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How to run solutions on a rented servers?

Hi guys,

Sorry for my newbie questions. I'm technologically literate but in this case I feel like a moron.

I want to explore an option of running GTO+ on a rented online server. However, I've never rented a server before and I don't know how it works.

Do I just google: rent a server, then compare CPU options and rent it? Will I be able to somehow install the GTO+ software on any of these virtual machines? Or does it neet to be some special kind of a server?

If I proceed to rent it, open the program and rent it, do I just wait for it to finalize calculations and then proceed to download the solutions to my PC, or is there something I don't know about?

Thank you for help!
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Re: How to run solutions on a rented servers?

Yes, those are usually called "Dedicated Servers" find the one that suits your needs. Tons of sites offer these kinds of servers.

If you rent a server you can have access to that PC everytime you connect to it. You'll be using the "Remote Desktop Connection" app in your Windows PC. Once you connect to your rented server, a window will pop up with your rented server's desktop then you will be able to do anything in there just like in your own PC.
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