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Exclamation The SE CHALLENGE Thread

Mod Note from Needle77
Spoilers Posted in this thread, aka, posting anything that has not been aired yet, will result in a ban.


So what's this CHALLENGE y'all keep talking about?
Oh, thanks for asking, hotnuts. The CHALLENGES started in 1998 and this upcoming season, RIVALS II, will be the 24th edition of the series. Simply put: It's ****ing awesome. I have a pretty sick confession to make ----- I have never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, The Wire, Mad Men, Dexter, or any other of these shows you all love. I just watch THE ****ING CHALLENGE because I don't sit at home with my thumb in my ass all the time, and when I do, I wanna watch this ****.

Here are some more relevant answers I have pulled out of the CHALLENGE thread in ootv.

Originally Posted by swag_check
Don't even know how I'd go about introducing someone to the challenges cold. Between Real Worlds, Road Rules, and Challenges we're like 60+ seasons in at this point, and it probably helps to have a solid amount of those seasons down to understand all the relationships, altercations, and "character development" that's gone down.

they're ****ing awesome. (usually) the best cast members of the real world (and some road rules members & randoms) seasons all tucked under 1 roof competing in challenges. some physical some mental some endurance etc. whole lot of drinking cramming arguing and mind****ing. then they do a crazy challenge at the end to see who wins.
Originally Posted by heater
I wish there were no more Real World so that we could have twice as many challenge seasons. Hell, I wish there were a Challenge Channel.

Take the same crazy people from RW and force them to work as partners/teams with and against people they can't stand. Usually the team that wins each competition gets to choose one of the players or teams that goes into each elimination challenge. There are always a bunch of players who have been around for years so there are old alliances and plenty of bad blood. Throw in a ton of booze, sex, and fights every night and you have your challenge.
If you're a fan of The Real World then you will recognize some of the familiar faces that do the CHALLENGES. If you tuned in back in the days when Road Rules aired, a few cast members come from those seasons as well. They will invite mainly the more recognizable cast members who've competed on past challenges at this point -- to get the ratings because they need them.

So, they invite all these people into a house to compete in these CHALLENGES for about a month or two. Usually they're sorted into teams depending on the theme of that specific CHALLENGE. Some CHALLENGES are physical, some mental, some endurance. The house gets ridiculously political and people start mind ****ing the **** out of each other trying to vote the best teams home. Alliances form, people start crying, ****ing and fighting their way to the final CHALLENGE.

The objective is to obviously win the daily CHALLENGES (and gain immunity from elimination rounds* where people go home) in hopes of getting to the FINAL CHALLENGE, where you compete in a ****ing race Seal Team 6 would struggle with. These things are usually like 20-30 miles and you have to eat a bunch of **** and do a lot of physical activity along the way (besides run). Winner(s) get like 100-150k, 2nd like 50k and 3rd 25k, sometimes none at all. The amounts change obv from season to season.

*Elimination rounds are generally ****ing great. You will have two teams or two people battling it out in some bizarre elimination trying to send the other team home. Some are like football type **** and some are puzzles. I would link to some, but it looks like they're not readily available on youtube.

Ok, thanks for wall of text dickhole. So who is on this season?
Originally Posted by WIKI
Male Contestants:
Chris "CT" Tamburello RW: Paris
Derek Chavez RW: Cancun
Dunbar Merrill RW: Sydney
Frank Sweeney RW: San Diego (2011)
Johnny Devenanzio RW: Key West
Jordan Wiseley RW: Portland
Leroy Garrett RW: Las Vegas (2011)
Marlon Williams RW: Portland
Preston Roberson-Charles RW: New Orleans (2010)
Robb Schreiber RW: St. Thomas
Ryan Knight RW: New Orleans (2010)
Trey Weatherholtz RW: St. Thomas
Ty Ruff RW: D.C.
Tyrie Ballard RW: Denver
Wes Bergmann RW: Austin
Zach Nichols RW: San Diego (2011)

Female Contestants:
Anastasia Miller RW: Portland
Aneesa Ferreira RW: Chicago
Camila Nakagawa Spring Break Challenge
Diem Brown Fresh Meat
Emily Schromm RW: D.C.
Heather Cooke RW: Las Vegas (2011)
Jasmine Reynaud RW: Cancun
Jemmye Carroll RW: New Orleans (2010)
Jessica McCain RW: Portland
Jonna Mannion RW: Cancun
Nany González RW: Las Vegas (2011)
Naomi Defensor RW: Las Vegas (2011)
Paula Meronek RW: Key West
Sarah Rice RW: Brooklyn
Theresa González Fresh Meat II
Trishelle Cannatella RW: Las Vegas (2002)
Thanks dip****. Now what do I need to know about them?

