will continue.

7. Levelling is cute, but let's stop it. Sarcasm is fine, as is really obvious stuff, but the totally deadpan level which is obviously designed to get someone to react with a ZOMG post, really isn't productive.

8. Just because you'd like a poll, it doesn't mean it's worthy of starting a totally new thread. Yeah, it sucks that you can't do mid-thread polls anymore, especially for fantasy football stuff, but polls are lazy ways to start thread and most are constructed poorly anyways.

9. Hate language like "fgt", "gay", N-bombs, anti-semitic, anti-muslim, basically any non-PC language that can be construed as hateful is gonna get you banned. Take it to politics, or anywhere but here. This is a smart group of posters and we can all figure out other ways to communicate our thoughts.

10. All complaining about mod actions must be confined to the FAQ. Whining about mod actions in regular threads detracts from everyone's enjoyment and isn't productive. Violation = temp ban at whatever level the poster is at.

Also, please note the following 2p2 statement on gambling in the forums:

Two Plus Two Interactive, LLC Disclaimer Regarding “Prop Bet,” “Challenge,” and “Wager” Forum Posts.

Two Plus Two encourages the candid and open exchange of information and communications between its members. The sheer size and scope of our forums - and the rapid distribution of information originating from thousands of different sources every day - limits our ability to monitor, approve, delete, edit, censor, or screen certain posts that may be offensive or may contain information relating to harmful or illegal activity.

As noted in our terms and conditions, Two Plus Two is not legally responsible for the content of any post, or the accuracy of any information discussed or uploaded onto the Forums by the members. Opinions, advice, discussions, and all other information expressed by the members are those of the members themselves, and not necessarily shared by Two Plus Two.

This includes posts or threads relating to contests, tournaments, “prop bets,” challenges, and wagers between Forum members. Two Plus Two does not, and will not, “book” any bets or wagers between Forum members. Further, Two Plus Two takes no official part in any bets, wagers, related posts, or the discussion of any such transactions between Forum members.

Two Plus Two makes no guarantees or certifications whatsoever that any bets, wagers, or transactions discussed on the Forums are legal, safe, accurate, or sanctioned by Two Plus Two in any way. You rely on such information at your own risk. As such, Two Plus Two will not be liable for the ultimate legality of such transactions nor will Two Plus Two be held responsible for any potential loss or harm to its members as a result of such transactions.

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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

wow, I thought for sure I called someone an idiot at some point
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

I like how the ban list is somewhat of a funnel for the most ridiculous posters. Just gets smaller and smaller until you have the most spastic at the bottom.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by NozeCandy View Post
I like how the ban list is somewhat of a funnel for the most ridiculous posters. Just gets smaller and smaller until you have the most spastic at the bottom.

Ban for insulting the spastic posters.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by MicroBob View Post
Ban for insulting the spastic posters.

Ban for requesting to ban nozecandy.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by MicroBob View Post
Ban for requesting to ban nozecandy.

Ban for requesting to ban myself.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

kidcolin - called vyse a clown
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Still love Cleveland slappy.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Never read the FAQ before... love the calender time for Buddy thing weather it is new or not.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by SL__72 View Post
Never read the FAQ before... love the calender time for Buddy thing weather it is new or not.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Noah, he also misspelled calendar.

Originally Posted by MicroBob View Post
Ban for insulting the spastic posters.
Originally Posted by MicroBob View Post
Ban for requesting to ban nozecandy.
Originally Posted by MicroBob View Post
Ban for requesting to ban myself.

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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by kidcolin View Post
should have only been 12 hour ban imo
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by tuq View Post
Noah, he also misspelled calendar.

Ban for failing at banning.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

that Calendar time for Buddy scene would be so awesome with Al Pacino.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

kc, ass clown is better. Thats what I got banned for.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

every NBA franchise thread starter right now should have a meeting with Buddy
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Along with everyone who called for me to be banned for reconsidering that Dwight Howard might not be the 13th best player in the modern era to start a franchise.
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by kidcolin View Post
every NBA franchise thread starter right now should have a meeting with Buddy
Ban for euphemism.

But also QFT
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Re: SE FAQ (Cinco de Mayo update)

Originally Posted by kidcolin View Post
every NBA franchise thread starter right now should have a meeting with Buddy
Meeting with Larry Gomez. Bud is Madsen's character.

Larry: "Let's go to the Calendar! It's calendar time for Buddy!"
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the second coming of the second coming
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Originally Posted by ClarkNasty View Post
Bud is Madsen's character.

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Re: SE FAQ (updated 5.08)

wow, what a weak scene.

i'm glad i never watched vol 2, i knew it sucked. vol 1 was good.
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Re: SE FAQ (updated 5.08)

vol 1 was better for sure. Both are good. I think Quentin's movies suffer by comparison to his own work. Death Proof was really good, but people get angry because it's not as good as Pulp Fiction. But if some random guy had done it, people would think it ruled.
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Re: SE FAQ (updated 5.08)

Death Proof was superb (only Tarantino's, first movie was trash)
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Re: SE FAQ (updated 5.10)

nice **** kicker hat comment clark
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Re: SE FAQ (updated 5.08)

Originally Posted by Vyse View Post
Death Proof was superb (only Tarantino's, first movie was trash)
deathproof is one of the worst movies ever made. It is either tarantino fellating himself or seeing what he can get away with....probably a little bit of both. Not one of the 6 million words spoken in that movie were worth saying or hearing.

for what it is worth, I <3 almost every single other Tarantino movie.
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