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Australian Sports Thread (AFL, NRL) Australian Sports Thread (AFL, NRL)

05-04-2022 , 06:56 AM
Spot of the week is Manly this week imo. Wouldn't be surprised if they won by 50. Key troops back, key Tigers troops out, Manly at home, basically full strength except for Lawton and tbh i'd play their guys this week over Saab, Parker and Harper from their usual backline. Wests get Utoikumanu back which is big but he's on the bench/likely limited minutes coming back from injury but this is the closest we've seen to a full strength Manly side playing against a non-elite team this year.

Assuming Trbojevic is fit and he's named to start they should win very handily, I have some -9.5 and -11.5 altlines I got great prices on (still available) but the main -14.5 line is fine too imo

Just figured it'd been a while since I put a spot out there but I really like this one and am set for action early so why not gl us
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