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Re: MMA Thread

Originally Posted by Dream Crusher View Post
Only 1 fighter has successfully implemented that gameplan vs Conor and he happens to be the greatest wrestler in the history of the UFC. Chad Mendes tried to implement that gameplan, took Conor down 4 times, and still got his ass kicked. Masvidal can't just conjure up skills that he doesn't possess.
Mendez took that fight on 7 days and gassed, perhaps he would of gassed on a full camp, either way he dominated Conor for 2 rounds and was on his way to winning while being what 5 inches shorter, I imagine a guy with similar height and weight (same skillset as Mendez) to destroy Conor.

How many other wrestlers has Conor fought?

Masvidal has a wrestling background, they aren't new skills to acquire.
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Dream Crusher
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Re: MMA Thread

I'd love to hear all about Masvidal's wrestling credentials. All-Americans are pretty much a dime a dozen in the UFC and what exactly did Masvidal do as a wrestler?

As for the Mendes fight, I wouldn't call that domination. Conor was never in serious trouble and while Mendes would have gotten the decision if he continued to take Conor down for 5 rounds, round 1 was a 10-9 round and in Round 2 Conor probably did more damage from the bottom than Mendes did from the top. Regardless, Mendes was finished in round 2 so we'll never know what could have been.

Even if Masvidal had the wrestling background of someone like Khabib or Mendes (he doesn't) his takedowns wouldn't be at their level because those guys' MMA training is super heavy in wrestling and takedowns. Day in and day out those dudes are working takedowns. You think Masvidal trains heavily in takedowns? Hell no. He mostly trains takedown defense just like Conor.
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Re: MMA Thread

Originally Posted by Joe Pulaski View Post
That’s going to be such an ass whupping holy ****

Incredible low risk high reward booking for ribas, they’re definitely setting her up for a push. Wonder if she’s done at 115 or she just couldn’t say no to pvz
Surprised Paige took that fight. She has already said she makes more from sponsorship, social media stuff then fighting. Never going to be an elite level fighter should go to Bellator who will give her soft fights and probably put more promotion behind her.
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