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Sportingbet (bwin) trying to scam German customers!

Anyone else in the same situation? If you are based in Germany and have a relatively new account there, you probably know what I`m talking about.
Funds disappeared and customer support will not do anything about it, all they do is forward your email to the department in charge, but you never hear back from them, even though the issue couldnt be any more clear cut than this. Your funds completely disappeared around Thu. 15th, with no explanation.
What it looks like is they used the change in German policy last week to empty accounts and havent responded publicly about it yet. All they put on their website is that customer support is overwhelmed with mail atm (ORLY????? I wonder why...) and response time will be longer than usual.

I dont want to go into further detail yet because I want to do this the right way (oldschool, probably need Admo to create a website, lol), right now I just want to find out if there`s a lot of people with the same problem (PM me if you dont want to write publicly), and then we go from there. I really dont care about the amount they took from me, around 1k Euros, all I care about is the blatancy of their scam. It`s about principle and I wont let this slide, even if my money is back in my account tomorrow. They need to explain themselves real quick, and their explanation better not be as bad as their customer service. The fact that they wont directly acknowledge the problem in their live chat is the most concerning, because it means they havent even got a directive from management on how to respond after more than 1 week. They say that they can see that the account balance suddenly dropped to 0, but "dont know what happenend".
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Re: Sportingbet (bwin) trying to scam German customers!

Bwin is known to be a scam bookie. If you ever bet a single bet that has any value, they will limit you to 1 euro and they will ask you a lot of questions and photos. It is a joke bookie that treat their customers like ****. Be careful in which bookie you make deposits.
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