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Re: Friend lost my 3 team parlay ticket

Originally Posted by Iowa! View Post
OP asked a friend to take time out of his vacay to run an errand that is akin to going to the DMV or dentist and is also a federal crime so that he could have -$6 in EV, and I'm considered weird by 95% of the forum for thinking that is messed up.

The reason normal people consider gamblers scumbags is because most of you actually are scumbags.
You called that an errand? I would ask for way more time consuming errands from the few i called friends and not even think about it for an second. One of my close friends had hit an bad financial spot couple of years back, lost his car, and i drove him to and from work for almost half an year. It adds an extra 30 minute each way to my own job and its 5 days an week. So roughly, i probably had spent about an 100 hours on that (errand). Look, i understand everyone look at things differently, hence my original post. But I myself do not consider asking him to walk over to the sportsbook to make an bet an errand. And if his the type that would have consider that as being too much of an hassle, we would never have been friends to begin with.
I am not definitely not the type to ask my friends to go break the law. I did not even know this is breaking the law,etc Most non
serious players,bettors would not know this or even care. He goes to vegas an few times an year, and he knows i like to bet nfl to
sweat the games. Although he did not ask on this trip, on previous trip he ask ask me first if i would like to make an nfl bet since his in vegas.

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Re: Friend lost my 3 team parlay ticket

Someone that bad with money is a liability, gotta cut that n00b loose.
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Re: Friend lost my 3 team parlay ticket

And he kept the betting slip on the table with his poker chips. And left it unattended to go to bathroom. And someone at the table grabbed an in-progress bet with cameras. And girlfriend didn’t see it. And a person cashed a stolen slip knowing it is on camera and a jailable offense. With evidence also he grabbed at the poker game.

And it is cashed 3 minutes after the last game. And he leaves town.

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