Not too much. A lot of these *******s come from Real World seasons that have aired within the last 2 years. The main players you need to know are:

Chris Tamburello (CT) - Probably the most intriguing CHALLENGE cast mate ever. Literally ever. He is like 6'4 225 and would beat the **** out of Andre the Giant. He is physically the GOAT hands down. All around the GOAT? 3rd IMO. Fan favorite. Cyborg. Just the ****ing man. What's the catch? Why isn't he the GOAT? He has not won a challenge. He's gotten incredibly unlucky in a few, and simply hasn't closed the deal.

See videos of past challenges below:

(The guy he backpacks is arguably a top 5 CHALLENGER, but we will get to him in a bit)

There are plenty more. The guy is just the ****ing man.

Johnny Devenanzio - Johnny Bananas is probably the best political player there is (along with Kenny, Evan and Wes). You don't need to know Kenny or Evan because they're likely not coming back due to allegedly sticking a toothbrush up a crazy dolts vagina on the CHALLENGE. Is it true? Probably not.

Johnny, when on roids, is another very formidable player. Hopefully you just watched the backpack video, but that doesn't do him justice. He is tied for winning the most CHALLENGES (4 out of 8 appearances) and in the outright lead for CHALLENGE $ made at $260k+. That will tell you pretty much all you need to know. He does whatever it takes to get to the end. He usually mind****s the house and is a decent enough player to win the elimination rounds when actually put in. He's obviously done pretty well in the finals. He got off to a terrible start in his CHALLENGE career as he was pretty much the little brother to Kenny and Evan. He is now a key player on the show and I'm sure a ratings machine.

Jordan W. - This dude is gonna be good I think. This is his first CHALLENGE as he was just on the latest Real World, but I think he's gonna be legit. Actually only has one hand, but looks like he has a lot of WIM and brains.

Leroy "ROYLEE" Garrett - Dude is the ****ING MAN. My favorite Real World and CHALLENGE member OAT. He's lean and athletic as **** and is simply the man. I don't know how else to put it. I haven't watched the Wes CT BEEF video in some time, but I think he makes a cameo laughing at the end. He's the bro with the do-rag bossing it up. Only been on 2 CHALLENGES and placed third in one of them.

Marlon W - Dude is a *****. Paired with Jordan this CHALLENGE but is most underwhelming cast mate ever. Supposedly played football for Texas Tech.

Tyrie Ballard - Is he the worst CHALLENGE player ever? No. And I'll tell you why: BIG MOTHER ****ING EASY. You don't need to know Big Easy (hopefully we will never see him again), but LOL TYRIE. Expect some screaming, some sucking, and a whole lot of dolting around from this ****er.

Wes Bergmann - Wes is another top 5 player, which obviously makes this season intriguing. When on roids, he is another physical specimen (well ****ing obviously you idiot 8bus get to the good ****). See the above video with CT for a little taste.

Alright, sorry. Wes is up there with Johnny Bananas when it comes to mind ****ing. His stats are kinda underwhelming, though. Well, his wins at least, as he has only won 1-7. He is currently 4th on all time money rankings though at $185k. He has also won 5 elimination rounds in one single season, which is pretty sick. He's been in some classic ****ing eliminations, too. Sadly, I can't find them.

Below you fill find a cameo with him in is. Wes is a bald headed ginger. He doesn't play a major part in this video, but it's funny so I'm linking it.

Zach Nichols - Zach is a ***** to be honest. He's built like a mother ****ing tank though. He's like 6'5" 240 and supposedly plays some type of busch league football. His elevator doesn't seem to go all the way up or something, though. It's tough to explain, but he's just not all there.

He actually just won the latest CHALLENGE though (battle of the seasons). So, he's 1/1 and absolutely a force to be reckoned with.

FRAAAAAANKKKKKKKKKKKKKK - This guy is bat **** insane. He is must watch TV though as he shoots from the hip and is mildly athletic. In RIVALS II, they show a trailer where him and CT are fighting on more than one occasion. Them being in the same house should be reason enough to watch.

He was paired with Zach last season on Battle of the Seasons where they won the CHALLENGE, so, he too, is 1-1 on CHALLENGES. He and Zach are the new breed of CHALLENGERS, so if they extend the series, expect to see them on at least 5 more.

