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Before making a new thread please take the time to use the 'Search this Forum' feature. Often you'll find that somebody has already asked what you are about to and the answer to your question is contained within the replies they got. If you struggle to use the forum's own search feature then please note that it's also possible to search the forums using Google (<--- click the link to see how to use the "" search term).

If your question is something that you know can be answered with a single post (such as "where can I find XXXX file?" or "how do I edit XXXX image?" or "where is the URL for XXXX?", etc, etc) and it's obvious that the question isn't discussion worthy, then the place to post the question is in the "Quick Questions & Answers Thread".

If your question is aimed at a specific piece of software/script then you'll find that most have existing support threads in either the Commercial Software or Free Software sub-forums. If this is the case, then this is where your post should go instead of making a new thread for each new question. This keeps the forum less cluttered and allows the people subscribed to the thread to see the new post/question and hopefully help. It also allows you to use the 'Search this Thread' feature which can help to narrow down your search results even further and hopefully find your answer faster.

If you've searched and still haven't found an answer and are considering making a new post in a thread or making a new thread completely, then please consider the following suggestions when asking for help:
  • Choose an appropriate and descriptive title for any new thread you create.
  • Describe the problem with all relevant details. Don't use phrases like "didn't work" if you can describe how it didn't work.
  • Post screen-shots of the issue if you think it will help convey the problem and get an answer faster.
  • Include poker site, software version number, etc.

It's a difficult task to answer the frequently asked questions on this forum while avoiding any implied official 2+2 endorsement for pay software. The links and answers below are designed to provide free solutions to common problems while helping you find commercial alternatives if you so desire. These represent the views of the general forum community, and should not be construed as official recommendations from 2+2.

What type of questions should be posted in this forum?
  • Computer support questions which are not specific to gambling/poker software should go to the Computer Tech Help forum.
  • Questions or suggestions aimed at poker site reps regarding their poker client(s) should be posted in the appropriate thread in the Internet Poker forum.
  • Discussion about the possibility of online poker being rigged should be posted in the Great "poker is rigged" debate thread.
What topics are banned?
  • No piracy or torrent discussions at all (even if it's just about the client).
  • No posts about botting or bot-building.
  • No selling, reselling or giving away of serials or licences.
  • No discussions about selling or sharing datamined hand histories.
  • No scams of any sort.
What are the two sub-forums for and how do I create a thread in them?
Basically everything related to a specific piece of software should go in the relevant thread in the relevant sub-forum. Currently, only moderators may create a new thread in the sub-forums (to avoid it getting cluttered up with misplaced posts, etc...). If you have a new product and wish to create a support thread for it in one of the sub-forums, then first create the thread in the top-level forum and then PM one of the moderators asking to have it moved.

Can I advertise a contract position/private job?
No, please only post threads that will benefit the entire community. The correct place for job advertisements is in the Marketplace forum.

Can I offer a reward to encourage somebody to write some software I want making?
Yes this is fine, but please be aware that in other forums the rules may not be the same.

What if nobody answers my question?
The people who answer questions here have other jobs and sometimes answers don't come right away. If your post doesn't get an answer within a day you can bump it once to bring it back to the top of the forum. Please don't bump threads within minutes or hours of posting them as this won't make your question get answered any quicker and may well irritate the very people who would have helped you. Be patient; most questions will get answers.

Datamined Hand Histories
Discussion about the sale or sharing of hand histories is no longer allowed on 2+2. This applies to private forum users as well as commercial hand history merchants, so please don't create a thread requesting or offering to share your DB or hand histories with others.

Generally if the mods think you are doing something wrong we will warn you or just edit your post to bring it in line with the forum rules. If you ignore the warnings/infraction and continue you're behavior, we will increase the infractions or give you a temporary ban of a few days. If you disagree with our actions or think we are being unfair please PM us to discuss the matter.

Miscellaneous Questions

What software is considered "cheating"?
The important question in evaluating each application is "Does this software give you an unfair advantage?". There's a lot of debate on what constitutes "unfair advantage", and the sites (Party Poker and Full Tilt especially) can be a little hazy about it. What we do know is that statistical tracking programs, heads up displays, and window management tools have all been allowed. Programs that share hand histories or statistics are banned. Programs that automate or aid in decision making are also disallowed. Most poker sites have a detailed web page describing their rules (eg: Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Party Poker).

The good news is that, excluding outright cheating, most sites will give a warning for contraband software before freezing your account. If they decide to suddenly ban an application, they usually give everyone running it a warning.

