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The pre flop all in call.


I am trying to gather some data of Texas Hold'em hands where there is a decision for a pre flop all in call. Either a villain has made a bet to put you all in or they have gone all in for their chips and you are on a call/fold decision.

I have written an app that examine this situation. The info I need is the size of your stack, the bet size, pot size, the big blind and your cards of course. Other information might include other players in the hand yet to act or any other action, but I am not primarily concerned with that.

If there are past threads that have discussed such a scenario that you can think of please let me know, or if you have had a hand like this in the past you would post that would be great! The more marginal the hand the better. I am looking for hands that cause inflection points and not just easy call fold situation.
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Re: The pre flop all in call.

equilab you can download it for free at
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Re: The pre flop all in call.

you might want to look at sklansky-chubukov rankings...... it is the opposite of what you are seeking but it might give u insight as to math/presentation etc.

i assume at a full table in a tournament, you'd simply be assuming people go all-in differently by position and stack size.

it would be nice if you could get the position/stack ----> push% down to a formula... obviously the defending has to be a table.

i've wondered about simply dividing sklansky-chubukov by a fixed factor.
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