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Omaha/8 Discussions of Omaha High-Low Split (Eight or Better) Poker.

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Exclamation Forum Guidelines and FAQ. Please read before posting. Includes "How Do I Read the Low?"

Omaha/8 FAQ and Posting Guidelines

Please PM a forum moderator with suggestions of your own that you would like to see implemented in this FAQ.

1) How do you read the low in Omaha-8?
In any high/low game where eight or better is the qualifier, you must have a five-card hand with all five ranks eight or below. For example, if you are playing O8, and you hold A23K in your hand, the board still has to show three cards eight or below for your low to qualifiy (in Omaha-8 you MUST use exactly three board cards and two of your cards). If the board only shows two cards below eight (84QKT) it does not matter that you have three low cards in your hand, you still have NO low.

An easy way for reading your low is to change "ace" to "1" and read from the top rank down, instead of the bottom rank up. Thus if you hold A26K, and the board is 457JQ, choosing two cards from your hand and three cards from the board, your low is 7542A, which is read as 75,421. (This is applicable in any low or high/low game, not just O8).

Suits do not matter for low in Omaha-8. You can have a flush or straight for high and still count the hand as a low.
The best possible low hand in Omaha-8 is a wheel, 5432A or 54321. It does not matter for low that a wheel is also a straight. It does not matter for low if the five cards are all of the same suit. (In that case you'd have a straight flush for high and a wheel for low).

An example may make it clearer:
Which is the better low,
A,2,3,4,4, or
Answer: Arrange the cards in each hand from high-card down to low-card (and write "1" in place of "ace").
• In other words, write
"4432A", and
Which is the best low?
"4432A" does not qualify for low because there are not five different low ranks.
Of the two hands that do qualify for low, which reads as the smaller number?
(65432 reads as a smaller number and thus is a better low than 74321).
Suits or straights don't matter for low.

2) From the 2+2 website:
- Participants shall not post any material likely to cause offense, that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right - without the express permission of the owner of such copyright - or that contains personal phone numbers or addresses.
- Participants may not use the Forums to post or transmit advertisements or commercial solicitations of any kind.
- The appropriate Forum Moderator has the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message.

Here's a link to 2+2's terms and conditions:

3) Two Plus Two Interactive, LLC Disclaimer Regarding “Prop Bet,” “Challenge,” and “Wager” Forum Posts.

Two Plus Two encourages the candid and open exchange of information and communications between its members. The sheer size and scope of our forums - and the rapid distribution of information originating from thousands of different sources every day - limits our ability to monitor, approve, delete, edit, censor, or screen certain posts that may be offensive or may contain information relating to harmful or illegal activity.

As noted in our terms and conditions, Two Plus Two is not legally responsible for the content of any post, or the accuracy of any information discussed or uploaded onto the Forums by the members. Opinions, advice, discussions, and all other information expressed by the members are those of the members themselves, and not necessarily shared by Two Plus Two.

This includes posts or threads relating to contests, tournaments, “prop bets,” challenges, and wagers between Forum members. Two Plus Two does not, and will not, “book” any bets or wagers between Forum members. Further, Two Plus Two takes no official part in any bets, wagers, related posts, or the discussion of any such transactions between Forum members.

Two Plus Two makes no guarantees or certifications whatsoever that any bets, wagers, or transactions discussed on the Forums are legal, safe, accurate, or sanctioned by Two Plus Two in any way. You rely on such information at your own risk. As such, Two Plus Two will not be liable for the ultimate legality of such transactions nor will Two Plus Two be held responsible for any potential loss or harm to its members as a result of such transactions.

4) Fund transfers (swaps). All transfer requests are to be posted in the transfers thread. Click on the link below to get there:
Person to person transfers. [OP is a "MUST read."]

