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PPPoker - unfair software? Special setting?

I am mostly a live low-stakes player and a moderate to good winner at my local casino, which has sadly closed due to the coronavirus pandemic with no reopening date in sight.

A local pub poker community has started a league using PPPOKER software.

I have played ~ 12-15 sessions and am down ~ 12 buyins.

I have got it in good multiple times, yet almost always been sucked out on.

I know exactly how most of the Villains play and adjust accordingly.

When I flop a monster, someone else has flopped a bigger monster.

I do not believe that I am playing any worse than usual.
I simply cannot take a trick.

In live poker I have had my fair share of downswings but I usually have a winning session in between. Here I have lost my past 8-10 sessions and during that time have NOT STACKED ANY OPPONENT ON ONE OCCASION. It is one steady slide. The few moderate pots that I have won have been on bluffs. I am VALUE-OWNED almost every time I get a value hand. The Villains by and large play atrociously. Much worse than a typical 1/3 live game.

While I appreciate the opportunity to play again and practise my skills, I simply cannot continue playing on a platform when it is impossible to win. I have set aside an amount in terms of buyins I am willing to lose on this platform (admittedly, a very small portion of my total career winnings) while it is not possible to play live.

Have any of you encountered the same playing on PPPOKER?
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Re: PPPoker - unfair software? Special setting?
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Re: PPPoker - unfair software? Special setting?

It's not just one app, it's every patternised (random) number generator on the planet. Computers cannot randomise, can only deliver **** in a patternised manner. You will never see a dry board in your life in online poker, cards always represent the players in the showdown's holdings.

Yours, 16 years, 12+ million hands "professional".
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Re: PPPoker - unfair software? Special setting?

Originally Posted by ionutd View Post
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