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Re: The Presidency of Donald J. Trump: Harm to Ongoing Matter

Some guy wrote a piece where he says the country would be better served with a president like Mike Pence [as opposed to donald trump]. Pakman says at 2:27 that he doesnt think thats true, both would be a disaster.

Is Trump just another conservative president? I think Pakman fails pretty hard with this one tbh, and thats a bit funny given how informed he should be about politics. Trump is different.

I think this is part of the same syndrome that the Jimmy Dore crew has, they so desperately hate conservativism that they become apologetic about Trump because they struggle to fully see it in him, as well as viewing him ineffective in imposing it. There is something different about trump compared to regular conservatives, he doesnt reek of the old fashined thing, the religious thing, the grey, the toned down, the slow, the mideval, the backwards thing, its more of a opportunism thing and some insensitive and crude or inhumane thing. Its not the conservative thing we all can smell from a distance, its different, and for some people, like jimmy dore, its a more appealing thing than the regular conservativism that he hates so intensely.

"Oh we will scoop the house and the senate if Trump becomes president".

Sure. But if Trump becomes president we are going to have an insane president. Its a good idea not to have an insane president. Even if the alternative tastes a bit too conservative for your liking.

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Re: The Presidency of Donald J. Trump: Harm to Ongoing Matter

Originally Posted by BrookTrout View Post
Anything that raises his blood pressure can’t be a bad thing.
Well Biden seems to have figured that out, dude is finally good for something


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