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Omaha/8 Discussions of Omaha High-Low Split (Eight or Better) Poker.

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Club LO8 - Weddy Aggrrressive

online midsteaks full 9h game, playing somewhat snug and passive. I don't recall much about Abe today but I think Bob is reasonably solid and this wasn't the first time he had open limped EP.

One fold and Bob open limps 5off. I'm next to act with Ac3s7sKh and because my hand shape is decent in both directions and I have an opportunity to clean up spades and the game flow is somewhat cooperative and I can't point to a dynamic behind me that will ID and exploit this (yet) I decide to raise. The 7 is pushing it and I doubt I'd raise A37Qss and so I'd like feedback here. Folds around to Abe in the big blind who calls. 6.5 SB.

FLOP: Ks8hQh.

Abe and Bob check to me. I think I flop enough to bet for value on the high side and some bd/low fold equity and so I do bet. Abe folds and now Bob raises. This is sad given my position and pfr but it's also a bad flop for my range and I have to call with a hand this good. Not controversial limit poker here so I call. 5.25 BB.

TURN: Ks8hQh Qd.

Bob bets and I think about a plan to call all non-heart rivers and call. Anyone like a fold here? 7.25 BB.

RIVER: Ks8hQh Qd Tc.

Bob bets and I? All comments welcome.
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Re: LO8 - Weddy Aggrrressive

I like your preflop raise, assuming that some players in this game will fold to preflop raises; if not, just call. And your C-bet and call on the flop are fine. But I think there's a good chance you're behind and drawing dead (or nearly dead) on the turn.

What hands are in his open-limping range from early position? High-only hands certainly are: KKJT (or just about any KKxx hand), AKQJ, KQJT, AQJT, AJTT, QJT9. Those are all hands with which he would check-raise the flop, especially if he has hearts. And when he bets the turn, he's saying he's not worried about you having AA or even AQ.

Suppose he had something like AJT9 with hearts, which you're ahead of on the turn. That's a hand he could've check-raised with on the flop, but would he continue to bet it on the turn? That seems pretty player dependent. AQJT with hearts is certainly going to bet the turn, and you're behind that hand. AKJT with hearts might check the turn, fearing that you have a Queen or pocket Aces; you're currently tied with that hand, but if he has it, he's free-rolling you.

I'm not too worried about him having 88 in this spot, unless he has specifically A288 or A388. But he has a lot of combos that include KK, KQ, QJT, or a Queen plus the nut flush draw (maybe he has A37Q with hearts). I think I would fold the turn.

If I do call the turn, I think I have to fold the river because many of his straight draws got there. Even if I think he's on a steal, he's going to show up with AA, a random Queen, or TT often enough to make a river call unprofitable.
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Re: LO8 - Weddy Aggrrressive

Against reasonably solid player i think river fold is fine. Villain might fold us off this hand with akxx hearts but i think we can discount that hand, as it will sometimes check turn or river.

Putting in a third bet on flop is an option.

Villain could also have have a few ahth that we beat.
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Re: LO8 - Weddy Aggrrressive

Originally Posted by Munga30 View Post
online midsteaks full 9h game
which site?
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Re: LO8 - Weddy Aggrrressive

Originally Posted by S T E V E W A V E View Post
which site?
I'm quite confident I know where this game took place and am not sure if it's okay to say.
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