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Bookmaker - Not paying wager

I'll start this by saying I have wagered with Bookmaker for years and have never once had an issue. Have always been paid upon request and customer service has been solid. That being said, I ran into an issue today which will bring my play to an end with them.

I'm currently traveling for work and woke up early and had time to kill and seen that there was an Australian soccer game on ESPN + (which I tend to follow). The game was at halftime (Sydney was leading 1-0). So I logged into my Bookmaker account and went to live betting and put a wager on Over 2.5 goals at +107. The game goes on and looks like a loser until a goal was scored in the 87th minute and again in the 90th minute. I go back into my account maybe an hour after the final and notice that my original wager amount was credited but not the amount for the win. I check my history to confirm that the wager was placed (which it was) and then contact customer service. I was told there was an issue with live betting and that they were working to correct everything. Fair enough. A few hours go by and I check again and was told the following, "What happened was the following. In live matches, the numbers must change constantly as it progresses. There was a problem with the system that updated the game information, so the numbers were not updated for a long time (from 3 to 4:10). Therefore as a general measure (for all customers) bets made between 3:00AM and 4:10AM of said match were cancelled and the money refunded. Always acting under the rules and regulations that you agreed to when opening your account with us.

I was in a different timezone then so I asked what time my bet was placed where they were and it was 3:14AM. I placed my bet at halftime and the first goal was scored in the 18th minute. That means the live betting odds froze at about the 30 minute mark in the game. Which means I had a horrible line. If over 2.5 was +107 at the 30 minute mark then by half my guess it is should have been somewhere around +150.

I then call in and speak to a manager about this and he goes on to explain to me that a player who usually only bets $20 a game deposited $6000 and started wagering on the game. Which doesn't really make sense to me because in live wagering they have pretty small limits so I'm not even sure how the $6000 player was able to take advantage of the system at that level. I went on to explain my above situation which was clearly not taking advantage of their exposure and was told everyone's action was graded as no bet and will stay no bet. This is where I have a problem. There was no wrongdoing on my end, and if anything I was a sucker and took a bad line and in return they tell me oh well. When asked why they wouldn't look at it on a case by case wager he said "they have too many players". It should be easy enough to separate those players who didn't take advantage and who did based on wager time, size, etc. Not to mention I'm a platinum (highest) level player with them and it boggles my mind that they are willing to risk losing a player over one winning wager that was legit.
Looking for some feedback/thoughts.
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Re: Bookmaker - Not paying wager

I dont think that is fair if they they select some bets to refund and grade other as loosers or winners. That's opening a can of worms.

Offcourse when you win, you feel bad. But i dont see any wrong by bookmaker. Grow a pair and take it. Dont waste a great bookie. There's not much bookies like them
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Re: Bookmaker - Not paying wager

Well they can scratch games for irregular action, but didn't know they could do it retroactively without a glaring mistake line. Like if they win the thing they are still going to kill it? Sounds bogus.
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Re: Bookmaker - Not paying wager

just try another bookie if you thing not good on there
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