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David Sklansky
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Bloombergs's 1.8 Billion Dollar Gift To John's Hopkins

His alma mater. Meant to go to students with financial problems who aren't elite enough to have previously gotten academic scholarships.

And because there is something wrong with me the first thing I thought of was Steven Weinberg. Because the University of Texas decide to give him a gigantic salary so they could try to pretend that they were in the same league as MIT or Stanford, or those few other schools Weinberg would normally teach at.

Now John's Hopkins, heretofore a level below the top, can attract Ivy League applicants. So Bloomberg can, if the scheme works, feel like his school is in the top rank. If his main object was really to help the poor the money wouldn't be going to A- students who are willing to go to that one specific University.

Is there something to what I just wrote? Or is it just my illness talking?
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Ted Patrick
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Re: Bloombergs's 1.8 Billion Dollar Gift To John's Hopkins

Sometimes students with elite ability will not achieve elite outcome prior to college due to poverty.

These types of student will want to go to Hopkins precisely because of the scholarships.
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