What about the girls, br0. We like bitches.

Fair. I'm not going into a whole lot of detail on the broads because no one broad is that much more athletic than the others: they're girls. Except for Emily. She is a top 3 all time female and her team is a heavy favorite this season. Will be a huge disappointment if they don't win.


Nany is bad. as ****.

You said something about teams. What're they, dillweed?

The theme for this season is RIVALS II. It's pretty self-explanatory. People who have not gotten along with each other in the past are now paired with each other this season in hopes of winning all the money. They have to deal with each other for 2 months or whatever and you know, deal with each other and win.

Originally Posted by WIKI
Male teams

CT & Wes: The bad blood between the two stems from a long-standing rivalry that started on The Duel where Wes and Evan Starkman plotted to take out CT in the Duel. This plan backfired when CT defeated Evan in Ascender. Tension continued to rise after CT was DQ'd in the Push Me Duel against Brad Fiorenza. After CT exploded calling the decision unfair, Wes stepped into the Duel and a heated argument ensued. During the argument CT told Wes to "tell your girlfriend [Johanna Botta] you have to put the ring on layaway" to which Wes responded, "Why don't I fake date someone just to get to the end of this ****," referring to CT's new relationship with Diem Brown.[3] The next time they met up on a Challenge was during the original Rivals. After a cocky Wes tried to start drama, CT verbally attacked Wes for nine hours straight.[4]
Derek & Robb: After a night of drinking on Battle of the Seasons, Robb and his then-girlfriend Marie Roda were upset about getting sent into the Arena against Team Las Vegas. After Marie began insulting an innocent bystander, JD Ordonez, Derek stepped up to defend him. After Derek began to fight back against Marie, Robb stepped up to defend her and the two men got into a huge argument. The argument got physical when Derek began pushing up against Robb and Derek getting shoved by Robb's teammate Marie Roda, which led to fellow castmate Sam McGinn to fall back and smash her head on a ceramic planter.[5]
Dunbar & Tyrie: The two had small beef in The Island where Tyrie made several comments about Dunbar not being worthy of having a key after being given it by Abram Boise. Despite the fact that many cast members felt this way, Tyrie was the only one who came out and said this outright. Tyrie also became annoyed by Dunbar's behavior over food distribution on The Island, where Dunbar was serving himself larger portion sizes than the girls based on the fact that he is a bigger male. Even though Tyrie was just as hungry he stated that Dunbar's behavior was annoying, and that he would liked to have "whooped Dunbar's ass" on the street.[6]
Frank & Johnny: While the two had never been on a Challenge together or even met, they exchanged several heated tweets[7] to each other after Johnny ranted about not getting cast in Battle of the Seasons to which Frank responded that the Challenges "don't provide a 401K." The two share different ideologies on how the Challenges should be played; Johnny likes to keep his friends and fellow veterans in the game, whereas Frank lead the charge in evicting as many veterans as possible on Battle of the Seasons.
Jordan & Marlon: Initially the two began their time in The Real World: Portland as friends, but Jordan's drunken antics caused Marlon to become frustrated with him. Despite Marlon not being Jordan's biggest fan the two never fought on their own. However, the two got into an argument one morning after Jordan made a racist gesture towards African-American castmate Nia Moore.[8] Following this incident the two have been rarely shown interacting.
Knight & Preston: The two were castmates on The Real World: New Orleans (2010) where Knight had made some homophobic remarks about Preston, which greatly offended him. The two were then teammates on Battle of the Seasons where they both expressed their distaste for each other. Shortly after moving into the house Knight and ex-girlfriend Jemmye Carroll began talking about getting Preston and McKenzie Coburn off of their team, feeling that the pair was holding them back. The first time that Team New Orleans was subjected to the Arena Knight and Jemmye got their wish, and Preston and McKenzie were eliminated by Sarah Rice and Chet Cannon in the Balls Out elimination.
Leroy & Ty: The two got into a fight during the original Rivals that led to Leroy's teammate Adam Royer being disqualified for punching Ty in the face. Leroy eventually got a new partner, his friend Michael Ross. In addition Ty and his partner Emily Schromm faced-off and defeated Leroy and his partner Naomi in the Dome on Battle of the Exes.
Trey & Zach: During Battle of the Seasons, Trey felt excluded by Zach's Team (San Diego) and their alliance. The alliance only spoke to Marie and Robb when they needed to speak with Team St. Thomas. Trey didn't like the fact that Marie was the "decision maker" for their team, and that he and Laura Waller were seen as the outcasts. The one time the entire Team St. Thomas spoke with Team San Diego, Zach became frustrated with Trey while discussing why they shouldn't put them in the elimination. After Trey stated that he was playing the game his way, Zach got up and walked away because he felt like Trey was full of it.

