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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Nevada Rancher Hilarity: The Tragic Death of Y'All Qaeda's Tarp Man

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Uh, 2014 was a long time before MAGA.
The Oregon standoff was early 2016, the MAGA movement was pretty strong by then. Although even in 2014 it was there, just didn't have Trump as the figurehead yet.

Anyway it was more of a commentary on the fact that deplorables don't actually support law enforcement, it's more about an authoritarian desire for someone to enforce their ****ed up cultural views. It falls apart when they're not doing that. I don't think w00t was actually grappling with those issues though, he's just a troll.
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El Guapo
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Re: Nevada Rancher Hilarity: The Tragic Death of Y'All Qaeda's Tarp Man

what i dont understand is how this judge dismissed the case "with prejudice" due to this seemingly insignificant technicality, meaning that they cant be re-tried because somehow they wont get a fair trial.

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Re: Nevada Rancher Hilarity: The Tragic Death of Y'All Qaeda's Tarp Man

obv the judge didnt feel that it was "insignificant technicality".

For instance, she said, prosecutors derided defense requests for a BLM internal affairs report into misconduct as a "bright shiny object ... that did not exist."

But documents later showed an internal investigation had taken place and had found misconduct.

Navarro pointed out that during two previous trials of militia members who supported Bundy, prosecutors insisted there was no evidence that video surveillance and sniper teams were in use around the Bundy Ranch prior to the the standoff.

Prosecutors charged defendants with making false claims about snipers and videos to incite their supporters in the runup to the standoff. But documents that surfaced after the start of the trial last month showed there were tactical teams and multiple video cameras positioned around the ranch.
so obv the bolded charges need to be dropped.

Navarro on Dec. 20 cited six pieces of evidence that the Nevada U.S. Attorney's Office failed to disclose that were favorable to the defense and could have changed the outcome of the trial.

The evidence included:

Records about surveillance at the Bundy ranch;
Maps about government surveillance;
Records about the presence of government snipers;
FBI logs about activity at the ranch in the days leading up to the standoff;
Law-enforcement assessments dating to 2012 that found the Bundys posed no threat;
Internal affairs reports about misconduct by Bureau of Land Management agents.
beyond that, it sounds like the govt withheld exculpatory evidence, esp considering the bundy defense heavily involved self-defense claims.
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Re: Nevada Rancher Hilarity: The Tragic Death of Y'All Qaeda's Tarp Man

Prosecutors should get fired.
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