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Change of pitchers

Hoping one of the smart dudes here can set my bookmaker straight. (Or set me straight)
When placing a baseball wager you are almost always offered the option of specifying the pitcher or action. If the pitcher is specified and he does not go, there is no bet.
However, if action is selected the bet stands no matter how late the pitcher is changed.

Recently, I won several parlays when the pitcher was changed 10 minutes prior to the game. They paid me but, changed the price based on the different pitcher. (I would never have made the bet based on the crazy price paid. They reduced the payoff when based on the new pitcher, it should have been higher. . My guy said it has been like this for 25 years but, IMO both of us were taking a risk on a substitute pitcher. That’s what action means!! Setting a different price secretly should not be allowed.
My contention is the original price stands. He says it was never like that. Can anyone weigh in? Thanks
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Re: Change of pitchers

In the past when there was a choice between Action and Listed Pitcher, the line on action bets could change if there was a pitching change.

In 2020 a lot of books stopped listing pitchers and adopted an action rule at the price when you bet.

So it comes down to which situation you're in. If you have a choice between starting pitcher/action, then bookmaker is right. No choice, then bookmaker wrong.
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