Female teams

Anastasia & Jessica: Tension between the two began on their season of The Real World: Portland. They first started out friendly with each other, with both getting jobs at the same frozen yogurt stand to spend time together but then eventually began to become annoyed with each other after Jessica felt excluded by Anastasia and their fellow castmate Averey Tressler and Anastasia becoming annoyed with what she felt was Jessica's need to constantly draw attention to herself. Anastasia admitted in a confessional that she was extremely annoyed with Jessica's controlling behavior and wanted to get away from her and later sat down with Jessica to express her dislike of her. However, during a physical altercation between roommates Averey Tressler, Johnny Reilly, and Nia Moore, Anastasia and Jessica squashed their differences.
Aneesa & Diem: Their beef stems from their time on The Duel. During the second to last challenge, Around the Block, Aneesa mentioned to Diem that she wouldn't call her into the Duel (under the false assumption that Diem would win that day's safety). After Jodi Weatherton won the challenge Aneesa was left to decide between Diem, and her best friend Svetlana Shusterman. Aneesa chose Diem and the pair would face off in the I Can Duel, the one Duel Diem did not want because she didn't feel it was fair to both competitors. After Diem got careless with her betting Aneesa made her attempt to lift 150 coffee bags, and after she couldn't budge it Diem was eliminated in tears. Following the loss Aneesa went over to Diem to give her a hug goodbye, and Diem told her that she wasn't in the mood for that because she was the one who called her into the Duel.[9]
Camila & Jemmye: Following the altercations between Ryan Knight and Nany Gonzalez on Battle of the Seasons Camila got into a heated argument with Knight on a charter bus ride home from the bar, after defending Nany. Despite no longer being Knight's girlfriend, Jemmye quickly came to his aid and excoriated Camila on the bus to the point where the two almost got physical with one another. The two were walked into the house separately by other cast members, while still fuming about the incident on the bus.
Cooke & Naomi: Following Adam Royer's eviction form the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on The Real World: Las Vegas (2011) Cooke filled his spot in the cast. Naomi was the main cast member trying to band everyone against Cooke, leading to the latter to become an outcast for the majority of her stay in Las Vegas. The tension between the two continued to rise when Cooke was trying to break-up Naomi's friend, Heather Marter's, relationship with Dustin Zito and Naomi stepped up to defend her. Later, Cooke had set her sights on Naomi's on-off bedmate Leroy Garrett, leading to an argument where Naomi got in Cooke's face.
Emily & Paula: The two faced off against each other in the physical Pole Me Over Gulag on Cutthroat where Emily overwhelmed and defeated Paula, and prevented her from making it to the finale. However, the real tension between the two began on Battle of the Exes, when Emily held a grudge against Paula for sending her into the Dome against Leroy Garrett & Naomi Defensor. Following the reveal that they would be going into the Dome, Emily claimed that Paula was only sending her in because she was afraid. To that, Paula joked in a confessional, "Yes ma'am. I'm scared. Have you seen you?" Eventually, they faced off in the physical Hall Pass elimination, with their partners Dunbar Merrill and Ty Ruff where Emily and Ty dominated their respective heats.
Jasmine & Theresa: The two got into an explosive argument during the original Rivals after their respective partners, Jonna Mannion and Camila Nakagawa, got into an argument. Camila was offended by Jonna trash-talking about her, and Jonna was offended by the fact that she did not know the difference between her and Jasmine. Both Jasmine and Theresa came to their partners' defense and eventually got into each other's faces. Jasmine had to be pulled from the room by Sarah Rice, with Sarah telling her that she did not want to go out like Adam [Royer] did. Jasmine had screamed that she was "going to **** [Theresa] up," before punching a nearby mirror and shattering it. Ironically, the next morning Jasmine made a comment to Jonna that if they ever made a Rivals II, she knew who her partner would be (Theresa).
Jonna & Nany: While their beef was never shown on Battle of the Seasons, Jonna had mentioned that Nany had bad-mouthed her several times, which Nany had admitted to. After Jasmine volunteered to go into the Hall Brawl Arena in place of Jonna, who was the girl CJ Koegel initially wanted to be his partner, Nany voiced how she felt about Jonna. Nany told Sarah and Trishelle that Jonna was just "sleeping her way to the top (in reference to her relationship/alliance with Zach Nichols)" instead of stepping up and earning her spot in the competition.
Sarah & Trishelle: Tension between the two began on Battle of the Seasons when Trishelle became suspicious of Sarah's intentions when Sarah was flirting with Trishelle's teammate Alton Williams. After Team Las Vegas won a mission they were considering putting Team Brooklyn into the Arena. Trishelle had a conversation with Sarah's teammate Devyn Simone, telling her that Sarah is the only reason her team wished to send Brooklyn into the Arena. This would later lead to a confrontation between Sarah and Trishelle, in which Trishelle told Sarah that prior to returning to the Challenges multiple cast members informed her of how manipulative Sarah can be and she said that she couldn't trust Sarah at all.
Thanks for quoting WIKI you lazy dolt. Do I need to watch any previous seasons to actually know what the **** I'm talking about when I join the sweet ass thread?