Why are poker sites monitoring my processes/keyboard/mouse activity?
When you sign up with a poker site, you agree that they can monitor your computer's processes/keyboard/mouse activity, etc. They use this information for:
  1. Keeping their games safe from cheaters. They will detect prohibited software, bots, etc.
  2. General diagnostics
  3. Random number generation. Part of their shuffle algorithm is dependent on users mouse movements.
Many don't worry about this intrusion, as any scandal involving a poker site stealing users' information would be very bad for business. On the other hand, there has been some discussion of how/whether to block these intrusions.

Where can I get information about PC security?
For information on how to better secure your PC see funkyworms's "Computer Security for Poker Players" sticky in the Computer Tech Help forum.

Scams To Watch Out For

Are there programs that allow me to read my opponents hole cards/predict the board cards/cheat in some other way?
No. If you had a program that could accurately predict the board cards or your opponents hole cards, would you sell it for $49.95? Neither would these guys. They're all scams. Best case scenario, they don't work. Worse case scenario, you get some nasty Trojans installed on your computer.

I had this awesome idea for a program that will play my hands for me. Is this against the rules?
Yes; this is called a bot, and they are actively sought out by poker sites. Anyone found running a bot will have their funds confiscated and their account closed.

I had this awesome idea for a program that will only fold unplayable hands for me. Is this against the rules?
Yes; as above - this is called a bot, and they are actively sought out by poker sites. Anyone found running a bot will have their funds confiscated and their account closed.


What is AutoHotKey and how do I use it?
AutoHotKey (often abbreviated to just "AHK" on the forums) is a free, open-source utility for automating tasks. You can bind actions to hotkeys and even create graphical interfaces for more complicated tasks (see some of the many threads on the forum for examples and ideas of what can be done). To use a given AHK script, you do not need any programming experience:
  1. Download and install Autohotkey from here:
  2. Right-click desktop (or whatever location on your disk), choose New > Autohotkey Script.
  3. Rename the new script from "New AutoHotkey Script.ahk" to "Your Choice of Name.ahk". Don't forget the ".ahk"!
  4. Right-click file, choose Edit Script.
  5. Paste in whatever script, save and close.
  6. Double-click file to run script.
NOTE: Most of the free poker-related scripts can be found on the Wiki (thanks to the 2+2er "MogobuTheFool" for kindly providing us with this!).

How to make AHK scripts work with Windows Vista

Turn "User Account Control" (UAC) off:
- If you don't have "run" in the start menu: start > right click in open area of launch menu > properties > start menu > customize > click run command.
- If you have "run" in the start menu: start > run > type 'msconfig' > tools > disable UAC > launch (might have to restart).

Disable "Desktop Composition" in Stars:
- start > computer > C: > program files > pokerstars folder > right click pokerstars > properties > compatibility > disable desktop composition > apply.

Make Pokersite "Run as administrator":
- If UAC is turned off then I believe this should already be taken care of, otherwise it is in the same window as desktop composition.

Turn "Aero" off:
- Right click desktop > personalize > windows color and appearance > windows vista basic > ok.

Use "32 bit" colour mode:
- Right click desktop > graphic properties > display setting > 32 bit > ok.

Set "border padding" to 1:
- Right click desktop > personalize > windows color and appearance > advanced > item > border padding > set to 1 > ok.

Common Software-Related Questions

What statistical tracking (aka "tracker") program should I use?
FPDB is free and open source. The main commercial alternatives are: Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker and PokerHands DB.

What heads-up display should I use?
The two most popular free HUDs are GameTime+ and Realtime HUD, but neither of these are updated now and some features may no longer work on certain sites. FPDB can display a HUD for some sites, but is still in the early stages of development. Both Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker have their own integrated HUDs. Some other commercial alternatives include: Poker Sleuth HUD, NotesNL and PokerObserver HUD.

Is there any software available to help me table select?
SpadeEye, EyePoker and TableScan Turbo can all be used to help you table select. PlayerGPS and Smart Buddy can be used to inform you when certain players are online.

Is there any software that can help me lay out my tables?
StarsPlanner, FullTiltPlanner and PartyAHKPlanner are all AHK scripts than can be used to lay out your tables. The freeware applications PartyPlanner and PlaceMint also can be used to lay out tables. Other helpful applications include: AllSnap, UltraMon and MultiMonitor TaskBar.

What software can I use to draw a graph of my winnings?
Most trackers have integrated graph drawing ability now, but Poker Grapher may still be helpful for some people.

How can I draw the luck graphs everybody keeps posting in BBV?
Both Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker have their own integrated EV graph drawing ability now. PokerEV is freeware and can be used to draw cash game EV graphs using a PT2 database. Juk's SNG Luck Analyser is freeware and can be used to work out $EV luck for SNGs on Party, Stars and FTP (Holdem Manager also has this ability now).

