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PIO Solver Help Needed!

Hey guys, I got a PIO solver question, so I've been watching youtube videos on PIO and I've been trying to copy peoples solves to get a better understanding of the software but whenever I mimic their solves I'm getting complete different results than they are. They Bet/Check % are completely different from mine but I'm copying their data 100% correct. The exact ranges, starting pot, bet sizes, raise sizing, desired accuracy % everything but the results are way off.

I got this copy of PIO from a friend. I heard that maybe PIO anti licensing software could be skewing up the data because they dont want friends sharing?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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Re: PIO Solver Help Needed!

They have anti piracy features that skews results of cracked versions

But it's very unlikely that if your friend has allowed you to use his second activation that pio would mess your results as there are so many valid use cases where you'd have two activations in different locations running at the same time - many people rent remote servers to do solves for example.

Did your friend send you a cracked version or just an activation code?
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