Technically no, not really. You can get by on all of this information and enjoy the **** out of the season. If you do have time, I'd recommend these:

Originally Posted by swag_check
rbk, I'd say start with Fresh Meat I because it was sort of the transitioning point from the 1st generation to 2nd generation (current vets) challengers and it sets you up nicely for the GOAT season: Duel I.
I'd also recommend something like the Island, Fresh Meat II, The Inferno, Inferno II, but I know you have a life.

You said something about thread you ****ing idiot -- give me a link or something

The CHALLENGE thread is in ootv. It's probably the 2nd best thread on 2p2 next to the FAQ. Why? Because all of the awesome posters have the ****ing CHALLENGE in common. Steroid Boy, who I think will be disappointed in this because I'm not delving into all the old seasons but it would take me ****ing days and days, dkgoat, f60's old ass goes in there every once in awhile, holdem, swag_check, viggity, RBK, tuggles, zimmer and a couple other heroes are regulars. It's the br0s thread.

Who are the *******s in the thread?
Cash Mahne. If you see this guy tell him you hate him and then ignore him. He ****ing spoils the challenges. Unfortunately edbratz also posts in these threads, but he's actually not that bad. That's how awesome the CHALLENGE is. Turns edbratz into an ok poster for an hour at a time. SE's wet blanket also frequents the thread from time to time, but in fear of him finding this and the other thread, I won't mention his name. He hasn't been over there in some time. And Exothermic. He thinks Evelyn is the hottest CHALLENGER ever

Top 5 Males/3 females like all the people were discussing earlier?
For me personally, the all time GOAT is Landon Lueck. He has won 75% of the CHALLENGES he's been on (3-4) and is an all around boss. He also single-handedly won a team even in Fresh Meat 2 when he had a dope of a girl on his team who did jack ****. He's an endurance maniac who doesn't join alliances (for the most part) an just bosses everyone. He's a little guy with a whole lot of WIM.

Second for me would be Darrell Taylor, and I don't think it's really close. He has won 4/6 of his challenges. A boxer and all around badass. See the black guy below:

3) CT
4) Meh. Kenny I guess. Mentioned him earlier. He's won 3 challenges and is a staple for the show. Or was.
5) Johnny/Wes pretty interchangeable here. Wes is a better athlete but Johnny plays the game better.

1) Evelyn - May or may not be a transgender. Better than 3/4 the guys. ****ing stud of a CHALLENGER.
2) Laurel - This is the broad in the video beneath Wes' description thing. Not the one getting got.
3) Emily - On this season. She's hot and a ****ing stud. Depending on how she does this CHALLENGE, she could easily be 2nd.

I came here for the gifs you ****ing idiot......where are they

Only 2...

Originally Posted by swag_check View Post
The Throne:

Originally Posted by Hold'em 07 View Post
Yea she definitely isn't Top 8 material


Probably NSFW

I wish I had the energy at the time to delve into the earlier seasons, but I'm ****ing tired. Maybe I will tomorrow. Sorry if this disappoints. Sorry if you wanted something else. I was hoping to prep hotternuts for the upcoming season and hopefully I have adequately done so. This is why I keep it to 200 characters or less. I'll finish with the RIVALS II pics later as imgur isn't working for me right now.



Whatever you have questions about, ask. That will be a lot easier.

