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Limey Bastard
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Re: Universal Basic Income

Originally Posted by Bladesman87 View Post
Part of the problem is solved by people having some form of income that can afford basic housing prior to them becoming homeless. Other parts of the problem are solved by underpinning this with better public services like universal healthcare and such.

And then when you approach a homeless person who for some reason has slipped through the cracks, there is this ready built system of support for their health and basic living such that all we need to do is get them access. That's really a tiny problem relative to now, where the issue is that the safety nets don't exist or are insufficient.
This has to be the right approach. It can't just be UBI. Health care, quality social housing etc are still needed.

Originally Posted by Slighted View Post
A judge I practiced in front of always said you calculate how much it costs to house someone in prison in your area and then you give that amount to everyone as a UBI.
How about it being just enough to make minimum wage laws irrelevant? i.e. an amount that means people can chose not to work rather than be exploited.
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Re: Universal Basic Income

A recent New Yorker article about UBI:
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Black Hat
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Re: Universal Basic Income

Not entirely sure how it could work in the long run but where do I apply to get in on one of the pilot programs?
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