5) Omaha8 Hand and Discussion Post Policy - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

Very simple guidelines for the benefit of everyone.

a) Please be polite and courteous to other posters in open posts on this forum, even in the monthly low content thread.

b) Please do not post any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

c) Please make a separate thread for each hand history, unless you post your hand history in the monthly miscellaneous thread (also known as the monthly catch all or low content thread).
If you want a hand history discussed, please start a separate thread about it. If you have a hand history you want to brag about, or if it's a bad beat you want to post, or if it's a hand of interest that doesn't need much of a response, then post it in the monthly miscellaneous thread.

d) Please indicate the betting structure (i.e. fixed-limit, pot-limit, no-limit) either by including it in the thread title or by including the appropriate symbol as a header. Note we are labeling hand history posts for
• fixed-limit (also called limit) as
• pot-limit as
• no-limit as

e) Please indicate the stakes (blind amounts are fine) in the thread title.

f) Either use a hand converter (see #7 below for directions how to get to a free hand converter), put the hand in a narrative format, or, if you use a raw hand history, please use suit icons to make it more readable.

g) If possible, include some kind of player reads. Even if it's just "This is my second hand at the table and I have no reads." Or, "Villain has been playing loose preflop but hasn't really gotten out of line postflop." Something.

h) Please post discussions directly into posts on this forum rather than providing URLs (links) to off-site locations.

i) Please post hands and hand histories directly into posts of this forum rather than providing URLs (links) to other sites.

j) Please provide the stack sizes of the players involved in the hand. This is especially important for no-limit and pot-limit hands.

k) Please put the results in a "spoiler," so that anyone commenting on the play of the hand does not necessarily already know the outcome.

To create a spoiler, enclose the word "spoiler" (without the quotes) in square brackets where you want the spoiler to begin and enclose "/spoiler" (without the quotes) in square brackets where you want the spoiler to end.

6) This forum is for discussion of Omaha-8 poker. Included are Fixed-Limit Omaha/8, Pot-Limit Omaha/8, No-Limit Omaha/8 and Omaha/8 tournaments. If you are unsure if your post belongs in this forum, go ahead and post. A moderator will move it to another forum if it belongs somewhere else.

7) If you post a hand from an on-line site, please use a hand converter. To access the free hand converter provided by DeucesCracked, click on the following link

(credit to DeathDonkey for the free DeucesCracked converter)

If the DeucesCracked converter doesn't work for you, maybe this one will:
Hand Converter
This one seems to be for Omaha-high-only, not Omaha-8. (Works fine if there's no low). You probably have to do some patching when low is involved.

Here's a link to a five card convertor that works:

8) Why are fixed-limit Omaha/8 and pot-limit Omaha/8 in the same forum?0
In the old days of 2+2 there were NO Omaha forums of any kind. We posted Omaha questions and hands in the "other poker" forum. Finally we got an Omaha forum, and then the Omaha forum split into two forums, Omaha-High and Omaha-high/low (Omaha-8).

Currently there are not enough Omaha-8 posts to warrant separating fixed-limit, pot-limit, and no-limit Omaha/8. And there is much overlap in poster interest. If your post is specific for one type of betting structure, please label your thread as
• fixed-limit, use
• pot-limit, use
• no-limit, use

If your post is
• generic (applying to more than one or any of the three above), please don't use any of the suit symbols listed above.

9) Book suggestions?
Mason Malmuth would rather us not use book suggestions in the FAQ.

For suggestions about Omaha/8 books, please do a search of 2+2 first, try Books/Publications second, and do a search of the archives third.

10) There is a "book containment thread"
for book discussions.

11) Is there a point count system for Omaha-8 starting hands? Yes. Several. The best known is Hutchinson's Point Count System for O8.

12) What about short stacking?
There has been some discussion on this forum regarding short stack strategy. You could find that by typing "short stack" (without the quotation marks) into the advanced search box, and then specifying this forum. You'll get a list of posts or threads (whichever you specify) where the topic is at least mentioned.

13) What are bankroll requirements for playing Omaha-8?

14) Are there web sources where simulations may be run and odds calculated?
(and click on the down arrow to get to Omaha-8).

15) Is there a web site where Omaha-8 probability data is computed and tabulated?

16) Can you tell me a little about how probability as related to Omaha-8 is calculated? And where can I find a live brick and mortar casino pot-limit-Omaha-8 game?

17)What percentage of the time does a starting hand end up qualifying for low?

• When a starting hand has exactly two different low ranks, it will end up qualifying for low 36.52% of the time.
• When a starting hand has exactly three different low ranks, it will end up qualifying for low 47.35% of the time when it has a pair, as in A233, A223, or AA23....
and 49.52% when it doesn't have a pair, as in A239 or A23K.
• When a starting hand has exactly four different low ranks, it will end up qualifying for low 53.08% of the time.

18) How can I search for information that may have been previously posted?
Try the internal search functions and if that fails, try using Google. Many 2+2 topics are referenced in Google.

