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Sporting Events Discussion centered around sporting events.

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Re: English Football 2020-21 - now with 100% additional Yorkshire

Originally Posted by joejoe1337 View Post
I mean, yes, correct. But could you not say the same about literally any advertisers and sports?

Their logic is just to have the product mentioned as many times as possible for brand recognition, regardless of who you support. That being said, most of the research suggests it may not have much of an effect.
Always blew my mind as well how much companies were willing to splash when I know that -at least my case- my demand is completely inelastic to whatever ads you throw at me and will not be a good investment

But then you start thinking that those companies making millions probably have teams crunching data knowing that it's profitable.

I don't know if anybody still watches Arsenal games these days but I can't imagine Rwanda tourism sector doing greatly
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Re: English Football 2020-21 - now with 100% additional Yorkshire

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