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Sports Betting Discussions related to wagering on sporting events.

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Anyone have any experience using
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I could see value in buying tix from there. You have to be a moron to sell though.

Edit: I take that back. They're currently selling 2 NFL tix for ATL to win SB at 6.2/1 and GB at 4.6/1. Current odds I see are ATL at 7.5/1 and GB at 7/1.
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Bump. Anyone here use these guys in the last 4 years? Curious to hear your thoughts. Also, if you want to see whether cashing out at 90% of your EV is worth it or not, check out my article in this month's 2p2 magazine:

*Note I have no affiliation with propswap and my calculations apply just as much to a cash-out offer from your sportsbook, or your buddies, etc. Also andr3w321 is a brilliant guy and hopefully when he reads this he may reconsider, at least for some spots
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