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Collin Moshman
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Question on "Exploiting Hold 'em Machine Rule"

I very much enjoyed this article and was interested in the statement:

"But I do know that if you play the button decently, it can’t be less then 5 percent of a big blind per hand, and that’s if the machine plays perfectly which in my opinion it does not do."

How do we know that our edge playing the button at 5bb effective stack versus the bot will be at least 0.05bb/hand?
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Re: Question on "Exploiting Hold 'em Machine Rule"

It was a very good article.

I know David was starting a lot of threads on the topic in the forums. Don't remember exactly how they came up with that answer. I think it was computer simulation but you might want to cruise through some of his recent posts.

I think the edge is mostly from folding your very worst hands fwiw.
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