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Heritage lying to players

Iíve attempted twice now to speak with a manager about this and both times been told that they will not be making any changes. I truly believe Heritage is in the wrong here and any assistance anybody can provide would be appreciated. Iíve gambled offshore for 15 years using almost every book out there so nothing related to offshore is new to me.

I had several live wagers during the PGA Honda Classic. I bet $75 worth of wagers on Brooks Koepka at +138 and $100 on Keith Mitchell +650 (at various times throughout the final round). At the time I made the wagers Koepka and Mitchell were tied for the lead and there were 6 other players that were within 1 or 2 strokes of the lead (Fowler, Palmer, Clark, Singh, Glover, Lee). In fact when I made my first $20 in wagers on Mitchell there was a 6-way tie at -7 so +650 certainly seemed reasonable. When he went to -8 I made another $80 in wagers on him over the course of the next couple holes. So at the time I made my first $50 in total wagers on Mitchell he was tied for the lead with Koepka at -8 but still had to go through holes 16 and 17 which are considered some of the hardest on the course and the tour in general. +650 on a guy that had never even sniffed a win on the PGA and in fact hadnít won a event seemed like a generous line but not an absurd one if Heritage thought Koepka would win.

After Mitchell got through hole 16 with par I made my final $50 worth of wagers on him. I also made $20 worth of wagers on Fowler at 25:1. Throughout this time I had made $75 worth of wagers on Koepka at +138 as he was in the clubhouse with the lead after birdie on 18 and was the reigning Player of the Year.

Mitchell ended up making a long birdie putt on 18 to win the tournament by one. Had he not made the putt, it would have been a three way playoff with a guy that has never won anything and Koepka and Fowler; two of the PGAís best players.

Heritage graded my Mitchell wagers and Fowler wagers as no action, but have graded my Koepka wagers as LOSERS.

When I spoke with the sportsbook wagering Manager, he said that they were no-actioned because of bad lines. He said that the line should have been Mitchell -135. But only Mitchell and Fowler were bad lines according to him. I asked why they were offering Palmer 7:1 still after Koepka had finished his round one better and therefore gave Palmer 0% chance of winning the tournament and he said he didnít know. I asked how in the world, for as much as live lines are in constant flux, I could have bet Koepka at the same +138 price several times. I asked if the Palmer or Koepka lines had also been stuck and were therefore bad lines and he said they were not and thatís why my Koepka wagers were graded losers instead of also being no-actioned.

So either Heritage was trying to free roll and take a shot at people by offering Palmer at 7:1 and Koepka +138 or the sportsbook Manager is lying. How could the software keep only two playersí odds at a fixed bad line but the others were okay? The fact is they couldnít. All playersí odds appear to have been fixed past the time when they should have been moved but Heritage claims that only two players have bad lines.

Heritage claims they outsource their live betting software and that their provider claims all other listed players had valid lines. Including Palmer and Koepka.

I think Heritage took a lot of bets on Koepka as the favorite and graded them losers (he was in the clubhouse tied for the lead) and then no-actioned everybody that took Mitchell that should have gotten paid ($100 to win $650 in my case).

The bottom line?

Heritage doesnít have a manager regulating their live betting, and if they do, heís clueless. When questioned on it, they pass blame onto their provider. When I asked them to take a second look they said they have and the provider says only the lines on Mitchell and Fowler were incorrect. Keep in mind this means that Koepka, Singh, Palmer, etc lines were all valid and THE EXACT SAME through approximately 40 minutes of action. Anybody that has bet live sports at all knows how implausible this defense is.

With everything being said and done, they refuse to even no-action my $75 in Koepka wagers, let alone credit me my $650 in winning Mitchell wagers. This of course despite being the fact that they didnít no-action the wagers and grade Koepka bets losers until after Mitchell won the tournament.

I know this is long, but as someone that has made thousands and thousands of bets in his life this is the first time Iíve truly felt wronged by a sportsbook. Any assistance that can be provided to right the wrong would be much appreciated.
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