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Post flop shove Cash game

Live cash game 1/2 table, 9 players. I am SB with 3-4 hearts., $130 behind Everybody call, guy at the bottom loose-agreesive player. Button raise $27 in total. I am SB called. BB called too.
Everybody fold. 3 players in the hand. Flop: Qheart 10heart 7diamond. I am going all in with $96. BB fold. Button calls (had about $120) Turn: 5 diamond River: Ace spade:
Button had 7 club 8 spade, took pot with pair 7s.
What can be done better on my behalf? Is it reasonable shove after flop?
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Re: Post flop shove Cash game

Originally Posted by Eiktronik View Post
What can be done better on my behalf?
Don't call a huge squeeze from the small blind with 3 high, especially with shallow stacks.
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Re: Post flop shove Cash game

Yea fold preflop.

Ur basically handing him ur stack here if he 3bet pre with QQ+ or AQ, which would be consistent with his play, even if his call in this specific situation is bad.
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Re: Post flop shove Cash game

Being short stacked, OP, facing a Squeeze, I would take small suited connectors out of my calling range here. Outside of the preflop play, we don't need to shove on the flop into the other players. With a 4 being are highest flush we might don't even win when we do make the flush. I think we should include 78s+ in BTNs range here. Q107 flop is a board that connects well with BTN and sometimes BB IMO. I don't think the shove is reasonable. I think a x/f is reasonable.
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