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Sports Betting Forum Rules & Guidelines (Read Before Posting) - Updated 19 Sept 2015 Sports Betting Forum Rules & Guidelines (Read Before Posting) - Updated 19 Sept 2015

11-11-2012 , 07:29 PM
Part 1: Posting Guidelines

The purpose of this forum is sports betting discussion. Discussion about sports without betting involved go in the Sporting Events Forum . Discussion about Fantasy Sports go in either the Fantasy Sports Sub Forum or Draft Day Sponsored Forum. We do however have a low-content thread where pretty much anything not against 2+2 general rules is allowed. Other than that, please keep this sports betting related only.

We have a diverse mix of posters here ranging from poker players crossing over from other forums just getting their betting starts to seasoned regs making max bets. Each group is often here for different reasons and often wants different things from this forum. The following posting guidelines were created to help bettors of different skill levels and preferences commingle easier, and to keep the forum easier to read and navigate. If you are new to this forum please familiarize yourself with these guidelines prior to creating new threads.
  1. Read the Sports Betting FAQ – This is very detailed and has a lot of information that will help new sports bettors follow existing topics easier. It also already answers questions you might be tempted to start a thread to ask. If you ask a question that's clearly answered in the FAQ, don't be surprised if you are met with a less-than-helpful response and your thread is locked or deleted.
  2. Use the Low-Content Thread – While this is a forum for sports betting discussion we do allow one “almost” anything goes thread (general 2+2 terms and conditions, and rules enforced by moderators of this forum still must be followed). This is also the place to ask simple questions that are not likely to generate much discussion. You can essentially always find the low-content thread on the front two pages of this forum.
  3. Post Picks in Current Open Threads – We allow one NFL thread per week, and one thread for each other sport per season. While there are some exceptions covered in the FAQ and some mod discretion is employed, for the most part this guideline is enforced. If you are here to post picks please do so in the correct existing thread. New threads started that do not conform to this guideline will often be deleted or locked. Also please see section 2 on posting pick guidelines.
  4. Avoid Starting Duplicate Threads – Please at minimum check the most recent few pages to see if a thread already exists on a topic prior to starting a new one. Additionally the forum search feature works as well.

Outside of these simple guidelines starting new threads is fine. Please do not be shy about starting threads if the topic is not specifically answered in the FAQ, is not covered on the most recent few pages and does not belong in the low-content or a current picks thread.

Request from SB Forum Regs

Please be proactive in linking new posters to the FAQ and/or this post. While many delicious food recipes have been posted here in the past, such posts are also not needed (2+2 does have a cooking forum already). If a topic is showing up with such frequency that it becomes redundant, please share any ideas you might have for additional posting guidelines or FAQ edits that better handle these redundant topics.

Part 2: Posting Pick Guidelines

We have several threads for posting picks. There is one for each specific sport, and for NFL football there is a new thread each week. Any discussion related to betting the sport and even some venting is allowed. The guidelines for posting picks are as follows:
  1. No Past Posts – no one cares what you bet after you bet it. Unless is a valid reason for sharing this information (which there could be in some spots) avoid it. Post your plays before games start using lines available at the time.
  2. Do Specify Line and Price – For example, in football or hoops don’t just post +3, post the odds too. +3 -110, or +3 -105 etc.
  3. No Stale/Bad Lines – There is no requirement to grade bets, but if you want to keep track of your record here do so using bets that had valid lines. “some idiot offered me +14.5 on a game the line was +9.5 for” sure you can mention this if you feel like it, but if you are grading your plays and showing a record in the threads, you should clarify right away to avoid confusion that this won’t be counted in your record. In other words avoid padding record by using lines no one else can get. Off market lines by public betting shops, betting sites etc. are fine to use. Just note the source.
  4. Grading Picks – there is no requirement to grade your plays. It would be ideal if you did and then every so often updated your win/loss record on posted picks for that sport, but this is not required. If you do grade, please use a consistent method. +450 can’t be to win 1 unit when it loses and then risk 1 unit when it wins. Use a consistent method please.

These are not strict rules but any past posting will be deleted or moved to low-content thread. Posters who attempt to pad their record by changing grading method or using “my idiot friend gave me +14.5 on a +9.5 line” and then counting that in their win/loss will be asked not to post in the pick threads any longer after just one warning.

If you see an error in someone’s grading please point it out. It could be a simple mistake. I don’t monitor every sport so if there is a problem with someone using a bunch of stale lines, or other methods to pad their records go ahead and report the post or PM me.

Part 3: Strict Forum Posting Rules

Understand the Sports Betting Forum moderators are extra-diligent about commercial spam and blatant self-promotion. No Spam is rule #1, #2, and #3. This means no advertisements for tout services and the like, and absolutely no affiliate links of any kind. Anything falling into this category will be deleted on sight.

There are also Two Plus Two terms and conditions (general posting rules and code of conduct) heavily enforced. These can be found at and must be followed.

Note that 2+2 has a profanity filter built into its software for a reason. Posts which include attempts to circumvent the filter will be deleted and infractions may be issued for repeat offences. Please, this is a simple rule to follow. Just type expletives as you would normally would if no filter existed and let the filter do its work.

Reminder to Report Posts

Finally, please remember that this is YOUR forum. This forum depends strongly on the concept of community moderation: that means it is YOUR responsibility to report posts that break the rules or are otherwise out of line. To report a post, click the red triangle in the bottom-left of the post, as seen here:

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