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Omaha/8 Discussions of Omaha High-Low Split (Eight or Better) Poker.

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Old 08-21-2017, 01:34 PM   #1
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Live Game 1/2 PLO8

Sometimes the lineup is okay but often there can be at least 3 very tight better than average players.
Even though it is only 1/2 it plays bigger because almost every pot is at least 5 handed. I would say there is only a preflop raise 10-20% of the time. And most times the raise will be called by the majority of the limpers.

I had came to the conclusion that this just might be a bad game. One adjustment I made was never raising preflop. The reason being I thought I was giving away too much information which made easy decisions for the villians in those situations.

How would you approach this game. Normally people buy in for 300. After a few hours there can be 1.5k or more pots.
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Old 08-21-2017, 01:40 PM   #2
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Re: Live Game 1/2 PLO8

i assume there's very rarely a 3-bet preflop so raising more often with premium hands is optimal. you want to get the pots as big as possible for when your premium hands hit great flops, and limping doesn't do that. and because you're not getting 3-bet pre, you're not forced to give up on flops you'd otherwise be bet out of, because you'll always be the preflop aggressor.

i mean yeah information is important and all. but if you're in a game where people don't fold preflop to a raise then the information you give away with a raise isn't nearly as important as raising with an equity advantage.
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Old 08-27-2017, 07:07 PM   #3
old hand
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Re: Live Game 1/2 PLO8

It's confusing, you're saying it's a bad game, but you're also saying you have everyone limping preflop and 1.5K pots in a 1/2 game. Sounds like a great game to me. Play TAG, bet for value, take money ldo.
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Old 08-28-2017, 05:56 AM   #4
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Re: Live Game 1/2 PLO8

Based on your post the best strategy for you would probably be to buy-in from 50-75 bb and practice playing more agressively before buying in deeper
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Old 09-19-2017, 02:23 AM   #5
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Re: Live Game 1/2 PLO8

Agree on the short stack aggro choice. Only problem is that if you arrive later into the game and two or more players have big stacks things can change rapidly. If they were smart they would call or rr SMALL pre and attack on uncomfortable flops that you either close your eyes and shove it in or fold OTF. And you have to decide early or you will bbq yourself. They are going to know what you are doing pretty damn quick and kibosh your plans pronto. But yeah, getting nutty hands ip is where that game is at. Ironically, strange hands in limp scenarios too. Pl08 makes huge pots in crazy games. Someday I will grow a set and play straight high and drive myself off a cliff. That is clearly not a sane persons game imho. Gl op.
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