19) Where can I find notifications about tournaments?

20) Where can I find the percentile ranking of any Omaha-8 starting hand?

21) Where can I find an ordered listing ranking all 16432 distinctly different Omaha-8 starting hands (best to worst)?

You can find hand orderings and some explanation here:

22) How can I get coaching or private tutoring for Omaha-8?
Coaching requests and coaching offers belong in the coaching forum. Period.
Please use the coaching forum or contact individuals privately if you want coaching or private tutoring. Please keep coaching requests, recommendations, or offers out of the Omaha-8 forum. In order to know whom to contact, read posts in this forum to see who seems to know his/her stuff and who is easy for you to understand. Be very careful about getting scammed by a poor coach.

23) How do I post pictures?

24) Do you have any information about "hold 'em manager"?

25) What are the suit symbols in the left hand margin of the threads listing for this forum?
• We're using suit symbols to identify fixed-limit, pot-limit, and no-limit threads.
for fixed-limit,
for pot-limit, and
for no-limit.

26. Big O Advice?

27) Some frequently used acronyms are as follows:
AF = aggression factor. AF=(#raises+#bets)/#calls.
AI = all-in
ainec = and it's not even close
BB = big blind or big bet depending on context
BB = Big Bet (preferred)
bb = big blind (preferred)
BBJ = bad beat jackpot
b/c=bet call
b/f = bet fold
B&M = brick and mortar
BTN or But = button
BvB = blind versus blind
c/b = check behind
c/c = check call
c/f = check fold
c/r = check raise
CO = cut-off position, one in front of button
DON = double or nothing
EP = early position
EV = expected value
FAQ = frequently asked questions
F/K = full kill
FFS = for ****'s sake
FPS = fancy play syndrome
FR = full ring
FTW = for the win
FWIW = for what it's worth
FYI = for your information
FYP = fixed your post
GII = get it in
GOL = giggling out loud
GTO = game theory optimal
HH = hand history
HJ = high jack position, two in front of button
H/K = half kill
HPL = half pot limit
HU = heads-up
IDNHAC = I do not have a clue, used in response to unknown acronyms.)
IIUUC = if I understand you correctly
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMO = in my opinion
IO = implied (pot) odds
ITT = in this thread
k/c = checK/Call
LAG = loose-aggressive
LJ = low jack position, three in front of button
LO8 = limit Omaha Eight or better
LOL = laughing out loud
LP = late position
MAing = multi-accounting (registering several different accounts at an online site)
MP = middle position
MTT = multi table tournament
MUB = monster under bed
MUBS = monster under the bed syndrome
MUBSY = afraid of the monster under the bed
NIT = Non-Imaginative-Tight
NLO8 = no-limit Omaha Eight or better
O8 = fixed-limit Omaha Eight or better
OL = on line
OTF = on the flop
OTT = on the turn
OTR = on the river
PAHWM = Play A Hand With Me
PIE = Principle of Inclusion-Exclusion
PFR = preflop raise
PLO8 = pot-limit Omaha Eight or better
POV = Point of View
PTR = poker table ratings
QFT = quoted for truth
reg = regular
RIO = reverse implied (pot) odds
ROT=results oriented thinking
SB = small blind or small bet, depending on context
SOP = Standard Operating Procedure
SPR = stack to pot ratio
TAG = tight-aggressive
TL;DR = too long; didn't read
UI = unimproved
UTG = under the gun
UTG+1 = one position behind UTG
WTF = what the f***
W@SD = won at show down
WTSD = went to show down
$100 game, $200 game, etc (usually a pot-limit game where the dollar amount is the maximum buy-in for that game)

Abbreviations and definitions: Urban dictionary:

Try googling "poker dictionary" if you don't know a term or acronym.

2+2 list of abbreviations:

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Re: Please read this before posting and FAQ. INCLUDES HOW TO READ THE LOW HAND

PLEASE if you are posting a hand history, put the hand history directly into the post and use the 2+2 hand converter as mentioned above. Please *do not* link to other websites where your hand history is posted. Thanks.
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Re: Forum Guidelines and FAQ. Please read before posting. Includes "How Do I Read the Low?"

If you are new here, welcome to the forum. We're happy to have you participate and welcome you into our O8 community ... but please read the above guidelines before posting. Thanks very much.
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