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02-12-2022 , 07:33 PM
Iím not really into sports betting but Iím seeing these sign up or deposit bonus that will match you with free bets. Is this legit? Any tips? Thanks
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02-16-2022 , 06:15 PM
Yes, legit. Biggest EV move is to bet the largest underdog that the book will let you do.
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02-16-2022 , 06:39 PM
just be aware the free bet you're given won't included in the payout

let's say you bet 1k and lose, you now have a ticket for a 1k free bet

so you bet something for even money and it wins, your payout isn't 2k, it's 1k so you're back to square one
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02-17-2022 , 09:51 PM
I did this with BET (whatever Jamie Foxx endorses).
I had to make my bet in the casino - Beau in Biloxi.
Deposaited $1k, bet $1k on TB to beat Phil. Won, cashed out my $1909 and that was it.
Pretty easy and no hassle when I cashed out...
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02-18-2022 , 12:13 AM
And if you're just an occasional sports bettor and you want to lock in the profit rather than take the most +EV bet you can, hedge at a second book with the other side. So for example, you can bet +300 at a book giving you a $1,000 risk-free bet and $2,592 at a second book on the same game at -350. If the underdog wins, you're up $408 and you're done.

Now if the favorite wins, you lost $260 but still have a free bet left. So just for the sake of this example, let's say you find a second game where you can bet +300/-350. Do the same bet, except this time put $2,333 on the favorite and your $1,000 free bet on the underdog. Now you either win $3,000 on your free bet minus the $2,333 hedge for a profit of $666 or you win $666 straight up on the $2,333. Combine that with your loss of $260 in the first leg of the bet and you're up $406, roughly the same as if your free bet had won originally.

The numbers change depending on how good you are at line shopping and whether or not you have enough cash available to fully hedge a longer shot bet. But if you've got a few thousand bucks sitting around in savings that you don't want to put at risk, this is about as risk-free a way to get a substantial return on it for virtually zero work that you can find.

I made a spreadsheet to do all the math for me when I was grinding all the new user bonuses recently. If you want to use it, just make your own copy of it.
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03-09-2022 , 12:14 PM
Might as well piggy back off this thread.

I'm off to Vegas next week for first time in a few years, need to sign up for online books, is there a good summary of bonuses available for the online books there anywhere? I can obv google but this forum tends to be all knowing.

I'm not a huge sports bettor, will probably bet my way through about $500-1k total only, but there's probably something out there for me.
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03-13-2022 , 11:15 PM
Yes the sign up bonuses and offers such as "risk free bets" and "deposit match" offers are all legit, however, definitely read the terms for these bonuses as there may be certain restrictions/actions you must take.
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05-24-2022 , 08:16 PM
Can you travel to different states and get the same bonus in the same book? For instance can I use bet Caesarís bonus in Arizona and in Louisiana?
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05-25-2022 , 02:24 PM
Sounds like you're talking about matched betting. Used to be decent money it in the UK but, the bookies are pretty stingy with the offers now. Not sure what it's like in other parts of the world.
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05-28-2022 , 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by Tetyni
And then what to do, how to avoid this stinginess?
Be a massive donator
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05-30-2022 , 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by czarcaesar
Can you travel to different states and get the same bonus in the same book? For instance can I use bet Caesarís bonus in Arizona and in Louisiana?
some books yes, some no.
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06-18-2022 , 05:46 AM
I was bored and close to New York State and I decided to take advantage of all the new promotions.

I whacked ceasars for 334 on avs game 1 ml.

Right now I have a 2nd leg of a parlay on lightning tonight… somehow I had the cubs ML yesterday…

Now the question becomes should I hedge out or let it ride?

I can go to another Sportsbook and get match bonus and lock up 1/2 the profits but only bc of the match. A regular hedge would be terribad at this point bc avs are -160.
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