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Old 05-06-2020, 11:52 PM   #1
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ACR Sportsbook freerolled me, anything I can do?

Yesterday I placed a bet on the ACR sportsbook for $430 which was my entire balance there and the match was postponed to today. They mistakenly cancelled and refunded the bet which I used to make a new one since I thought my original bet was cancelled. After I placed the bet, I noticed my balance was -430 and my original cancelled bet was now pending again. I contacted support right away before any of the games had started and they told me that only the original bet would stand since the newer one was made when my account balance was supposed to be 0.

Fast forward to today I lose the bet that was supposed to be void and my account balance stayed at -430 instead of resetting to 0 and the bet was graded as a loss. I then win my original bet and only receive 700 of the 1130 since my account was at -430. I contact support again, now they tell me they don't see any problems with my account while agreeing with everything I said. They have all the chat logs, time stamps of when I placed the bets and agreed that my account balance starting the day should be 0 but also says that my balance is correct when I won 1130 but only have 700. They won't explain to me why my balance is correct when the only bets I made, I won 1130 but only have 700 except that their answer is final, sorry.

Hopefully that made sense as I wrote it in a fit of rage after a 2 hour chat with support where they literally agreed with me on everything except that I should have 430 more but wont explain to my why and ended the session. Is there anything I can do or do I just accept they ****ed me over?
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Old 05-17-2020, 04:08 PM   #2
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Re: ACR Sportsbook freerolled me, anything I can do?

The problems with playing offshore. You can't exactly call Gaming
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Re: ACR Sportsbook freerolled me, anything I can do?

Mybookie pulled the “we agree with you about everything but we still are going to rule against you” then ended calls with me later. You don’t have an enforcement mechanism other than charging back the account. I had run $500 up to almost $2700 betting football and just bet limit on a couple 3 teamer. When those lost, I charged back my credit card and called it even. If they are going to freeroll you, do it back to them assuming you deposited recently and with a credit card. They cannot fight the dispute because they are engaging in illegal activity.
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