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Re: NBA Season Thread 2018-19

Originally Posted by tarheeljks View Post
as for nuggs players, think you are just full on homering. jamal murray and donovan mitchell had pretty similar scoring efficiency this season. murray also is pretty weak off the dribble so he would look terrible on the jazz imo (i like murray fwiw). you're talking about increasing the usg of beasley/morris by more than 50% (closer to 100%). maybe they can do that and still be somewhat efficient, but probably not? most players cannot. most players can't even be average. if they can malone is ****ing up b/c denver seems to have a big hole wrt reliable perimeter creation. like i saw they were running an inverted 1-5 pnr. that's neat and speaks to jokic's skills, but also speaks to the skills of the ball handlers

edit: i'd be pretty interested to see some stats on murray's shot quality on his good nights vs bad nights. seems he is a bit like klay in that he is make or miss in his own right a lot
Murray's efficiency this year wasn't great, but we're talking about offensive efficiency overall, which includes turnovers. Going back to college Murray has had two good efficiency years whereas DM has had none. DM is definitely better at ball-handling and getting to the rim, but as is the case for say him and Malik Beasley, what if instead of getting to the rim and being the least efficient player at it like Donovan, they simply pulled up from 3 every time? Or pulled up from 2 where they were both elite? Sure the EFG% would be lower, but if they are turning it over far less would it make a difference?

My point wasn't to say my guys are better, it's more to say that measuring the greatness or even goodness of DM is hard because he gets (imo) a little too much credit for simply taking thirstier shots than he should given his abilities, and if you take players who are actually good at the "bad shots" that DM takes, then there might not be a difference in how efficient they can make an offense.

For example yes Monte Morris isn't a prolific scorer, but he's one of the very best with the floater and money from midrange whilst being a 40+ C&S guy.. More importantly he has a historically high A/TO rate going back to college. If they red-line a player like him and just have him take floaters or pull-ups when Rudy is covered, does the dip in EFG but never turning the ball over even things out? What if they take a guy like Malik and rather than have him run PnR just run DHOs and take thirsty 3's or drive to the hoop where he finished at an elite rate?

We'll never know, but I still think DM gets a lot of credit for doing the things that other guys simply aren't allowed to. We all want to give credit to high usage/low efficiency guys, but in reality they just don't win big across any era.
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Re: NBA Season Thread 2018-19

Reading stuff about how Magic quit because there was an email going around the Lakers front office about how much Magic sucked at his job and someone 'accidentally' BCC'd it to Magic.

Also, Jeanie and Linda Rambis (Kurt's wife, apparently Jeanie's bff and thus the 2nd most important decision maker in the Lakers org) send emails to each other back and forth ripping on people. And also they call Steve Ballmer "Ballz". lol

Today, on the Mason and Ireland Show on ESPN 710 AM, co-host Steve Mason shed some light and gave the following statement about Linda Rambis’ influence within the Lakers organization:

“I’m glad somebody finally wrote (about Linda Rambis), because I never felt comfortable just saying Linda Rambis’ name. But Jeanie and Linda are together running the Lakers. They are running the Lakers. They are joined at the hip. That is Jeanie’s main advisor, lead advisor, director of special operations or whatever the heck it is. But she and Jeanie are operating in tandem.”

Co-host, John Ireland, the voice of the Los Angeles Lakers, then offered his observation:

“I will say this: I think Jeanie trusts Linda more than any other person there. I think she trusts Kurt (Rambis). I think Kurt is going to be involved in whatever new hire…he gets involved.”

Mason and Ireland later joked that Linda Rambis is to Jeanie Buss what HBO’s Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister is to Daenerys Targaryen: Rambis is Jeanie’s “Hand of the Queen.”
It is now clear that Linda Rambis and her husband Kurt Rambis, a Showtime-era Laker great, have thrown their support behind Pelinka and will heavily influence the Lakers decision-making process moving forward.

The dust is starting to settle and we can now see the current Lakers power structure: Jeanie Buss, Linda Rambis, Kurt Rambis, and Rob Pelinka.

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Re: NBA Season Thread 2018-19

Originally Posted by markksman View Post
If you have to dig graves seek revenge
I lol'd.

+1000 TZ Points

Originally Posted by Seadood228 View Post
Jacob Poetltl has now put his knee into Jamal twice and Gary Harris once, all three injuring them. The last one looks really dirty to me.. On first glance I thought Joker pushed him into Jamal, but the body doesn't do those things when pushed, especially when being pushed toward your right.

I'm completely unbiased here and I can say with a pretty good amount of certainty that this play looks dirty.

Originally Posted by JayTeeMe View Post
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Re: NBA Season Thread 2018-19

Cowherd says the Lakers are run like a "Mom and Pop" operation.

I say that's even an overstatement.

At least Dolan is butting out of the Knicks day to day operations, leaving it to the GM/Prez/Fizdale.
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Re: NBA Season Thread 2018-19

Random thoughts from going to the game last night.

-Joker is amazing to watch in person. The casual one handed cross court passes he makes constantly would be pretty much impossible for anyone else in the league except maybe Lebron. The ball almost always goes exactly where he wants and the guy catching the pass rarely has to reach or shift for it.

-Spurs have absolutely no answer for him in the post. It felt like a 50/50 breakdown between Denver initiating through him from the top of the key and the post, but the post seemed way more effective. Poetl is about the same height, but Jokic goes right though him every time. When he gets it at the top, it feels like a comparative win for SA.

-Didn’t realize how good Jokic is as a cutter. Had at least 10 points off great movement and angles when guys looked like they were trapped going nowhere on the baseline.

-Not news, but his weakness for the moment is stamina. He is noticeably breathing like a stuck pig from one minute in the game. It really felt like the game turned at the beginning of the forth, about 10 minute left. Jokic was on the bench, Spurs made a mini run to push it to like 8 and Denver calls TO. Was pretty shocked Jokic didn’t come back in after the TO, they had to wait like 2 more minutes I think before the next dead and it was in double digits by then.

-Was surprised Murray stayed in the game after that knee. He went down instantly and stayed down for 2 minutes before hopping up, and stayed in, but didn’t do anything rest of the game. Just go to Beasley there.

-Rudy Gay can stick around Vince Carter style if he wants to. The league has gotten so small, he’s going to be able to do his slow mo sweep across the lane fade-away and shoot over most people for a long time.

-Was really close the whole time until Spurs got a couple kind of lucky 3s from White and Forbes. Forbes had one where he picked up a loose ball and drilled it from like 28 feet with the shot clock going down that basically ended it.

-Misc. Jimmy Goldstein was in the house wearing a sick rhinestone jacket. Spurs noticeably pumped in boos and crowd noise the first quarter while it was still filling up. Everyone’s favorite Shea Serrano got some Jumbotron time. He left early when they were up 20 with like 4 mins left.

Prediction- Nugs win unless one of White, Gay, Mills, maybe Forbes has themselves a game. They can’t outscore them without 20 from a 3rd wheel. Bertans didn’t play a single real minute. Thought that was odd.
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