How can I work out how often one hand beats another when all-in?
PokerStove and Holdem Ranger can do this and are both freeware. Equilator is also another option (search google for: "equilator" for download location).

Is there anything that will let me work out EV in more complex situations?
Take a look at CardRunners EV, Pokerazor, HoldemViewer and Flopzilla!.

Is there any EV calculators that work for Omaha / PLO / Stug games too?
Try SliceEV and ProPokerTools

What tools can I use to help me play SNGs?
The STT forum keeps an up to date list of helpful SNG software here. SNGEGT is now free, WizHUD lets you overlay HEM stats in SNG Wizard.

Is there any way to get all my programs and scripts to open/close automatically?
The Opener can be used to launch applications.

I play on site X, is there a "BetPot" script or application available for it?
The BetPot script works with most sites. Other useful, scripts include: Boss Media BetPot. Commercial BetPot applications include: Table Ninja and iPoker BetPot and Ongame BetPot.

I play on site X, is there any way to datamine this site?
Datamining is now specifically forbidden on Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Cake Poker. If you attempt to datamine at these sites, then you are risking your account and any funds you have on the site. Party Poker can be datamined using FPHG, Pacific Poker can be datamined using Pacific Poker Handgrabber and iPoker can be datamined using iPoker Handgrabber.

What software can I use to help me open and close tables to datamine?
Party Poker tables can be opened using iWitness or SafeMine. Absolute tables can be opened using The Absolute Solution.

I want to play using a joypad, what software could help me?
The Table Navigator script works with several different sites. The Xbox 360 controller AHK / Xpadder thread might also be helpful.

I want to play using voice recognition, what software could help me?
Several people have attempted to set up systems to play poker using voice recognition. Both xPeru's thread and Omaha's thread have lots of useful information about this.

How can I force applications to go to the system tray?
The freeware application TrayIt allows you to force applications into the system tray.

How can I make a video recording of my desktop?
Both CamStudio (which is free / open-source) and Camtasia Studio (payware) allow you to make a recording of your desktop.

Graphics Modifications

Where do I find modifications for PartyPoker/PokerStars/Full Tilt/Absolute?
Without linking to any site which supports itself on ad revenue or graphics mods sales, you can find many mods in this forum with a little bit of basic searching. There are numerous threads but each site generally tend to have 1 or 2 larger threads with various mods.

Here are the current/large threads for graphics mods for some of the popular sitesHow do I install poker modifications?
For PartyPoker, Full Tilt, AP/UB, and PokerStars, you simply overwrite the existing images with the new files. For instance, copy the new images into "c:/Program Files/PartyGaming/PartyPoker/Images/". Unfortunately, PokerStars re-writes their card/chip images on the hard-drive every time you launch the app. Therefore you'll have to copy them each time you load, or bypass the auto-updates. For more specific details about installing/using the mods check their respective threads.

Discussion about the new FAQ, suggestions for new questions and requests for widely used products to be linked should go here.

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Software Developers

Back in the summer, we made some changes to the rules in the Commercial Software forum, as there were far too many threads that were simply being used as a way for commercial interests to advertise on 2+2 for free. However, these changes weren't followed through on all 3 forums as closely as they could have been; this is changing now.

Originally Posted by jukofyork View Post
Currently, only moderators may create a new thread in the sub-forums (to avoid it getting cluttered up with misplaced posts, etc...). If you have a new product and wish to create a support thread for it in one of the sub-forums, then first create the thread in the top-level forum and then PM one of the moderators (BF Edit: or better yet, use the Report Post button) asking to have it moved.
This is still the case, but there are some additional rules as to what can be posted:

Free Software

If your software is free, you are allowed a regular thread describing the product fully. If it is completely free for now (IE not a trial that expires in 30 days, etc.), but the plan is to make it paid in the future, a regular thread in the Free Software forum is fine as well. Once a fee is charged for your software, it will either be closed, or moved to the Commercial Software forum under the rules below.

Commercial Software

Basically, free threads will still be allowed if they are support threads only. These free threads are quite limited. The OP should simply read:

“This is the support thread for xxx, which is yyy software.”

xxx being the name of your software, yyy being what it does.

The thread title should just be the name of your product, without a description of what it does. You can have any links and information you like in your own profile, but not in the thread. These threads are for answering direct questions only.

There is also a paid option that allows developers to have threads with complete information about the product, screen shots, links, etc.

Developers who want to discuss Commercial Software thread options can PM me, or email me at the address found in my profile. If you're looking for support for a Commercial Software product that currently has a locked thread, I'd suggest that you PM the developer and encourage them to contact me to discuss their options.

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