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Mistake on FanDuel Mistake on FanDuel

04-25-2022 , 06:09 AM
Hi yesterday @fanduel had posted a bad line in NBA series this line was up for hours and and myself and many of my friends took advantage of this then without notice they voided the bet hours later Yes in the past these overseas places got away with it cause it wasnít fully regulated but NOW I feel they are by igaming and the AGCO

When OLG posted a bad line for example in the NFL they still honored all bets made prior to them taken the game off or adjusting the line I think the same holds true here. Anyone who placed a bet should be honored with there bet!!!

If you got involved in this line series price between the timberwoves vs Grizzlies and want to join and class action complaint to igaming and AGCO against FanDuel please PM me Thanks

For those wanting to know they had posted the Minnesota Timberwolves +2.5 -1.44 series spread when the series was all tied up 2-2 the most anyone was able to play was $1,444.00 to make $1,000.00 you could not lose obviously
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04-25-2022 , 11:53 AM
This is more than a mispriced line. The bet in question had already won, which basically makes all your bets a “past post.” They can legally void this (at least in my state).
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04-25-2022 , 07:23 PM
Yeah this is no difference than when an equity market-maker quotes a $90 bid price on a stock selling at $9. The trade gets voided every time.
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04-26-2022 , 05:40 AM
I know on other sites �� voided and I get it Just now in Ontario Canada all gaming sites are regulated by iGaming and the AGCO and when with them if they posted say an incorrectly point spread they honored all bets taken on it Also they had that bet accepting wagers for over 12 hours Another ugly situation is most you can bet was to win 1k myself and others deposited extra funds now we all are having withdrawal problems joke good money grab too by them maybe also part of the plan ��*♂️
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05-06-2022 , 02:35 PM
lawsuit will get thrown out
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