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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015
View Poll Results: Who will win the Stanley Cup?
New York Rangers
14 11.02%
Ottawa Senators
8 6.30%
Chicago Blackhawks
27 21.26%
Minnesota Wild
12 9.45%
St. Louis Blues
8 6.30%
Montreal Canadiens
10 7.87%
Winnipeg Jets
1 0.79%
Tampa Bay Lightning
10 7.87%
16 12.60%
Other aka Nashville or Anaheim
21 16.54%

06-16-2015 , 05:48 PM
Yeah that '10 team was nasty. Really they were all filthy, but '10 has to be the standout.

So I just saw where Quenneville ranks all-time in playoff wins. My god. Not going to be hard to make the case that he's the second best coach ever.
NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015 Quote
06-16-2015 , 07:21 PM
Yeah, I'm going with '10 also. Their WCF games vs. Sharks were absolutely filthy. The games were faster than anything I had seen before and the cycle game that Chicago had was beautiful.

I think other teams have caught up (except most of the lol-East).
NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015 Quote
06-16-2015 , 10:34 PM
African American man in Hawks gear interviewed on WGN last night.

"You know how awesome the Hawks are? This is going to sound messed up, but its true. They've got black people loving hockey. Ain't that something?"

Hawks are awesome indeed.
NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015 Quote