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Tyson Fury easy money Tyson Fury easy money

04-24-2022 , 08:05 AM
I took Tyson Fury to win over Dillian Whyte and a prop bet of "Will Whyte get knocked down at least 1 time?" Yes.
Easy money. Fury is as dominant a heavyweight, compared to his peers, as we have seen in a generation. No one has his size and he moves really well and has speed.
Whyte used to be a sparring partner of Fury. Whyte lost to Joshua, who has dodged Fury for going on 10 years because Fury will end Joshua's career.
It was a mismatch. Easy money.
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04-25-2022 , 05:59 PM
Great bet, I took Fury to win by ko/tko but never thought to also add a knockdown bet... still it was free money I agree
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04-25-2022 , 06:26 PM
I don't see how this is any better than the Fury by stoppage that I was on
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