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Re: SE FAQ, Liveblog & Bannings

Ffffffffff! AIR DATE:

Originally Posted by digables View Post
A Rivals II launch special will air on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, which will be co-hosted by The Challenge alum Kenny Santucci and former Jersey Shore cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi,[2] and the season will premiere two weeks later on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.[1]
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Re: SE FAQ, Liveblog & Bannings

Originally Posted by wAzZu24 View Post
Too bad Knight is stuck with Preston this season, won't likely be around long to **** with people.

You just can't know Wes without seeing Kenny carry his ginger ass on his back up a ****ing mountain.
Don't know who this "Preston" character that you're referring to is, but Knight's partner on this season of Rivals is Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. And from this clip taken from the trailer, it looks like Rondo took some time while recouping from his injury to develop some sweet lightsaber skills.

I wish this clip included the portion of Kenny actually carrying Wes on his back, but still probably the low point of Wes's illustrious Challenge career (honorable mention to Big Easy driving Wes through a bell attached to a pole).

Originally Posted by aoFrantic View Post
Wes has the cardio of an 8 year old.

Lol Paula.
Jessica might end up being a WOAT Challenge female.
Regarding Wes: I take it you didn't watch FM1 or The Duel?

Regarding Jessica: She would need to hit the ground running this season and have some callbacks to catch up to Challenge FAIL all-stars like Shauvon and Casey.

More CT being CT:
facial reactions at 1:14 are pretty amazing if you know CT's Challenge backstory.

CT vs. Brad and origins of CT/Wes rivalry (special appearance by TJ Lavin once again showcasing why he's the GOAT Challenge host)

Kenny vs. CT

This video shows why you shouldn't be fat, ugly, and worthless around a drunk Laurel, but the real selling point is future Rivals II partners Emily and Paula getting acquainted in the hot tub.

And here is Aneesa goin Jim Brown on renown RW whore and current D-list celeb and wannabe poker pro Trashelle Cannatella.

I kind of wanted to make a brief write-up of why Wes is my personal favorite, but I'm tired right now so I'll just post his elite resume of Challenge girls that he knocked off:
Johanna: ex-fiance

KellyAnne: ex-gf

Mandi: ex-fwb

Theresa: just another conquest
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Re: SE FAQ, Liveblog & Bannings

Originally Posted by chim17 View Post
Is Challenge watchable online? Does or anyone pick it up?

A quick search looks like they have Battle of the Seasons, Fresh Meat II, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Cutthroat, Duel, Duel II, Ruins, Gauntlet III, Inferno III, etc. Any season you may be interested in watching will be there. I didn't know they had all of these still available.

They look like they're working too, which is surprising. I just pulled up an episode of the Duel. I might have to go back and watch a few myself.

If you want to go back and watch older seasons, I think they have a few on youtube. I know they have The Inferno and Inferno II, but they only come in like 10 minute spurts. Kinda annoying trying to piece together all the episodes, but they're there.

That MTV link seems to be the best bet. Pretty awesome they still have a lot of the better seasons up. I have no idea what the hell xfinity is, though, so I can't help you there.
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Re: SE FAQ, Liveblog & Bannings


alright i'm done.
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Re: The SE Challenge thread


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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

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Never watched the CHALLENGE, but I guess since it's the summer and baseball is my only other option, I'll have to join my SE bros itt
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

Any challenge with my girl Emily on it is great.
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

i'll watch because im tired of baseball but scenes like that one between laurel and big easy are incredibly cringe worthy

these people are legit retarded
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

Remember, NO ****ING SPOILERS OF WHAT HAS NOT AIRED. Noted at the very top of the OP.
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

Originally Posted by Banana man View Post
Sick op. I've watched every season and this one should be great

CT/Wes and Frank/Johnny teams r head and shoulders above the other teams
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FML. I just went on Wikipedia to see the cast and they have the winners listed
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

5 star thread
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

roylee? kelly anne? emily? wes?

this gon be good.

psyched for the 90 minute season premiere tonight
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

ugh, no kelly anne? thats a massive disappointment.

emily better bring the legs and booty
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

Yeah mods please ban Banana Man. Already admitted to being spoiled in OOTV thread.
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

Have been avoiding OOTV thread like the plague in fear of being spoiled, but will keep up with this one.

#1 knight fanboy right here
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

I will be joining the SE Challenge crew as well. lol summer sports tv
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

mods need to sticky this bad boy
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The first time CHALLENGE viewer group in SE is pretty damn elite
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Re: The SE CHALLENGE thread

I will be watching with no info of anyone in the show or knowledge of how it works. Will probably end up with wildly different power rankings than the experienced CHALLENGE crew.
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