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Hong Kong racing


I have started a new thread for this, instead of putting it in the horse racing thread because I believe there may be people who are not interested in horse racing who may be interested in this - because it is very different from U.S. racing in ways that are good

I first need to qualify myself. I am far from an expert on HK racing. But I know the basics, and enough to find a few good bets

first, some basics:

HK racing meets run from September to mid July and features gigantic pools along with huge crowds on all of the days of live racing. the figure I heard is this - each race, no matter what the quality of entries, averages a handle of $15 million U.S....................Racing is wildly popular in Hong Kong.

a potential downside - they run at times that are rough for many - they run on 2 days - Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday depending on your time zone. very early Sunday a.m. at 12:30 EST or very late Saturday night depending on your time zone. and at 6:45 a.m. EST on Wednesdays. when our clocks change - I'm not sure if their times will change or not - I don't know if they change their clocks the same as we do.

my ADW (advanced deposit wagering site) offers betting on HK racing and I believe all other ADWs do also in order to be competitive - but this should be verified. these ADW sites are 100% legal in the U.S. except for a very few States who do not accept them.

HK racing is very clean and well run and strongly inspected and regulated. Of course, there are gangsters in HK and the racing authorities needed to insure that their patrons would feel like they're getting an honest shot with their bets. again, gigantic sums of money are involved which generate huge amounts of tax revenue for HK.

all of the Past Performances are free and are highly comprehensive. all video replays are also free. they can be easily found by googling "Hong Kong racing entries." once the page for the entries is up just click on each horse to see the PPs. google "Hong Kong racing results" to find the results of any race.

now, for the most important points about why HK racing is more advantageous for the bettor than U.S. racing

1......................HK racing features large fields - usually 12 - sometimes more sometimes less. the large fields mean larger payouts but of course, larger risk

2.......................this point I cannot prove with data - I don't have time for that - but nonetheless I am sure it is a valid point. HK bettors, like U.S. bettors love longshots - but the Asian bettors love them even more than U.S. bettors. it's long been proven in U.S. racing that there is a distinct favorite/longshot bias - because the bettors love longshots they make the faves a better deal. this is even more true in HK racing. the top 3 often go off at sizeable odds. you almost never see a fave go off at less than even money while in U.S. racing this happens very often.

3.......................a favorite type of bet of U.S. bettors is the Exacta - picking the correct horses in the correct order in the #1 and #2 finishing positions. HK racing does not offer an exacta but they offer a closely related bet called the "Quinella." a Quinella is different than an exacta because it is not necessary to predict the correct order, it is only necessary to predict the horses that finish 1st and 2nd. the cost of a Quinella bet is one half of the cost of an Exacta bet.

HK racing does not bump up the takeout for their Quinellas as U.S. tracks do for their Exacta

a $1.00 5 horse exacta box in the U.S. costs $20. a $1.00 5 horse Quinella in HK costs $10. because of smallish fields and the other reason mentioned a 5 horse Exacta box bet that wins in the U.S. will often not pay enough to be profitable. a 5 horse Quinella box in HK will most often be profitable. some may consider a 5 horse box ridiculous but with very large fields, quite often as many as 14 runners, I don't think so.

finally, lets take a look at how HK shows their results in English:

in the image you can see the odds of the winning #9 horse as being 5.4 to one. that includes the payback of the original bet. in U.S. racing that would be shown as odds of 4.4 to one - indicating only the profit on the bet

you can see that the winning #9 horse paid $54.50. that is based on a $10.00 bet. if this was U.S. racing the winning price would be shown for a $2.00 bet which in this case would be $10.90. you simply divide by 5 to get the comparable U.S. price based on a $2.00 bet.

you can see the payout for "Place." in HK "Place" means what we in the U.S. mean by show betting. HK racing does not offer the same kind of Place bet as does the U.S. also divide by 5 to get the comparable U.S. price for a $2.00 bet

you can see the price on the Quinella as being $199. - divide by 10 to get the price of a $1.00 bet or 5 to get the price of a $2.00 bet.

you can see the price of the Tierce which is what is called a Trifecta in the U.S. divide that price by 7.69 to get the price of a $1.30 Tierce bet which is the smallest Tierce bet allowed by my ADW.

a side note - in the Baltimore/Washington area we used to call a Trifecta a "Triple." I don't think it's ever called that anymore.

my ADW also offers another exotic bet called an "Omni Swinger." I'm not interested in that and am not going to explain it. anybody who wants to know can google.

the other exotic bets shown in the image are not offered by my ADW

I believe you can open an account with HK racing and bet directly into their pools and if you do so those bets will be available to you. be careful about the legality of doing that - I'm not sure about that

surely, there's a lot I haven't covered. if you post a question I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability



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