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Help with Acumulator

I selected 10 football ( soccer ) teams on a Doubles acumulator so that was 45 bets it placed for me.

I was thinking I will win the bet if any 2 teams win from the 10, am I right?

Or is it just 45 different double bets ?

I tried to Google it, still confused.
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Old 06-06-2020, 03:08 AM   #2
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Re: Help with Acumulator

From the way you described it it sounds like the latter not the former but without you screenshotting the actual bet it's hard to tell for sure from your description

I'd be about 95% sure it's just 45x combos of 2-leg parlays with the 10 teams you selected based on how you described it

There are exactly 45 combos of 2-leg parlays featuring 10 teams if it bet all of them for you, so i'm pretty sure it's that.
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Re: Help with Acumulator

it's definitely 45 different bets, i can't possibly imagine how absurd the odds would be on just needing any 2 teams to win out of 10
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